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Tomb Lord Bosses

In-Game Description

The "Tomb Lord" iconTomb Lord is a massive undead Necromancer who wields a large staff, summons whirlwinds and walls and can teleport around the room. He regularly summons other "Skeleton" iconSkeleton enemies and can slam his staff down to deal AoE damage. Your vision in the fight will be regularly impeded and chasing him down is a challenge as you try to dodge the spinning whirlwind static AoEs on the floor and his minions.

Found In

"Ancient Reservoir" iconAncient Reservoir Hawezar Dungeon
"Carrion Fields" iconCarrion Fields Dry Steppes Dungeon
"Crumbling Hekma" iconCrumbling Hekma Kehjistan Dungeon
"Crusaders' Cathedral" iconCrusaders' Cathedral Kehjistan Dungeon
"Forgotten Depths" iconForgotten Depths Dry Steppes Dungeon
"Whispering Vault" iconWhispering Vault Dry Steppes Dungeon

Detailed Location

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