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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Tychos Ribs

Jarrod Garripoli

History of Elpis Interior

For this challenge, you will need to find a total of seven ECHO recordings, with one being in Tycho’s Ribs and the rest being in Eleseer. Let’s start with the first and only ECHO that’s located in Tycho’s Ribs, before moving onto the rest. Note that it’s best to wait until you’re finished with the main story or have access to the final boss in Eleseer, as the ramps are all up and it’s easier to get around in Eleseer. Look for the white light that shoots up from the ECHOs.

  • From the top of the zone, make your way to the first side area, but don’t go in there. The ECHO’s on the ground in front of one of the buildings there.
  • In the south section of Eleseer, it’s on top of the middle ring.
  • In the south section of Eleseer, it’s right below the previous one, on the eastern side of the ramp inside the middle ring.
  • In the south section of Eleseer, it’s in the middle ring, to the right of the big ramp shown on the map. You need to access this area from the little platforms in the innermost area.
  • Next to some ammo crates in the southeast portion of the south section.
  • On the outside ring of the west section of Eleseer. It’s on the ground in front of the thin ledge that extends from the ring.
  • In the north section of Eleseer, on the ground on the outside section, towards the middle

Mystery of the Crystal Skulls

Throughout the entire zone are a total of ten metallic objects that look like skulls, which can be destroyed with a single shot from anything.

  • In the southwest corner of the room with the fast travel station will be this one.
  • This one is inside of one of the holes at the top row of the thing spinning in the center part of the spiral area you descend.
  • Before the first elevator, there will be some purple crystals on either side of the path. Go to the elevator and look at the crystals on the southern side to see the skull nestled among them.
  • After the first elevator, go into the first side room (Compression Chamber) and you’ll see jump pads on both sides. Each alcove in the room as three tiers, the bottom, a middle and then a platform at the very top with some ammo boxes. You want to use the jump pad on the southern side to get to the middle part of the second alcove from the entrance to this side room on the south side to find the skull.
  • Make your way to the second side room, which you’ll have to pass through to keep descending. In the center of the room is something that spins and connected to it are two ramps of sorts. You’ll find this skull at the top of the ramp to the northwest.
  • At the second elevator, use the jump pad next to it to reach a room where you start the Z8N-TP optional mission (there’s fatal pits in this room). From the entrance and facing the Claptrap unit, the skull is in the first alcove on the right.
  • Using the same jump pad as before, boost to the ledge to the left of the room with the Claptrap to find the skull in the corner in what looks like snow. This is the ledge with the elevator that leads to the secret Mario easter egg room.
  • Go down another level from the second elevator and approach the frozen area. If you look into the center part of the area, there’s a ledge just below this one, where you’ll find the skull.
  • On the path to Eleseer, you’ll come to a square room with some vortex pillars. The skull is behind the easternmost pillar.
  • This one is located next to the final vortex pillar right before the exit to Eleseer.

That Was Your Own Fault

This is a one-time challenge. As you progress in the last story mission, The Beginning of the End , you will eventually come to a shield that’s blocking your progress near the bottom of Tycho’s Ribs. In the same area will be a large cannon that will try to blast you, which is manned by a Lost Legion soldier. In order to get this challenge, you’ll have to lure the enemy into blasting the barrier with the cannon, which should be easy to do considering how large the barrier is.

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Taking place between the events of Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2, The Pre-Sequel details the events of how Handsome Jack became what he was during the second game. You play as one of four new character classes as you explore the moon of Pandora, Elpis, jumping around in low gravity, collecting all new loot and just shooting everything and anything you find!

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