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Aiden has some balls to simply walk into the Palin Correctional Center, gun in hand. With a little help from Jordi and his “friend”, John Smith is successfully registered and ready to rock. From your cell you can look out the window and hack the hidden cameras on the guards to make your way around the center.

After breaking into prison (left), use the cameras to reach the top floor of the control room to get the Damien Brenks 08 audio log (right).

You goal is to reach the control room located in the tower on the opposite side of the prison, directly above the words “B Block” on the middle floor, but first you should head for the room on the top floor to pick up the Audio File: Damien Brenks 08 . Once you have access to the main control room you can pan the camera to the control panel and pop open your cell door.

The best option for this area is to ignore the guards and go straight for the objectives. I find that even when I am not seen, the minute I take down a guard another guard will get suspicious and “detect” me before I can do anything else.

Exit your cell and use the laundry carts and pillars for cover as you make your way to the control room and then exit out the door that leads to the stairwell and head down. Here you can grab the schedule and then get the Audio File: Malcolm Deodato 03 on the opposite desk. After a quick chat with Jordi, exit the left door when the guard isn’t looking and make your way around the exterior to the next waypoint, unlocking the door to pass.

There are two gates, each with a booth and a guard inside. Luckily, these guards can be taken out to make your path easier without being caught. Start with the guard in the closest booth, when his buddy isn’t watching . Now hack into the hidden camera on the second guard to hack into the gate unlock, as well as the objective marker access point. Use the cameras in the quad to spot your mark for a quick scene with some shady guards and then you can now easily take out the second guard.

Hack the access point (left) and identify your target through the courtyard cameras (right).

It’s now time to ride the elevator to the basement floor.

The guards will not become active until you open the doors to the laundry, but once you do it is on. There are two pressure pipes in this area that can be used to help deal damage on enemies. These can be triggered at the beginning of the fight or during the fight if a guard happens to hide near it. This will only deal minimal damage, but it can help you when you are having a tough time getting to certain guards due to their hiding position. Keep them in mind while sticking to the outside of the area and using the counters for cover.

When all the guards are defeat an Enforcer will enter the room. This beast is heavily armored and can eat up a ton of shotgun shells before he goes down. There are a few ways to handle this to make the fight short and conserve your ammo.

Enforcers (left) are heavily armored enemies that are hard to kill. Use explosives and junction boxes (right) to take them out without a lot of bullets.

Cunning Route - Explosive Office

Inside the office on the raised platform is a junction box that you can hack to cause an explosion. Head for the office, luring the Enforcer toward you, and when he stands near the box hack it to take him out. Depending on his distance he may go down permanently, but don’t put your gun away until you know for use.

Aggressive Route - Enforcer Takedown

If you have the Enforcer Takedown ability you can run in and melee the enforcer to take him down swiftly. This is unlikely, but who knows what you have bought.

Aggressive Route - Burning Ammo

Luckily there is an ammo box in the office, so if you need to simply go toe to toe with this guy you can always run to the office for more bullets. Use the islands and cover and peak out for a few shots and then take cover again. This will keep you from taking damage, which is a good thing since this guy can take Aiden down in a few shots.

With the Enforcer down you only need to deal with two more guards before heading to the waypoint. If you got a little trigger happy and shot the survivor you will simply need to exit the prison, but miss out on the oh-so-scary phone threat. Either way, you are left to make your way to the elevator where Jordi has left you a care packing, all your little toys.

If your target is still alive you can scare the living daylight out of him (left). Before leaving the prison, make sure to grab the Malcolm Deodato 04 audio log (right).

After a quick change performance by Aiden, head through the halls and enter the office by the locked gate. Inside, grab any crafting materials and the Audio File: Malcolm Deodato 04 before you unlock the gate. Once you step outside you need to make a major choice.

Escape Route - Flee the Scene

If you wish to get out of there without a fight, exit the building and turn left. Head for the gap in the railing and leap off the building onto the platform attached to the L-train. From here you can jump onto the L-train tracks and then jump down and steal a car. After that you will simply need to lose them in a car chase.

Aggressive Route - Clear the Area

While trying to take on the police will only result in increasing your heat level to the point where helicopters will ride in is pointless, you can take the enemies out in the area and then jack a car for a getaway. This will get you minor experience, but you will then need to spend a decent amount of time losing the police.

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