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After the events of Claire and Moira, it is time to play with Barry, who comes to the island on a boat, Locked & Loaded and ready to kick some ass. Unlike Claire, Barry comes with a Magnum Python , a fully automatic Assault Rilfe NSR47 and a Handgun Samurai Edge . Watch the scenes with Natalia and it’ll time to head on to the Radio Tower.

The path is blocked and the stairs are destroyed so we gotta find another way. Head down to the “beach” and you’ll find a Barrel . Jump up the little edge to find a Crate . A couple steps forward and you’ll find some bugs. Nasty little things. They try to hide among the bushes so try to kill them before they hide (use the knife obviously). Continue and you’re told about your flashlight.

Continue along the edge and more bugs come out. Kill them and we’ll finally get to the top. Make a right right as you enter and follow the wall to find a Tower Emblem 5/8.

A Tower Emblem really easy to miss. Make sure to check out this dead end.

There will be some bugs coming after you (if you haven’t killed them already) and proceed to the end of the path where you’ll open up an iron curtain similar to the one Claire and Moira opened to get out of the Penal Colony (oh Goodness…).

We are back in this nightmare. Enter the room on your left as you enter to find a Red Herb and check the desk for Assault Rifle Ammo . Check right outside the room to find a Green Herb as well. You’ll be told about Combining Items:

  • Green Herb + Red Herb = 3 Green Herbs

That’s nice. Follow the path into the next room where there will be a Zombie here that creeps up on you and 3 more come from the hallway. Unlike those in Claire’s side, these are slow walking Zombies so its easy to headshot them. Check out the small area where the first Zombie appeared to find a Crate . Now follow the path, jump across some fallen lockers and enter the door to the next area.

In here you’ll find out about Natalia’s Awareness & Pointing . She can sense the location of enemies, which comes in handy throughout most of the chapter. Use the ability now and you’ll be able to spot 3 enemies in the room right next to you but ignore it. Instead crouch and move along the hallway to find a Sparkle Item underneath the medical bed and another Sparkle Item at the end of the hallway. Now return to the to find an entrance to the same room with a Zombie giving you his back. Sneak attack the standing Zombie (press R2 while crouching). Check the desk in front of him for a Detention Center Map .

Search the entrance of this area to find another Sparkle Item and now proceed a little bit to the right towards the Zombies and you’ll find the 3 zombies. 2 of them don’t move while there’s one moving back and forth from these two. Wait for the zombie walking around to give you his back (timing is crucial in order to sneak kill all three of them). Once you kill the third one look to your right to find a Tower Emblem 6/8 . There’s a Sparkle Item in between the shelves and there is also a Crate in the corner to loot that as well.

You can only get this Tower Emblem if you want to kill the 3 Afflicted here.

Go up the stairs, kill the lone zombie here and look to your left to find a little item on a shelf. Wait for the enemies to look away from you and sneak to get Cloth . There are many enemies here and the good thing is that when one of them spots you, it turns red (when you’re using Natalia’s ability of course) so you can run downstairs and it’ll completely ignore you and return doing nothing.

You CAN use this to your advantage and lure them downstairs and hide until they decide to go back upstairs so you can sneak up to them and kill ‘em. In the lower right corner of the map you can find a Sparkle Item . In the little hall opposite to the stairs is a desk with Handgun Ammo in it. Note that there are 2 zombies laying on the floor. I recommend approaching them and knifing them to death. There’s a Sparkle Item next to the northern zombie and another Sparkle Item in the corredor next to it. Grab the wire box next to the zombie and put it near the run-down stairs to climb up and go through the iron curtain to the next area.

Nab the Control Room Key in here and examine behind the shelf to find a Sparkle Item . Now go through the hole as Natalia and there’s a zombie laying on the floor. Use the bricks to kill him and nab the Gunpowder x2 . Open up the door and switch over to Barry. Outside the room push the obstacle and enter the room to the right.

Remember this room? In the room with the spiked bed there’s a Sparkle Item in the corner. Head outside and check the left side for a dead end… only that there’s a brick here and a little thing on the wall with a redish aura. Use the brick to kill it. This is an Insect Larvae 1/6 .

You won’t know what these are at first but make sure to throw a brick at just to see what it is!

Kill the zombie laying down and read Excerpt from Karka’s “In the Penal Colony” from the chair. Now return to the Workbench and up the ladder. Now go outside and go through the door.

Grab the Sparkle Item from the corner and you’ll be right outside the Control Room, only that the door is locked and we’ll have to go through the other side. Go through the next door and take control of Natalia. You’ll see enemies, but they aren’t zombies this time. They are blobs hidden in the ground. You can barely see them and fluff up when you approach them so nab the brick nearby and toss it at them to have them explode on their own.

There’s nothing in the first cell but right outside is a Sparkle Item inside a cabinet so get that and locate the zombie around the corner and another one inside the second cell. They’ll come at you so toss your brick at them and shoot them until they die… or use your knife. There’s a Spakle Item in the second room and in the last cell there’s a Prisoner’s Letter . Read it and go through the next door.

There’s a zombie laying on the ground that doesn’t stand up so ignore him and focus on the guy inside. Lure him out and get rid of him. There’s also a Caution for Experiment Handling document here. Now instead of going down the stairs, continue along the hallway to the north and there will be a zombie in this next room, but you can go around it using the bookshelf as cover and stealth kill it. There is also a document Excerpt from Kafka’s “The Trial” .

Continue along the hallway and go down the stairs at the end. This is the hallway with the spinning traps moving around. Time your crossing, ignore the zombie on the floor and ignore the room with the garbage compactor room as well and stealth kill the lone zombie on the other end of the hallway. Have Natalia go through the hole in the wall (you can see the cyan footsteps) and shut off the power.

Now enter the room leading south and there will be 2 zombies laying on the ground and will get up once you approach them. There’s also a Sparkle Item on the ground in the corner. Go through the door and enter the little room on your right to find a Parts Box .

Now that the power if off, we can finally get this Parts Box.

Nab it and go south to the crossroad section where the flamethrower is blowing. There’s a Sparkle Item under the table and a document, Improving Security Measures on the other table. Go to the far south corner (past the spinning trap) to find another Sparkle Item .

Now into the cell block. There is only one zombie in the first floor but there’s one overlooking from the stairs so throw a brick towards him and lure him out. Kill him however you want and grab the Sparkle Item from one of the cells on the right. There’s a Crate in the far left cell so break it, kill the zombie up the stairs and go inside the Control Room. In here check out the document Escape Report . This gives us a hint.

Now open up the Gimmick Box using Natalia that has Parts Box inside.

First time opening a Gimmick Box, which works identical to Moira’s Military Boxes.

Now activate the lever to open up all the cells on the second level of the block. The zombies come running towards you but they are killed very easy, more if you use the Assault Rifle. Now that the cells are open, time to check them out. There’s a Sparkle Item in the first upper cell, you can find a Insect Larvae 2/6 in the second cell while the third one has a Document Prisoner’s Journal . The last cell as a Sparkle Item .

Check inside the cells to find a hiding Insect Larvae.

Now its time to check out the lower end of the block. From left to right, the first three have nothing so check out the fourth one for a Crate and the last one for a hole in the wall (from the Escape Report we just read). Go through the hole and jump down once. Turn around and you’ll see Insect Larvae 3/6 . We need a brick though so jump down a second time and go to the end of the hallway to find one. Just return and kill the larva.

Use the brick at the end of the path to destroy this Larvae.

Continue onwards and you’ll end up on the other side of the fire-breathing contraption. Turn it to have Barry come in and turn it again so you can leave the Penal Colony.

This place got really dark but there are no enemies nor items in the area. Once you cross the fence, check under the steps at the bridge to find a Sparkle Item . Now get on the bridge and Barry will note that its broken (thanks Moira). Go to the little shack and pick up the Sparkle Item that’s next to the crack in the wall. Go through it and look for a brick nearby to break the lock on the door.

Break the Crate next to the door and now its time to proceed through the woods and right at the beginning you’ll find a fork. Stick to the left side of the area, break the Crate and in the upcoming tree you’ll find an Insect Larvae 4/6 .

This one was really hard to find. Make good use of Barry’s flashlight to spot it before jumping down to the next area.

At the end of the road you’ll climb down a little. Do so and proceed to trigger a little scene with a new enemy.

It disappears so move to the right and enter the little shack to find a Crate . Now enter the shack in front of you and in this first room grab the brick and a Green Herb . In the next room grab Assault Rifle Ammo and the Sparkle Item and have Barry open up the doors. Before he opens them look behind and up in the ceiling to find this new enemy, the Revenant .

Shoot it and a large blob pops out. If you need to run back outside and shoot it over and over until you destroy it. They are really slow, which is really good for you. Now go through the doors and approach the thicker part of the woods. You can see a light in the middle of it and this is where we need to go. Make sure you’re controlling Natalia throughout this area to locate the enemies. Break the Crate that you find here and move forward to find another one of these annoying enemies.

Kill this one as well (looks like it takes less bullets to kill this one) and locate another source of light. As you approach this light you should spot another enemy. Take him out break the Crate where the light’s pointing. Check behind the rubble here to find another Tower Emblem 7/8 .

Another really tricky Tower Emblem. Behind the rubble is located this Tower Emblem. Kill the Revenants before looking for it.

From here, while controlling Natalia, move towards where the light is pointing (on the other side of the rock) to find some cyan footsteps.

Next to these footsteps is a Sparkle Item . Nab it and follow the footsteps to find another Gimmick Box with a Ruby inside.

Check nearby the Tower Emblem to find this Gimmick Box, which has cyan footprints that lead to it.

From here you’ll find another source of light uphill. Go to it and check the inside for another Insect Larvae 5/6 . Just one more guys! There’s a Barrel in here as well. Proceed through the door at the end of the path.

Check the insides of the little house to find this Larvae.

Barry mentions the Uroboro virus from Resident Evil 5. Enter the house (there are no enemies) and pick up the Assault Rifle Ammo , two Sparkle Items and a Document Escapee’s Note . Return outside, grab a brick and locate the fence on the left of the house. Break the lock and break the Crate behind the lock. Go down the slope and you’ll find two more crazy enemies.

There is a little red arrow pointing to a Firebomb Bottle so grab it while crouching and kill both of them with it. Before heading through the double doors, go left following the cyan footprints to find a little shack. In here move the wired Crate and crawl through to find a Green Herb . Open up the door and go inside with the wired Crate to find Parts Box . Now return and head through the double doors.

In here grab the Sparkle Item from under the steps and another Sparkle Item from on top. You can also find an Empty Bottle and Alcohol . You’re also told about sub-weapons. You can make one of the following:

  • Gunpowder + Empty Bottle: Exploding Bottle
  • Alcohol + Empty Bottle: Firebomb Bottle
    Its recommend doing a Firebomb Bottle. You MIGHT needed it in the last area. Heh. There’s also the Forest Map on the wall so make sure to get it (very helpful IF you plan on replaying the chapter). Inside the room you can find Handgun Ammo , Torniquet and a Workbench. Use all those Parts Boxes we’ve been gathering. Return outside and now go down to the main area.

There are no enemies so proceed to the left side of the map where you’ll find a shack. Don’t go in. In front of this shack is a lone tree. North of this tree are THREE Barrels. Behind them is Tower Emblem 8/8 (you’re going to have to shoot it from behind the tree).

Probably the hardest Tower Emblem of the game. Check behind these barrels before doing anything else!

Now enter the shack to the southwest and there are 2 of those crazy enemies. There are not together which is good and you can take them out with stealth attacks. In this first room there’s Handgun Ammo .

In the room where the second one is, he’s looking south (I really don’t know if he turns around) so open the door from the north and stealth kill him… or you can leave him alone as there’s nothing of value inside. Now go outside through the lower right door and locate the Insect Larvae 6/6 on the lower end of the fenced area. There’s also a Crate .

Come here and get the Larvae before trying to escape. Otherwise the Revenants won’t give you a chance.

Now go up the structure here and before jumping down, locate the Sparkle Item in front of you, right in front of the barrels.

Now go to the locked gate and when you examine it a ton of Revenants come at you, running at full speed. We need to activate the switch on the left side, where the last Insect Larvae was, but we need to head to the house on the right (yeah, right where the enemies are coming from) in order to activate the power.

You have to activate the switch on the right (left picture) and the the one on the left side of the area (right picture).

DON’T FIGHT THESE GUYS ! You got to make a run for it. They just keep appearing. Head to the little shack on the right to activate the power and now run through the house on the left to activate the Crane itself when you get to it. Now proceed through the gate to trigger a scene. These Revenants run REALLY fast, faster than you actually and usually run in front of you and grab you. Run away from them if this happens and don’t let them grab you. If needed, use the Firebomb Bottle you previously made if you want to gain some time. Or you could easily empty an Assault Rifle clip on them, at least to stagger them.

Now move downhill to finally reach the Radio Tower. Enter the Radio Tower and use the Workbench if you want to / need to. Examine the control panel to trigger a scene and end this chapter.

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Set between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 and six years after the original Resident Evil Revelations, Claire Redfield makes a comeback as one of the protagonists of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Along with Barry Burton, former S.T.A.R.S. member, his daughter Moira Burton and a survivor of the previous game Natalia Korda. Control all 4 characters. 2 pairs of heroes, 2 stories. Follow Claire and Moira who have limited ammo and try to investigate the mysterious Tower while Barry and Natalia approach it in search of them. Does it have any relation to previous Resident Evils? Just who is behind the attack in the island?

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