Time to finally take on Iraq and get that original file off his computer in the top floor of the Rossi-Fremont Tenements. Head for the southwest gate entrance, the same gate you entered the last time you infiltrated this place, and with your Spec-Ops weapon. You can take out a majority of the enemies in the open, while moving around the area.

After killing off the main group, work your way around the area to make sure you got everyone and as you reach the entrance take out the two snipers, who apparently didn’t learn from their buddies not to stand next to junction boxes. Once the area is clear you can approach the entrance and use Blackout to gain access into the Tenements.

Take out all the Viceroy, including the snipers (right), and then use a Blackout to gain access to the tenements (right).


There will be two men on the upper balcony and three more arriving from the elevator. Take out the enemies on the upper balcony and then toss a grenade in the elevator when it opens to finish off the other three. You can now ride the elevator up.

8th Floor

As soon as the doors open take cover and eliminate the Viceroy running down the stairs in front of you, but don’t stay where you are. Get off the wall and head around the left wall so the two enemies on the right don’t cap your ass and then take them out. Grab the ammo off the two Viceroy and hack the panel to unlock the door right next to it. Grab the plethora of supplies inside and get the Audio File: Bedbug 03 before you leave and head upstairs.

Take out the Viceroy straight ahead as you exit the elevator (left). Make sure to get the Bedbug 03 audio file from the 8th floor before leaving (right).

9th Floor + Arcade

At the top of the ramp grab the two grenades and take cover so you can take out the two Viceroys on the other side of the area. Head down the hall and enter some crumbling rooms and grab the Audio File: Iraq 07 and then unlock the door.

At the hole that leads to the arcade take cover and use IEDs to take out the Enforcer (Frag Grenades like to bounce off the desk and miss). After the Enforcer is gone you should have no problem taking out the rest of the enemies on this floor. In the far corner, where the whole in the ceiling is, stay on the bottom floor and shoot up if possible to kill the two Viceroy above before you head up.

Grab the Iraq 07 audio log before you continue (left) and then take out the Enforcer with an IED from the damaged wall (right).

10th Floor

As you exit into the hall and Enforcer will come straight for you, so take cover in the hall to your left and toss down a Proximity IED or standard IED to take him out. Once the Enforcer is gone, use the multiple paths to confuse the rest of the Viceroy and take them out with ease. Continue toward the next waypoint, getting the Audio File: Iraq 08 , and then head up two ladders.

12th Floor

Take cover and use the two junction boxes to take out a majority of the Viceroy and then finish off the rest with headshots or bombs. Head down the hall at the back of the pharmacy area and unlock the door for a stock up and the Audio File: Bedbug 01 . Take out the last Viceroy, if he wasn’t lured down the hall and killed already, and then head for the server room.

Hack into the server room to get a full download (left) and then leave to encounter Iraq (right).

As you leave the building Iraq will confront you and you’ll need to chase him outside onto the rooftops. Check the area for IED’s while the fucker runs his mouth and then take cover by the ammo box near the location you jumped from.

The first wave of enemies consists of three Elite enemies with weapons that pack a punch, so don’t try and run at them. After them is an Enforcer, which you can’t use a melee take down on and takes quite a few IED’s and Frag Grenades to takedown.

Use the grenade launcher as well as your IEDs to take out the Enforcer (left) and then quickly jump into combat with Iraq (right) who appears immediately.

Finally, Iraq will pop his head up and without the ability to use melee combat you’ll need to focus on getting in shots where you can and use the ground panels to blow him to high heaven…enough talk!

Trophy icon

One Down, One to Go

Complete Act 3.


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