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Like all games, our first mission acts as a tutorial to get us into the swing of things.

After beating up Maurice, the bastard who killed Aiden’s niece in the opening sequence, you get the opportunity to threaten him with a little bit of force. Go ahead and follow the on screen prompts to pull out your gun and fire. After a short scene you will be prompted to avoid an attack with your first QTE, but even if you fail to press it the game will continue. Luckily for Maurice we aren’t stone cold killers, but that doesn’t mean we’re finished with him.

Whip it out and shoot Maurice (left). Defend yourself with a baton to the face (right).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Hello World

Take down Maurice.

Trophy icon

Before you move on to the next objective of checking out Maurice’s phone, take a moment to look around. Inside this small room, and in many places throughout the game, you can find random highlighted objects that offer you special items used in Crafting. Make sure to keep an eye out for these are you progress through the areas.

If you want you can hack the soda machine to dispense some caffeine goodness and check out what your phone says about Maurice when you target him. You can now move on to the objective of hacking Maurice’s phone by targeting it and holding down the Hack button.

Keep an eye out for crafting items (left) and fun hacks like the vending machine (right).

You can now exit through the nearby door and head down the hall for a scene.

After meeting up with your crazy buddy, Jordi Chin, you’ll need to make your way through the tunnels without being spotted by the police. You have two options for corridors, but you should head past the soda machines and through the mesh fencing to enter the office on your left to allow you to grab some random items before deciding where you want to go. The choice you make will depend on if you want to do the passive, yet slightly more difficult route, or the aggressive route.

Stealth Route - Avoid Detection

Return into the hall and make sure to take the eastern route, the one without the soda machines, to a pallet. From here, you only need to wait for the coast to be clear to make your way up the ramp and avoid the guards completely.

Aggressive Route - Distraction & Takedown

The key to the aggressive route is to hack the environment around you to distract the guards so that you can stealthily take them out. From the office with the supplies you should see a pitching machine. When the officer outside the office is close enough you can hack the machine by holding the Hack button to make it pitch and lure the guard over. This will allow you to sneak up behind him and take him down quietly. You can now proceed to the van near the second guard.

Distract the enemies with environmental objects such as the pitching machine (left) and cell phone (right).

Approach the van from its right side, so that you are behind it facing the guard, and you should spot a phone on the metal grates behind him. This handy little thing can be hacked to distract the guard with what I can only assume is a very messed up dog bark, allowing you to sneak up and assault him.

No matter which path you take you will find yourself at a dead end with only one place to go, up and over the dumpster and railing. The double doors are locked, but that is no problem for Aiden. As the game suggests, hack into the camera near the door and then follow the stream from camera to camera until you reach one that is above the location of the two guards and across from the control switch you need to hack to unlock the door. Activate the switch and then cancel out to return to Aiden and progress.

In the lower court you will automatically hide behind a counter with your focus on a nearby guard who is determined to hold his post unless you do something. Grab the Electronic Parts from the table and then open your Weapon Wheel. Using the right stick, select the “Lure” option and then craft a Lure. With Lure in hand you can now distract the guard by throwing it on the wall on the right side of the screen.

After unlocking the double doors (left), enter the room and create a Lure (right).

If you want to explore the area, sneak up behind the guard by going around the concession stand and hitting him for a takedown. If you want to avoid taking out the poor man only doing his job, you can stick to the left wall and make your way all the way back to the left of the escalator. There, climb the scaffolding to reach the upper level and enter the Lounge.

The Lounge area is crawling with pissed off patrons and on the ball guards that are just itching to raise the alarm should they see you. You will want to get as much information as possible before moving on, so take the time to access the cameras in the area to learn the layout and tag the five officers. Before you move on, look for the patrons in the bar with blue diamond and blue text when targeted with the Profiler. These individuals can be hacked to gain sensitive information, such as bank account information. Once you are ready, head behind the bar and make your way out the doors on the other side of the room to proceed.

As you leave the Lounge, take a moment to examine the ATM and get your cash from the hacks performed in the Lounge and then proceed for a quick call to an associate. You now need to find a security guard with access to the server room, so hack the camera located inside the trophy room and then hack another one to spot the security guard.

As the game indicates, you can hack this guard for sensitive information in the form of the server room code. After getting the code, hack the security router on the left side of the room to gain access to the server room and then perform one more hack to automatically return to Aiden. You can now open up your Weapon Wheel to access the Blackout option and plunge the whole stadium into darkness.

Hack the security code from the guard (left) and start a Blackout to escape the stadium (right).

You now need to make your way out of the stadium, but if you wish to take out the cops for some ammunition you can. Note that if you are caught you will fail the mission, so make the choice for yourself. If you wish to avoid the cops, simply enter the trophy room and hang a left and follow the wall around to an escalator that leads down and out of the building.

The objective is to escape the police and meet up at the Owl Motel, but there are a few paths to take to achieve this. While it may seem like leaving the area on foot is a good idea, this usually will lead to Aiden being caught and killed. Instead, you should get in the car that Jordi left for us, but first you need to leave the building through the bar. Once outside, sprint down the steps and turn left to cross the street into a small garage with the car waiting.

The first thing you should do is bring up the map to plot a course to the Owl Motel, located in the south end of town.

Stealth Route - Using Alleys to Hide

If you get to the car fast enough you can leave the garage and hide from the cops in the empty lot across the street. If the cops get too close you’ll want to hide in your car while the police check out the area. You need to make your way to the Owl Motel by using alleys and staying off the main roads, making sure to avoid roadblocks.

Aggressive Route - Hack the Lights

If you don’t want to avoid confrontation and simply want to make you way to the waypoint, head for the Owl Motel and if a chase begins you can hack the traffic lights at any major intersection as you pass through it to trip up the cops. This, in combination with taking side streets or switching cars should get you to the hideout in no time.

Pick up the car left by Jordi’s friend in the nearby garage (left) and use the back alleys to escape the police (right).

Once you reach the motel, check out the area to get the layout down and then head upstairs and enter the apartment door for a scene. You will be forced to buy the ability Gates & Garages before completing the mission.

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