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BadBoy17 wants to meet up in person…well, okay! Check the map for the meet up point by the Tremont House Hotel tunnels in the northern part of The Loop.

At the objective point, head down the steps to meet up with the lovely “bad boy”. The conversation results in Aiden gaining access to all abilities in his skill trees, once you put a point into them. I suggest you put points into some new hacking and crafting abilities, since the majority of combat abilities won’t be needed until later missions. After the meet-up you can stay in the tunnels and jack a car, which you can use to drive the short distance to the ctOS underground loading zone.

Meet up with BadBoy17 (left) and then spend time purchasing your newly unlocked skills (right).

Stealth Route - Use Distractions

The guard at the entrance faces out and can raise the alarm quickly, so distraction is the best way to take him down quietly. The van near the entrance has a car alarm that can be used to distract the guard while you perform a takedown. The guard inside will soon come to investigate the body, so take cover on the right side of the gate to take him down as he exits.

Inside, there are two guards straight ahead and three more on the other side of the garage. The two straight ahead are easiest to take out, as one can be distracted by the forklift and the other can be attacked from behind. Follow the dark passage and exit out the other side, using the pallets for cover. The three guards here consist of two patrolling the area and one guarding the exit. Hide by the car or pallets and wait for the guard to patrol close enough to get taken down when his back is turned. You can now distract the other two to make them move and take them out.

Use items like the forklift (left) to distract enemies and then carefully take out others as they pass nearby (right).

Aggressive Route - Violence is a Good Answer

This mission does not require stealth, so if you get spotted or just want to go in with aggressive tactics there is nothing stopping you. You can start by shooting the guards by the entrance and then shoot those who come to investigate or hack the Protectors to allow cover for Aiden as you make your way through the area on a murder spree.

Make sure to hack the junction panel (left) to unlock the door and collect the crafting materials (right) before continuing.

Once the coast is clear, examine the garage for crafting components and then head into the next room for a quick chat with Clara. Exit the storage room on the other side and then take cover behind the soda machines.

Aggressive Route - Start a Ruckus

Use the soda machine to bring over the first guard and then get the Audio File: Malcolm Deodato 01 on the planter. Slowly make your way around the outer area and wait for the guard that patrols this area to head behind the wall so that when you rush in for the takedown the guards on the top level don’t spot you. There are now only two guards on the lower level, one standing stationary by the stairs and one with the access code. The one by the stairs is easier to take out by using a Lure to face him away so you can get a clean kill and his body will usually draw over the guard with the access code the next time he walks by, just make sure you aren’t standing by the body.

Grab the Malcolm Deodato 01 audio log (left) and the take out the guards to get the access code (right).

The upper level has only three guards, but they all support each other by looking at one another. This means that in order to take even one out you will need to turn at least one guard around. The easiest one to take out is the closest one, but in order to do this you need to toss a Lure on the wall behind the guard off to the right so he doesn’t see you perform the attack. The final two shouldn’t be a problem, as the one with the hidden camera will return to his patrols shortly and allow you to take out the far right guard and then finally the last guard. Make sure to grab the Audio File: Malcolm Deodato 02 inside the room with the access point before you hack into it.

Cunning Route - Camera Work

From the soda machines you can stick your head out to hack the camera system. From the first camera, hack the Audio File: Malcolm Deodato 01 and then mark as many guards as you can. There are four guards on the lower level, one of which has the access code, and then three more on the floor above. On the upper floor, hack the guard with the hidden camera that patrols into a room and get the Audio File: Malcolm Deodato 02 . This room also contains the access point, which should be easy to hack now that you have the access code.

Grab the Malcolm Deodato 02 audio log (left) and then hack into the hotspot (right) to reach the server room.

This access point is a bit more challenging than the first, with many beams and directions that you can go. You need to get all three beams to the first lock to unlock the point before you can use it to then unlock the final lock on the first puzzle. The second puzzle requires you to zig-zag the beam up and then down and then up again to reach the end and unlock the access point.

Listen to conversation on the phone and then hack the laptop to upload the virus. As soon as the virus gets going you are caught and reinforcements are called in. It is best to stay on the upper level and this is one of the cases where you’ll need extreme prejudice to survive. After taking out the guards on the upper level, shoot down at the one or two guards left on the lower level.

Once all of the guards are taken down, the police will begin to scan the area. Since you are on foot it will be almost impossible to outrun the scans, so open the Weapon Wheel and select/craft some Jam Comms and unleash then as you exit the building. If you can find a car to get out of the area quickly, great! If not, continue to Jam Comms so you can get out of the area without being pursued by the police. Once you have escaped the scans you will complete the mission.

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