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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
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Author(s): Scott Peers
First Published: 28-10-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 16:05 GMT
Version: 0.2 (????) 17-10-2019 / 03:41 GMT

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Chapter 7 - Gods Among Men

The Conqueror

To earn the trust of the Kings of Sparta, you must prove your loyalty by helping to ensure victory in Boeotia. Report to the Spartan Polemarch at the military camp in the Parnes Mountains. When you enter the camp a cut scene will initiate. You will find that it is no ordinary Polemarch, but your half-brother Stentor. When you are done speaking with him, Stentor will have issued you a challenge; to defeat four champions of Boeotia. Each are marked on the map, with the nearest one, Nesaia, located north east of the military camp.

The Last Hunt of Nesaia

When you arrive at Nesaia’s camp, you will note that it is empty. Investigate it by interacting with items that have a search icon associated with them. These include the fire with a pot of food, some tracks leading to the north, and the entrance to a hut. When all three have been inspected you will be able to use Ikaros to track Nesaia, who is at a temple south east of her camp. If you wait some time (about a minute or two), Nesaia will make her way back to the camp. This is preferable if you do not want to fight the additional Athenian soldiers surrounding her at the temple. Take refuge in some nearby bushes and begin the fight either with an assassination or bow skill. If you’re fortunate this will crit on the bear so that you only have her to deal with. She does not have any special abilities, aside from a spear attack that you will have to evade. You can use a combination of light and heavy attaks since she is without any major defensive capabilities.

The End of Drakon

You will find Drakon to the north, at the shoreline in the Cursed Lands of Oedipous. Use Ikaros to identify his precise location when you are within range. You will find him flexing in front of a large crowd. You can approach him in whatever way you prefer; either with assassination or bow kill. He will not count you as an enemy until you begin the assault. Be careful not to harm any of the surrounding citizens, as this will raise your bounty rapidly. Drakon has a particularly lethal spear attack when his weapon is wreathed in fire. Be sure to avoid this at all costs, and be ready to pop a heal if you fail to do so. If you are able, remove his shield and focus on inflicting head and upper body shots to bring him down quickly while you avoid his deadly fire attacks.

The Last Fight of Aristaios

You will find Aristaios on an island in the centre of Lake Kopais. Use one of the boats on the shoreline to sail to the island, and be sure to use the viewpoint while you’re there. When you arrive, a cut scene will initiate. Your father is fighting Aristaios, and you witness the finishing blow. A dialogue will then open. It is a good idea to be as lenient as possible with your father, as this will influence the options available to you later on in the game.

The Fall of Deianeira

Take a boat from the southern shore of the island in the middle of Lake Kopais. Sail south west toward the Reborn Hills and on to Mount Helikon. Here you will find the last champion, Deianeira. When you reach the mainland it is a good idea to use the viewpoint of the Standing Pillar before you go on to confront Deianeira. From there you will also be able to use Ikaros to locate her. She will be riding on horseback with another champion, Astra, following close behind. You should begin the fight by ambushing them from behind. Hitting them once will knock them off their horses. You can then use your horse to hit them each time you ride near to them, but they will probably dismount you after a few hits. Once they do, focus on the champion with the least amount of health first. Astra will mostly use ranged attacks with fire and poison arrows. Be sure to avoid these as their DoTs can be lethal. The best way to counter these is by kiting both champions as you shoot at them and avoid their special attacks. When Deianeira is dead you will have to confirm the cultist kill and then return to Stentor. You will now have to engage in a standard conquest battle to complete the quest.

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