Aiden’s phone is his most valuable asset, allowing him to access facial features of individuals, hacking into phones and environmental objects, and even detonate explosives on enemy targets. At the start of the game Aiden will only have access to Parker Square’s ctOS network, meaning he will be unable to profile individuals in other districts. To expand his capabilities, you will need to access the ctOS Centers in each district.

There a four types of profile identifications:

  • White Diamond = Normal Citizens
  • Yellow Diamond = Potential Criminals and Victims
  • Blue Diamond = Citizen Rewards
  • Red Diamond = Potential Threats

Citizen Rewards are marked with a blue diamond (left), while enemies and potential threats are marked with red (right).

Citizen Rewards

Citizens marked with a blue diamond offer special rewards when hacked, though manually weeding them out in a mass of Chicago’s inhabitants can be tiresome. After completing Open Your World, you can purchase the Profiler Optimization skill, which will automatically highlight these individuals.

Bank Accounts

Hacking an individual will allow you access to their bank information and accounts. In order to get the cash, you will need to visit an ATM machine to withdraw the money. There are two types of accounts: Standard and Rich accounts. The only difference between the accounts is the amount of money received for them.

System Keys

System Keys are found in some locations, but they can also be hacked from individual’s phones. These valuable items allow you to craft certain one-time items.


Sometimes an individual will have a song on their phone that you don’t own. Hack their phone and add it to your songsneak so you can play it in the car or when running on foot.

Cars on Demand

Similar to Songsneak, individuals will sometimes have access to a car you do not have in your vehicle database. Hacking the phone will add it to your list of vehicles available in the Car On-Demand app.

Items of Interest

Sometimes Aiden will intercept a communication between two individuals that will indicate a drop location for packages, usually containing cash or a crafting component. While you have a long time to collect the bag, the police will eventually arrive to confiscate the bag.

Environmental Hacking

In addition to profiling citizens of Chicago, Aiden can also access the many objects in the environment to help him gain access to areas or eliminate targets without engaging at close range. When entering any restricted area, search for ctOS cameras that can give you a lay of the land before you enter. These cameras are also used to gain viewpoints that would alow you access to control panels that Aiden would normally be unable to see.

In addition to cameras, many objects in the environment can be hacked as offensive tools in combat. Objects such as junction boxes, containers, lifts and cranes, doors and gates, and even the explosives carried on foes can be hacked to give Aiden a significant advantage in battle.

Many of the city infrastructure can be hacked once the skills are unlocked, including Steam Pipes and Bridges.

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