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This is the start of Moira’s own DLC episode, The Struggle. After the main game and what happened to her, this is a pretty neat addition. Watch the opening scenes to see what happened and soon you’ll have control.

Before we get to do anything though, the game explains Rations:

RATIONS GAUGE : In this episode you will need rations to retry a failed mission. Rations can be obtained by killing animals. A lack of sufficient rations for a retry will result in a game over, meaning your save data for this episode will be erased.

Erasing save data? They are serious here! Stick with me and we won’t have to worry about that! Our objective is to kill animals for meat and then head to the sawmill. We have a time limit here as well, so let’s get to it!


  • Rat Meat (20 Meat)
  • Rabbit Meat (15 Meat)
  • Spider Meat (5 Meat)
  • Snake Meat (50 Meat)
    SAVE your Firebomb bottles from this part of the episode. Trust me, we are going to need them later!

First, note that there is nothing but a dead end behind us, so don’t even bother. First go into the right shack and break the BARREL . Head to the left house now and be ready to shoot the rats in here. They are worth 20 Meat each, which is quite a bit so be sure to shoot them! They are often to the left of the middle container, by the doorway.

Search the house now for HANDGUN BULLETS x2 , an EXPLODING BOTTLE and the MP-AB50 . Be sure to grab that Machinegun Pistol, then head out the door into the start of the woods area.

Out here in the woods there is a LOT of space to cover. There are a ton of WHITE RABBITS out here that we can hunt, but there are a few landmarks.

Head north killing whatever rabbits you can find, checking the trees here for CRATES x2 . One is behind a tree further up past the obvious one. Do NOT spend too much time in this forest area, especially for some crates! Keep going north to the shack and note that there are likely some rabbits in front or to the right of the shack. Inside you can find another CRATE .

Next its time to head south, slowly picking off rabbits as you go. There is a broken down car here with a CRATE nearby and past that be sure to check out the area to the left before the upcoming shack for some guaranteed rabbits and another CRATE . There’s a spider back here somewhere too, before you get to the shack. The comment the russian man here makes is gold by the way!

At the shack (which is the end of the woods area, by the way), there will be two spiders guaranteed at the entrance. Take them out for the minor food, and check out the shack for a BARREL . Head past the shack and be ready to shoot the dog coming at you. Grab the CRATE by the gate and head through to the next area.

We are in front of a building here, but there is a rabbit you can kill if you are quick! Check inside the building for rats as well, and then look for a SNAKE in here. The snake is one of two in the episode and worth 50 Meat on its own. After you kill it lets get to looting!

Inside is the powerful SHOTGUN M147S , as well as some SHOTGUN AMMO . Save this for a bigger enemy later on! You can also find a TOURNIQUET , some HANDGUN AMMO , some MACHINE PISTOL AMMO , an EXPLODING BOTTLE , and finally the “Escapee’s Note” (which we’ve already read before in the main game with Barry). Head outside and go through the chain-link door to the left to continue down the slope to the next area.

Head forward here and two dogs will attack so put them down (you can funnel them through the left wall and barrel). There is a northern area up ahead with a building you can check out. Three infected attack here. Take them out and go in where they came from for a CRATE and a FIREBOMB BOTTLE . We can’t go through the door here apparently. Bah. Go ahead and go through the gate to the next area.

Look behind you here for a CRATE , then head up to the building and look for a rat by the door. Take it out and grab the HANDGUN AMMO on the table. Open the door here for some MACHINE PISTOL AMMO and DISINFECTANT , then go outside and head down the slope.

We’re in the final area here and the Sawmill Gate up ahead. You can interact with it to end this area, but we’ll miss out on all the items here. Let’s be fast! To the left by the barrels is a GREEN HERB . Now, on the left-hand wall there is no longer an area to explore, but you can find CRATE x2 if you follow it to the gate. More importantly, there are THREE infected out here we can kill. Do so quickly and clear the area.

Face the gate and head right to find a CRATE by the logs, then head back and towards the house on the left. Back here you can find three spiders, so you may as well take them out. Nearby is some MACHINE PISTOL AMMO . The building bach here is GOLD for food by the way, but it is being guarded by an executioner, so take him out. This is where the shotgun comes in handy!

After that we are free to explore the building. Let’s start with food though, there are PLENTY of rats in here. Four at least, so look out for them. More importantly, there is a snake here in the middle hallway. This thing is worth 50 Meat so be sure to get it, but beware as it can actually hurt you.

Let’s loot this place now for a FIREBOMB BOTTLE , an EXPLODING BOTTLE , and a CRATE . As you get near the back pen, note that there is a dog out here that will charge you so be ready. Head into the pen now and pick up the RED HERB out here as well as the CRATE x2 on the right wall. Use the boxes here to get back to the main area and hit up the sawmill fence to end this area.

We are back in the sewers but it seems the enemies have followed us! Bah. In this first part we are in a wide area and must kill the enemies that show up. A number will pop up on screen to show you how many enemies you have left.

This part is a massive bullet drain to be quite honest. There are mostly just regular infected though, so shoot them in the head and try to use your crowbar after that. Conserve ammo! Three Executioners will show up at different times as well as some exploding enemies, so take care! There is a CRATE in the right corner and the old man will help out. Take them all out.

After that we’ll be moved to a new area and given a time limit to “reach the special weapon”. There’s rats in the beginning part if you need them, but run forward and kill the explosive enemy. A normal enemy will wake up to the right and an executioner is coming at us from the main path. Kill the normal guy first and then get past the executioner.

Hop up to the next platform and push onward. There is a CRATE on the way to a path split. There are a couple of exploding enemies in this large square walkway area, along with a regular enemy on the left and an executioner on the rigth. Take the right path to a CRATE and go back and head left to another CRATE . Take this path to the end, killing the three zombies on the ground that are playing dead.

Past them is a snake on the ground, next to BARREL x3 . More importantly is the special weapon, the SHOTGUN TAP194 . You will likely need choose between your two shotguns here. You can also break the VASE here for an item as well.

Soon the game will throw a few enemies in from across the walkway. Take them out and after awhile Moire will comment “There’s more below us!” while the game puts 2-3 enemies near a red barrel. OF COURSE you have to shoot the barrel, but this is a transition period on the map, much like after our first stand-off in the beginning. We’ll be put down below and told to survive while the game puts up another set amount of enemies.

To the right is a round room with another red barrel in the middle. Handy to take out enemies, but wait until a good group are nearby. You can find some CRATE x3 back here, a GREEN HERB and even some RIFLE AMMO up on the center round pedestal (this seems odd, but it is definitely for the old man and not Moira, so if you have time give it to him). I would fight in this area until you use the red barrel at the very least.

To the left you can find a GREEN HERB , CRATE x3 and even some more RIFLE AMMO for the old man. There is another red barrel over here as well that should be saved for the right time.

As for the fight itself, expect normal enemies, exploders, and executioners. Near the half-way point a fire-ball spitting enemy will appear and right at the end TWO of them will appear. You can use the rubble in the hallway or the circular area’s beam to easily block fireballs if needed. Take all of the enemies out and you’ll be done with this portion of the episode.

THIS area sucked to write for! Haha, thankfully BK had to do it and not you, right? The reason this area is rough is because we CAN NOT be seen. Our goal is to hunt / gather items in the village area and once we are done to reach the far exit. If we DO GET SEEN, our timer drops to 30 seconds.

That 30 second thing is going to make getting all the items in this area a REAL challenge. You should note the items and their locations below and consider only getting either the items or guns you want, then head for the exit. Even if you do get seen, if you get to the exit you “clear” this section.

In the interest of pointing out items let me run through the entire area:

From the start, head down and fire bomb the first enemy. He’ll fall easily. Head left and sneak down to the lower path. You can wait down here for the enemy above and fire bomb him too. This gives you the whole middle area for free. You can get a BARREL out here. The nearby shack has some ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO in it too.

Now, the house to the right has one of the better items in this map. You can find a GREEN HERB outside the door and go around the house for a rabbit and another FIREBOMB BOTTLE .

Go inside the door and beware the revenant in the hallway. Fire bomb him if you want the items in here (otherwise we should skip this house entirely). After he is dead, enter to find some DISENFECTANT on the bookcase and in the nearby room the ASSAULT RIFLE AK-47 with ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO and some HANDGUN AMMO .

From here, let’s head to the bar. Inside the bar is a revenant pacing from the upstairs area down to the backroom and back. If you want the items over here you should definitely fire bomb him. Inside is some MACHINE PISTOL AMMO in the front and on the bar the MAGNUM MODEL 329 . Hard choices on what to drop for this, right!? In the back is a FIREBOMB and CRATE x2 .

Next is the goodies behind the bar. You should note that there is another revenant off toward the gate back here that walks back and forth. There is a CRATE on a corner near him you can get easily and behind the bar proper (not up the steps) is a RED HERB . There is also a GREEN HERB up the steps, but be VERY careful of the enemy patrolling nearby as he can see you if you go for it. This revenant isn’t worth going after by the way. There is a rabbit past him, but I’d ignore him.

From the bar let’s head down the right path of the village now. There is a CRATE in the shack leading to the Fuel Area. There is a revenant in here you should firebomb. After he is dead you can loot a FIREBOMB BOTTLE , an EXPLODING BOTTLE and in the back a CRATE and MAGNUM AMMO .

Head past the fuel area and in the shack you come to is a TOURNIQUET and BARREL x2 . Outside is another patrolling revenant. The last one we need to really worry about. Fire bomb him (it’s possible to sneak past him with his long patrols, but I prefer to kill). The exit is just to the right and has CRATE x2 nearby, but we aren’t done exploring.

From here we can easily get to the house we had to drill into earlier with Pedro. The first one. Inside that house is DISENFECTANT , an EXPLODING BOTTLE , and some MACHINE PISTOL AMMO . The note that was here isn’t here anymore for some reason.

We can also go explore the blue house. There are BARREL x2 on the outside of the house and on the inside you can find a TOURNIQUET , a GREEN HERB , some HANDGUN AMMO and an EXPLODING BOTTLE .

There is also a revenant out patrolling the beach. The only things we can find down there are a CRATE and a rabbit, so definitely not worth it.

Whew…. once you have all you want and/or need, go to the exit to finish this area. Onto the next!

We’re out to find out what happened to the old man’s daughter, which takes us to the mining yard. Like the “Protecting the Hideout” section, this section is mostly a gauntlet of enemies and not much else. That’s OK though, it is still pretty fun.

This first area has a number of enemies to kill, but before you go and kill them all be sure to run to the back and destroy the CRATE x3 you find for supplies. At the very least do this before killing the LAST enemy.

Other than that we need to fight a number of Revenants. We have no idea where the weakspots are so we’ll need to guess. Save and firebombs you may have. The final enemy here will be a Dhurlga, so get ready for him. A fire bomb on him will help a ton. Once you’ve killed him we will move on automatically.

In this second area grab the CRATE to the left and hop down. There are CRATE x2 to the left of the building. Grab them and then enter the door here. We will be fighting slow zombies in this area. Note that they are very weak, so the handgun or even your crowbar is more than enough for them.

Here in the building grab the GREEN HERB and the CRATE on the ground floor and head up the stairs. You can find CRATE x2 up here. Take the exit nearby if you wish, but we’ll eventually have to jump up the dirt ledge in this area since the gate is locked. Watch out for zombies coming down the roof here! It looks like they are just falling out of nowhere, but you can kill them as they come down if you want! Heh.

Enter the building here and look around for a FIREBOMB BOTTLE , some MAGNUM AMMO and some MACHINE PISTOL AMMO . You can search the desk in here for some HANDGUN AMMO and check out the lockers in the back for a FIREBOMB BOTTLE and some ASSAULT RIFLE AMMO . Just past the lockers is some HANDGUN AMMO and if you search the desk in the back here you can find some SHOTGUN AMMO . This building is a veritable treasure trove of ammo, but just be careful of enemies coming in from both directions!

You can explore the area behind the building if you wish, but there’s not much out there. We simply need to kill the remaining enemies here and soon we will automatically move onto the next area.

This third area puts us behind the gate where we had to move the battery with Barry. Head to the right and grab the GREEN HERB and check the space where you put the battery for a FIREBOMB BOTTLE . There’s also a CRATE on the left. In the distance are those enemies that fling gunk at us, so watch out for them. Revenants will also attack. The old man’s sniper rifle is useful to pick off the distant enemies from the left and right, just watch out for any attacking Revenants.

You’ll need to drop down the dirt ledge sooner or later. When you do note the BARREL on the left and CRATE on the right. You can go up the stairs by that right crate for another CRATE .

Let’s go into the middle building now. Inside is a CRATE and some RIFLE AMMO you should give to the old man. Further in is a ROCKET LAUNCHER . YES, YOU SHOULD PICK THIS UP! Trade your light for it. We’ll get our light back later though, so don’t worry. To be honest, we don’t even need it anymore, so it is really no big loss. There’s a CRATE here too. Now that you’ve grabbed all of that head back outside.

Past the middle building are two buildings on the right. One of them will cause Moira to comment on if there is anything inside: this is our target building that we’ll be finishing in once the monsters are all dead.

As you are killing the Revenants they will eventually spawn in another tentacle monster. As tempting as it is, DO NOT use your Rocket Launcher here (he should come in with around 6-8 monsters remaining). Just take him out with the Fire Bombs and gunwork.

After killing this tentacle monster, you will have a slight lull in the fighting. This is a good time to go explore the last building in the back. Inside is some RIFLE AMMO , another FIREBOMB BOTTLE and a CRATE . Be sure to grab them at some point.

The last wave of enemies will come soon. More Revenants and a spitter from on top of the building you just explored. More importantly, they cap off this wave with TWO tentacle monsters. If you can, try to get them both in the same space and use your Rocket Launcher on them. This is highly effective and can kill them in one hit.

After that you will read the note in the building and enjoy the final few scenes of this Extra Episode. Very touching and well-done.

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