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Eye to Eye

Jarrod Garripoli
Mission Details
**Rewards:** 5319 XP, 307 dollars, Choice between Grenade and Shield

It looks like you’ll have to shut down the laser the old-fashioned way, with your hands. Head out into the main area again and take the stairs on either side of the elevator and keep going through, killing any enemies in your way, until you get close to the waypoint. However, instead of being able to go through to the Eye, Zarpedon constructs a barrier to stop you.

In order to disable the force field, you’ll need to find some power sources and destroy them. Head to the waypoint and press the button, which reveals one. Now, there are both blue and red things to shoot, with the blue ones being good and the red bad. Shooting the red ones will make the reactor explode, damaging and likely killing you in the process. Note that it doesn’t matter in the end, as either one will still work.

There is a blue core you need to shoot, which shuts the reactor down without any problems. Hitting the red one, however, will make it explode.

Hitting all the blue ones will disable the core and Moxxi will say there’s three more. Only two will be on your map for now and to get to them, you’ll have to go on a certain path, with both being identical to each other. Of course, there will be some resistance in the way in the form of Lost Legion, so take care of that little problem.

You will notice an optional objective to destroy all three without hitting any of the red things, which will prove difficult with how fast the second and third cores move. The final core is a big one and is located right by the force field, so go back down and use the console next to it. Of course, it will have to drain and you’ll have to fight a whole lot of enemies while it does.

Once the force field is gone, head on through and into the Eye of Helios area. Keep going until you hit an electric field that you can’t cross. Jack will mention to wait until the laser fires, then running through while the electricity is gone. Use the elevator and get ready for a boss fight!

Boss: Colonel T. Zarpedon

As you can see, you’ll be fighting Zarpedon in her powersuit. There will be Lost Legion goons in the battle with her, but as usual with minions during boss battle, save them for a Second Wind should you need one. She has some shields, which she can replenish a few times throughout the fight, so it’s a good idea to bring a shock-elemental weapon with you.

Zarpedon fights you in her Powersuit and she can recharge her shields a few times throughout the fight.

As for her attacks, she has a standard laser, as well as a big electric ball, which is easy to dodge due to how slow it is. She can also swipe at you with her sword should you be in her melee range, and can leap and attack with it as well. One of her last attacks is launching a volley of missiles from the back of her mech.

The best thing about this battle is that Jack will be participating in it, so sometimes she will stay glued to him, allowing you to keep wailing on her. If she should happen to become fixated on you, keep moving and strafing to avoid her attacks. Staying at a distance helps a lot in the battle, as it lets you see her attacks coming and dodge them if need be.

The battle is now over, or is it? After a premature celebration, it seems that Zarpedon is still alive, so get ready for round two.

Boss: Tungsteena Zarpedon, Ascended

Yep, Zarpedon is back and she means business this time, as she’s on foot. This means she’s a lot quicker than when she was in her powersuit and she can bring the damage. First and foremost, watch out the shockwave she sends out, as it can and will most likely bring you close to death. Make sure you do a boosted jump to get over it.

Zarpedon's shockwave attack in her second form hurts…A LOT. Also, the Eternal enemies can ascend, recovering all their health.

The enemies joining her this time are Eternals, annoying ones that are a lot tougher than the normal Lost Legion soldiers. They have a habit of transforming into one of many different forms once their health reaches about 50% or so. Still, they are there in case you need a Second Wind, but just know that it will be harder to kill them than the fodder in the previous battle.

As for her other attacks, she can leap towards you and try to strike you with her staff, as well as shoot energy ball projectiles. She also have a combo attack with her staff, ending it with a kick. The whole point of this fight is to keep moving and keep an eye on Zarpedon, solely for the shockwave. If you have some pretty good weapons, then the fight will likely be short, as a drawn out battle might prove to be troublesome.

Shutting Down the Eye

Now that Zarpedon is truly finished, take the marked elevator down and then the next one to reach the laser core. Follow Jack to the catwalk above to see that the Eye of Helios is actually the eye from the Destroyer from the first game. After admiring the creepiness of it all, it’s time to shut it down.

After Moxxi dumbs it down, she says to press the console until the tube thing turns purple, then press it again to inject it into the eye. Do this for all three consoles, then go back up top and get ready to press the button, only for Jack to stop you. Follow him and fast travel back to Lunar Launching Station.

Go into the command center and initiate the reboot sequence, then watch the ensuing chaos. Of course, Jack isn’t too happy, but speak to him anyways to finish the mission.

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A House Divided

Completed the mission "Eye To Eye".

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