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Vorago Solitude

Jarrod Garripoli

Entirely Metal Outerwear

For this challenge, you will have to find six Dahl ECHO logs, which has Zarpedon talking about events. As long as you know where they are located, they are somewhat easy to find because of the small white pillar of light coming off of them, similar to when a common rarity item drops.

  • Located right by the fast travel station, on a box next to the vending machines
  • This one is in an encampment on the north side of the bridge leading to the main excavation site you traverse in The Beginning of the End. From the bridge, go north to where you see the Air Dome Generator. The ECHO will be on the ground next to a crate that’s next to a small building.
  • Cross the same bridge as before, going south, and you’ll see a small building with oxygen that you can enter straight ahead. Go inside and the ECHO will be on a box to the left.
  • Go into the compound and straight from the entrance will be a building with oxygen you can enter. Do that and you’ll find the ECHO on a console in the back.
  • On the west end of the console, you will see some stairs you can ascend near where you were first introduced to Guardians. As soon as you go up the stairs, you’ll find the ECHO on a table to your left.
  • As you make your way to Outfall Pumping Station, you’ll come to a big room with some ladders in it. Climb the ladder and you’ll find the ECHO on the ground opposite some ammo crates.

Eridian Archaeology

To finish this challenge, you will have to hunt down and find five pieces of Eridian artifacts, which look like little shields with six red lights on them.

  • Go to the northwest corner of the map and find the road that curves east before ending. The artifact will be on a crate where the road ends.
  • This is located a little south of the northwesternmost Air Dome Generator, on some rocks overlooking it. There’s also a jump pad and telescope for the Vorago’s Dig Site challenge in the same area.
  • Slightly south of the previous one, there’s a spot where you find a pavilion of sorts covering a room you can drop down into with some oxygen. The artifact will be on a computer console in the southeast corner.
  • Found on a crate where Sterwin was located for the Guardian Hunter optional mission, as well as the Master Poacher.
  • Southeast of the previous one, there will be a few buildings located just outside of the west end of the main excavation site. The artifact will be on a crate in the middle vicinity of those buildings.

Mind the Gap

There’s a large gap that runs through the map, which has jump pads on either side to allow you to safely get across. However, for this challenge, you will need to jump across the gap without using those jump pads. Now, there are multiple spots where this can be done, so try and find those spots where the land is higher on one side than the other.

Voragos Dig Site

Your goal for this challenge is to find and use four telescopes hidden in the area. When you use them, you’ll view what it’s looking at for a few seconds, then you’ll regain control of your character.

  • Right by the fast travel station in the area. It’s right on the cliff ledge just west of the fast travel.
  • Go to the southeast corner of the map, near where you started the These Are the Bots optional mission. Slightly southwest of that is a small building, where you’ll find the telescope at the top of the stairs.
  • At the southwest corner of the map, you’ll find a spot where you can drop down into a room with oxygen. The telescope is right outside of that room, along the southern ledge.
  • For the final one, it’s in the west-central area of the map. You want to look for an ice pond of sorts, which is right next to the northwesternmost Air Dome Generator. If you look south of that, you’ll see a large crane overlooking the area, with some rocks underneath it. Jump on those rocks to find a jump pad, with the telescope right next to it.


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Taking place between the events of Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2, The Pre-Sequel details the events of how Handsome Jack became what he was during the second game. You play as one of four new character classes as you explore the moon of Pandora, Elpis, jumping around in low gravity, collecting all new loot and just shooting everything and anything you find!

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