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Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
Editor(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-08-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:15 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 27-09-2020 / 16:15 GMT

After beginning the mission and reaching the Blume facility you need to choose a point of insertion into the building. There are three different entrances: the Main Gate and a service entrance on the east and west side, all of which are locked.

To unlock the entrances you’ll need to hack the cameras and find the correct junction boxes. I suggest entering through the west service entrance, which can be unlocked by hacking into the patrolling guard’s hidden camera and accessing the panel as he walks by.

Once inside, you can takedown the guard with the hidden camera with ease. There are two guards patrolling the center area, one around the area close to Aiden’s position and one circling the sculpture. Wait for the one patrolling the sculpture to turn away and the nearest one to stop at the planter facing the sculpture and take him down quietly. You can now head along the west side of the area to circle around the guard patrolling the sculpture and take him down. With the area clear, access the console to update the objective.

You can head straight to the box and bring out your Profiler to show the data flows to the ctOS boxes located around the area. Before leaving the cafe area, grab the Audio File: Damien Brenks 09 on one of the tables.

Take out the guards in front of the waypoint console (left). On your way to the access point, make sure to grab the Damien Brenks 09 audio log (right).

Take out the guards in front of the waypoint console (left). On your way to the access point, make sure to grab the Damien Brenks 09 audio log (right).

Follow the data flow that goes under the tables and out a back door, quickly taking out the guard hiding by the doorway, and then hug the wall to another guard, who you can either walk up to and take down or if you are cautious you can attract him with the nearby phone first. Watch out for the guy to the southeast, who patrols up and down the east side, and then head inside the fenced area and unlock the first box.

You can take out the guards by the eastern office pretty easily if you wish, but there is no need at the moment. Head back to the west and toward the orange staircase leading up to a set of solar panels. There are two guards here, rather closely together, but you can easily take them out with a Spec-Ops weapon to reach the final box, along with the Audio File: Malcolm Deodato 06 .

Return to the ctOS access point and hack into the server room where you can upload the virus.

Hack into Blume’s access point through the cafeteria access point.

Hack into Blume’s access point through the cafeteria access point.

While you wipe some important files, including Kenney’s, an old friend has arrived at Blume without warning and Aiden decides to check it out…I would too.

Hack into the hidden camera on the guard that walks out of the server room and into a conference area and then hack into the cameras of the conference area to listen in on the conversation. Once the conversation is done you will need to get the hell out of Blume to complete the mission. The best path to take is to head out the back of the cafe and along the east side of the building and out the side service door.

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