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Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
Editor(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:15 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 27-09-2020 / 16:20 GMT


The Reputation system keeps track of your actions and represents how the citizens perceive Aiden. Having a Reputation in the positive will make the people of Chicago react positively to you, while a negative Reputation will make the game more difficult due to the citizens reporting you to the cops.

Most actions willn’t affect the Reputation, but the following do:

  • Negative Actions
    • Kneecap a cop
    • Wounded a cop
    • Killing a cop
    • Wounded a civilian
    • Killing a civilian
    • Letting a criminal flee
    • Killing a victim or letting them be killed
    • Holding up a Business
    • Using explosives with a civilian witness
    • Having a witness complete an emergency call
    • Exploding a large scenery object (such as a large propane tank, gas station, etc)
  • Positive Actions
    • Rescue civilians
    • Non-lethal takedown a criminal
    • Killing a criminal
    • Saving a victim
    • Complete a Main Mission or Investigation
    • Watch random citizen events (such as a mime artist, etc)
    • Participate in vigilante events

Heat Level

The Heat level determines how difficult and how numerous the amount of cops are when you are detected via a Police Search or when the cops arrive as part of a mission. It is generally a good idea to avoid the cops when possible, as hostile actions against the cops will only lead to more encounters with the cops. The only way to reset your Heat level is to head to a Hideout and take a nap.

**Stage 1** **Stage 2 - After Act II** **Stage 3 - After Act IV**
Level 1 Vehicles Vehicles Vehicles
Level 2 Vehicles Vehicles Vehicles + Helicopter
Level 3 Vehicles + Helicopter Vehicles + Helicopter Vehicles + Helicopter
Level 4 Vehicles + Helicopter Vehicles + Helicopter Vehicles + Helicopter
Level 5 Vehicles + Helicopter Vehicles + Helicopter Vehicles + Helicopter

At levels 1 and 2 the cops will be armed with pistols and shotguns, while at level 3 the cops armed with assault rifles and SMGs. At level 4 and 5, SWAT team members will attack in black SUVs and are heavily armed


Stopping at shops between missions to stock up is never a bad idea. Besides shopping you can also steal cash from the register by waving your gun, followed by the cops being called. In addition to the cops being called for sticking the shopkeeper up, you can also have the cops called on you if your Reputation is too low and Aiden appears in the news.

Crimes Detected

Once in a while you may hack an individual’s phone or recieve and update that a possible crime is about to occur in the area. You have two options: help out the potential victim or let the crime occur. While you lose nothing for letting the crime occur, you do not gain the positive Reputation that preventing the crime would grant.

A crime area will appear on the map, indicated by a blue triangle with a light blue field around it. You will know when you find the potential crime when the Profiler indicates in yellow that the person is either a potential Victim or Criminal. You then need to wait for the crime to begin to intervene.

You want to wait to intervene until the following occurs:

  • The information bar on either person reaches 96% or higher
  • The information bar rating turns red
  • The alert icon above the criminals head turns to a yellow exclamation point, but not before the alert turns red

If you are spotted before this occurs, criminals may refrain from performing a criminal act and you will miss out of the Reputation Points gained for the side quests. Once the crime begins you want to rush in before the criminal can kill the target, increasing your reward at the end of the side mission. Additionally, taking out the criminal in a non-lethal way will also increase your Reputation, so try and run them down and take them out with a melee attack.


  • Quick Switch Skill (Catch 1 Criminal)
  • Chrome Weapon (Catch 10 Criminals)
  • Read-only Trophy/Achievement (Catch 20 Criminals)
Trophy icon

Use the Crime Detection System to take down 20 confirmed criminals.


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Take on the role of Aiden Pearce, a hacker with a mission of revenge. Explore Chicago in this open-world game as you hack into computers and cameras to gain information or take an aggressive approach to missions, ultimately, the choice is yours.

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