After the events in Episode 3 AND the events at the end of Claire’s Episode 4, we get control of Barry and Natalia right outside a water treatment plant. As you go through the ripped fence, stay there and look all the way to where the light is in the background to find the very first Tower Emblem 4/10 .

This one is a ways off. Use the Sniper Rifle to help you out.

Now check to your right to find a trailer with a breakable lock. Break it and go in to find a workbench, Gunpowder and Handgun Ammo .

Now as you can tell this is the sluice where we changed the flow of water while playing as Claire. Cross it via the fallen beams on the left and you’ll see some Afflicted outside a trailer. These are easy to stealth kill so do so and inside this trailer you’ll find another afflicted. You have to lure it out so be careful. You only get a Cloth in here so you may as well just skip it. Now head to the ladder of the empty sluice and straight across you can find Sparkle Item on top.

There are several afflicted down the sluice and some of them come back up so have Natalia wait on top while Barry comes down here, lures them and climbs back up the ladder, then headshoot them. Our goal is to go up the ladder to get that Sparkle Item , but before that make sure to throw a couple bricks up here. Break the Crate x2 at the end and behind them you’ll find Insect Larvae 1/6 .

This Larvae is only obtainable if you flipped the switch in Claire's chapter.

This Larvae is only obtainable if you didn't flip the switch in Claire's chapter.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Routes of Future Past

Complete both routes through the landfill in Barry's Episode Four.

Trophy icon

Jump back down and proceed through the sluice. There will be a couple of afflicted coming back up and some bugs will come out as well to play. You know what to do. At the end of the sluice you’ll find a Sparkle Item on the left side. Now go up the ladder, cross the sluice and as you get off the beams you’ll find Sparkle Item . Now before going up the stairs, check the bushes next to them to find the almighty Red Herb .

Go up the stairs, grab the Empty Bottle and enter the building. There will be an Afflicted that will most likely spot you. Kill it and stealth kill the other one. Grab Alcohol from the shelf and you’ll see another afflicted inside the small room. It raises itself back up so go through and quickly get back. Shoot it in the feet through the ventilation vent where Natalia crossed to kill it and open up the Gimmick Box which contains Parts Box . Open up the desk now for Assault Rifle Ammo . Also examine the shelf for some Gunpowder .

Be careful of the Afflicted in here.

Return and go outside now. There’s an Empty Bottle near the bush and the fence. You can also break the lock to get that Crate if so desired. You can also get a Sparkle Item from behind the Barrels if you come get it. Now proceed and slide down the slope and looks like an area where you’ll fight a boss… but nothing happens don’t worry. Now proceed to the ladder but before going up, turn around and you’ll see a trailer. There’s Crate x2 behind these so get them.

Time to go up the longest ladder in the game thus far. On top read what the construction man thingy has written, Crane Operations Report 1 . You’ll notice the pillars have switches on them. This moves a small platform to where you pressed it. Be careful because you CAN fall like the report says. Start by heading to the end and breaking the Crate . Now go to stop 3 and call the platform. Have Barry stand on it and use the switch on #3 again to move the platform to the other side.

Break the Crate here and look left to find Tower Emblem 5/10 under the walkway.

A really easy to miss Tower Emblem as there's nothing to do in this small area besides that.

Now return and cross to the other side at switch #2. Go up the ladder, go around and drop down the other ladder. Have Natalia climb up here and have her stand in the middle of the bridge up here. Now have Barry use switch #3 to move the whole bridge and now Natalia and move to the other side.

Have Barry wait on the platform and now go down the ladder. You’ll be at #4. Move forward a little bit and you’ll find Sparkle Item on the right side under some rubble. Now read Crane Operations Report 2 and press switch #5. QUICKLY switch to Barry and as you pass the #4 wait for the right moment to get off at #5 to get a new weapon, the Shotgun TAP194 and read The Sluice Operator’s Last Words .

The only shotgun Barry gets and makes it really difficult to choose.

To get back, use switch #4 twice to have it on the same side as Barry and lower switch #5, quickly switching to Barry and have him climb on top. Once reunited, have Natalia stay here and as Barry press switch #4. Climb up the ladder and stand in the center of the bridge. Change to Natalia and press switch #5. NOW you can drop down the ladder as Barry and get out of here.

Go up the steps and an afflicted pops out of the window. Kill it alongside a couple others and go down the other set of stairs to break a Crate . Now go inside, grab the Sparkle Item from the shelf on the second level and pass underneath the iron curtain. Follow the hallway until you’re back outside. Listen to the convo between Natalia and Barry and its time to explore.

Pick up the brick nearby and break the Crate behind the broken pillar. Go up the steps on the right side to find Sparkle Item x2 : one under the desk at the entrance and the other between the Barrels at the other corner. Now go up the stairs at the back the area and enter the room on the right, where you can find a Sparkle Item in the corner where the Barrels are, Smoke Powder and a Crate at the end of the room.

Leave the room and from the stairs, lets go up first. Jump across the gap onto the railtracks. Start following them and you’ll find a Crate on the left side with a ladder you use. Ignore this for now and follow the railtracks all the way to the end to find Tower Emblem 6/10 on a mine cart. Now return, jump across the gap to get the Crate and lower the ladder.

This Tower Emblem is waiting for you to destroy it! Do it!

Right as you descend grab the Sparkle Item from the Barrels near the stairs. You can also find a Crate and next to the it you can find Insect Larvae 3/6 .

A really easy Larvae, both to kill and to locate.

Near the elevator shaft you can find an Empty Bottle , which I recommend you doing some Smokescreen Bottles if you don’t have any. Now proceed down the elevator.

Down here enter the first room on the left to find Mines Map , finally we get it. You can also find Rifle Ammo in here. Leave the room and check the Barrel at the dead end to find a Sparkle Item . Proceed, grab another Sparkle Item from next to the door and go through them. There will be gas down here, which gives you a certain amount of time to be down here so we’ll have to be quick. Grab the Handgun Ammo from the desk before proceeding.

Move forward from the fork to find Assault Rifle Ammo . Return and go left now, grabbing the brick while you’re at it. Once you exit the gas area, grab Sparkle Item from right in front of you and its time to venture into the gas again. From the fork go south first to find a Topaz at the end. Return to the fork and go left. Many afflicted will come at you, but this time return outside the gas and more afflicted will raise up. Safe from the gas, take out the afflicted that followed you and we’ll have to venture into the gas to make sure the other follow us.

Once the area is clear head north from this area to another safe zone. Grab the Assault Rifle Ammo here and activate the switch to open up the electromagnetic lock in the previous area (with all the afflicted). Grab the Sparkle Item before leaving the safe zone though. Open the door and many afflicted will raise up so quickly return to the safe zone, kill these guys as well as the rest that didn’t follow. Now proceed through the gate and through the door at the end.

Watch the scene as you enter and grab Disinfectant from the right when you regain control and use the workbench. From the little passage before this area where the workbench is, go north to find Assault Rifle Ammo and then south for a Crate . Now go up the stairs and up the ladder as well. You can go either through the large double doors in front of you or you can move to the back and enter the single door.

Enter the single door at the back and you’ll find many afflicted in the gassy area so shoot them from up here and most of the ones laying down are alive so you may shoot them as well. Don’t do the same thing I did having Natalia wait on top before jumping down. She jumps down either way so you gotta be careful about that. Climb the upper ledge here in the middle of the room (which serves as a safe zone) to find a Crate . Underneath it is a Sparkle Item where the Barrels are.

There’s another Sparkle Item underneath the platform at the entrance (from where you jumped off from), next to the wooden pallet. You can see it from this central safe zone. Start by going to the right. Push the mining cart all the way to the end and you’ll be able to go up the stairs to the north for a safe zone with a Crate and a Sparkle Item . Now go south into the little room to find a Gimmick Box with Parts Box inside.

Be quick on your feet opening this one.

Return to the central safe zone and enter the small room in the area (lower left side) to find an Empty Bottle and read Mine Worker’s Diary 2 . From here go left and you’ll find a mining cart that you can push. PUSH IT ONLY 3 TIMES! Behind it is Insect Larvae 4/6 .

Be careful not to push the cart too much!

There’s a Revenant in the tunnel but you can easily stealth kill it. Proceed north from the fork to the end to find a safe zone and a new weapon, Magnum 2005M .

An upgrade to the original Magnum. Think wisely.

Take it and spot the Sparkle Item underneath you. Nab it, return to the fork and go south this time, following the path to find a set of double doors on top of a staircase. Check the area before the door to find Rifle Ammo , Assault Rifle Ammo and a Sparkle Item . Go through the doors.

HAVE NATALIA STAY HERE! You’ll have to fight Dhurla again… or rather another one, and in an even more enclosed area. There are 2 blob-throwing enemies around so take care of them first ASAP. Now the same rules apply to this Dhurla. Stay away from it don’t use your bottles as it’ll break its outer shell and make it even more deadly. If you have the Shotgun on you, it’ll work wonders against Dhurla. Once the core is fully exposed, take out your Magnum and blast it until it dies.

Move to the end of the room to find a Crate and a Red Herb . Activate the switch and as you leave you’ll find another blob-throwing enemy. Kill it if you want and return to the main area, where you’ll find a Revenant lurking around. If you can still breath, stealth kill it. Otherwise get into the safe zone and kill it normally.

Now go through the door with the opened lock, kill the 5-6 afflicted that appear and head through the door at the end. Activate the lever and it’ll activate the ventilation system. Nice. Go down the ladder, use the workbench if you need to, go up the other ladder and go through the double doors this time around.

In here you’ll find a Revenant patrolling the lower gassy area while there’s a blob-throwing enemy on a safe zone. Wait for the Revenant to go away from you to stealth kill it. The blob-throwing enemy cannot be stealth killed, but you CAN hit it from behind and have him fall from the safe zone. Quickly kill it and there will be yet another Revenant just laying down. Locate the weak point and kill it.

There will be a metal Crate you can push as Barry to have Natalia cross through. Do so and climb to the safe zone to find Crate x2 and a metal Crate. Drop it, open up the door and quickly run to safety as a Revenant wakes up and chases you. After Barry kills it, return in here, grab Parts Box and move the metal Crate towards the broken steps. In this room grab Odorous Chemical , Rifle Ammo , read Mine Worker’s Diary 1 and make sure to grab the Lift Activation Key .

Return to the main room, use the workbench to get rid of that Parts Box you got and now use the Lift Activation Key to go down. Keep your camera looking north and as you go down you’ll see Tower Emblem 7/10 on a pillar.

You can shoot this Tower Emblem as the elevator goes down, if you can hit it.

Follow the hallway and examine the panel with Natalia to proceed. Go down the ramp, enter the door to the next larger area and go inside the room on the left to read Specimen Transfer Log . Break the Crate on the other side of the room and enter the next area.

As you start… just who would like to live here Natalia?? Anyway, enter the room on your right to find Handgun Ammo . There’s a locked door that needs the emblem key. Return to the hallway and move to the end of it to find a Torniquet . From here, look left to find a corpse with a Sparkle Item on it. Get it and Natalia will spot a couple Revenants.

The first one walk right in front of you into the restroom. Wait for the right moment and kill it. You can also find Alcohol in here. The next restroom has nothing so its time to kill the second Revenant. There’s no way to stealth kill it so locate its weak spot as Natalia, then shoot it with Barry (Handgun then Shotty works really good).

Examine this room to find Sparkle Item x2 : one near the couch and the other on the shelf. Go through the door on the other side to find another locked door that needs the emblem key. Enter the other door to go downstairs. Down the stairs check underneath them to find Odorous Chemical in the back and you’ll also find Tower Emblem 8/10 in between the stairs and the Crates.

This one is really hard to see, but it is shootable.

Now move down the hallway and enter the showers on the left side (midway through the hallway). Grab Empty Bottle and Cloth in here, return and proceed through the double doors. You’ll find a ton of Revenants in capsules. Hopefully they don’t wake up. Grab the Smoke Powder from one of the shelves and you’ll see Insect Larvae 5/6 on top of one of the containers (the back one). It also breaks it open, leaving you with a Revenant to kill.

You'll be killing the Revenant as you get the Larvae. Everything has a price no?

Kill it and grab the Sparkle Item also from the back. There are two ways to go from here. Go left first, down the stairs and into the room. There’s a Revenant patrolling the next room and another one laying down. As you approach the one patrolling the other ones wakes up. You can still kill the other one so do so and kill the Revenant that just woke up. In here open up the Gimmick Box that contains Magnum Ammo Case . There’s also a Sparkle Item in the room. You need Security Card lv.1 to enter the next hallway, so we’ll come back.

A couple Revenants aren't match for Barry and Natalia when you want to open that Box.

Return and go right this time. Go through the hallway, grab the Sparkle Item midway through the hallway and you’ll reach a large area where you can read Report on the Uroboros Virus and grab the Underground Research Facility Map . There’s a Sparkle Item in the northeastern corner so grab it. Go down the stairs (break the Crate before doing so) and use the workbench if you need to.

The door to the right needs a Security Card lv.2, so we won’t be going that way. Read Researcher’s Journal nearby and enter the other room and check near the corpse to find Security Card Lv.1 . Go up the steps to find the document Specimen Disposal Log and a Crate at the top. Now return to where you needed the key (to the left from the sleeping Revenants) but be careful because a Glasp appears from where you need to go.

After taking it out use the key to get into the hallway and inspect the first room to the right to find Alcohol . Open the green door (on the same side) to find Research’s Memo . Now enter the room on the bottom, grab the Smoke Powder and you’ll see a couple Revenants here. Kill the only one that’s available and head into the morgue. Check the right side to find a Sparkle Item inside one of the already open compartments.

There is a compartment with a Revenant inside. Don’t open it. Open the one next to it to find Handgun Ammo and open up the others to finally find the Emblem Key . Return to the staircase where you got the Security Card Lv1 and use the Emblem Key at the top to return to the entrance of the mansion. Go right from the fork this time and kill the Revenant here. Read Research Facility Chief’s Journal 1 from the desk and the Magnum Ammo from the shelf.

Now open the Emblem door, break the vase on your right as you come in and nab the Sparkle Item next to it. Also make sure to read Research Facility Chief’s Journal 2 and open the Gimmick Box with Rare Parts Box from behind the desk before proceeding to the next room.

Awesome contents from a really easy box.

In here, you’ll find Handgun Ammo , Assault Rifle Ammo and Security Card Lv.2 .

Leave this room and the room before and as you try to leave a Revenant falls from the ceiling right in front of you. Kill this bastard and its time to head to the southern side of this hallway. Remember there was an Emblem Key-locked door? There’s a Revenant around here so kill it and go inside this room to find Torniquet , Sparkle Item , Rifle Ammo and Rare Parts Box inside the locker.

Run back to where the workbench is and go through the Security Lv2 door is. Go through it, pick up Alcohol and Empty Bottle x2 . Now go through the fence and jump down. Grab the Firebomb Bottle in front of you (and a Sparkle Item behind it under the rubble), break the Crate to your right, then make a u-turn around the pipes to find Empty Bottle and a Crate . There’s a Revenant next to us… ugh…

Grab the Green Herb from behind the Revenants and check the door on the left side of the map to find Sparkle Item . IT’S REALLY RECOMMEND killing off the 3 Revenants here one by one. It’ll make your life easier. There’s a blue Crate on top of the platform in the upper left corner so break it and make a mental note of the explosive Barrel that’s there. Check the upper right corner of the map to find another Crate and some Assault Rifle Ammo nearby. Look south from here to find a lone Torniquet (there’s a Sparkle Item to the left).

DON’T MOVE FROM HERE! Look to your right and down to find a hidden Tower Emblem 9/10 .

A hard Tower Emblem to spot. Destroy it before the hellish fight begins.

Now approach the elevator on the left side of the map and DON’T activate it yet. Instead, turn around and locate the upper left and upper right corner of the right wall. We’ll be fighting many enemies once you activate the elevator and a blob-throwing enemy appears from the upper left corner.

Afterwards the three Revenants next to the elevator wake up so take care of them afterwards. Then a couple more Revenants appear (2 rows of 3) from the upper right corner of the right wall (along with another blob-throwing enemy) and some Glasps with them. Oh boy. AFTERWARDS, another blob-throwing enemy appears with a TENTY! Yes, another Tenty comes out. Have Natalia wait in a corner and kill it like you killed the other 3.

Now go down the elevator into a crypt.

Move along the tunnel, break the Crate on the left side and proceed further in. Barry’s light goes off… great. Grab the Green Herb from the right side when you get to it and immediately a Sparkle Item on the left side. Soon enough you’ll find Lottie ripped up and against a wall. Read Hatred of Natalia from here and move deeper inside.

You’ll find a workbench, Barrel x2 and Green Herb on the right; and a Barrel , Crate and a Sparkle Item under the table on the left. On this left side you’ll also be able to find Insect Larvae 6/6 . Finally the last one.

Bang the head of the Iron Maiden to get this last Larvae!

Proceed through the passage into the double doors at the end to trigger a scene and a fight against you know who.

BOSS: Alex Wesker

Yeah, it’s time to fight her. In this area there are Crates all over the place, as well as ammo and a couple of Sparkle Items. The shelves around the area drop ammo when destroyed. First of all note that Natalia can spot her, and this is very important because when damaged, Alex runs into the vents and then comes out another one. Avoid being surprised the best you can.

Her attacks, although damage you a lot are really easy to evade. She mostly has close-quarter smacks with her hands (paws?) so if you see her coming at you, quickly run to a side while she smacks the air and you reload. She likes to stand on two feet and run towards you, slamming herself into the ground. When she’s on top of the ventilation system, she likes to throw smoke bombs down, which act just like the gas from the mines. Quickly run to the upper area (where the fire is) to avoid it.

Also, when she’s on the ground she likes to throw gunk at you and focus on Natalia so protect her at all cost. This is the time where you’ll want to use all those bottles we’ve been creating (at least I had 9 Firebomb, 6 Explosive, 4 Smokescreen and 5 Decoy). Once you deal enough damage, she likes to stand on two feet and extending her neck. This is her weak point, as well as the chest. Shoot it over and over and repeat this until she falls on her back, fully exposing the neck.

Approach her and shoot with your Magnum as many times as you can. Continue this until she dies. A scene triggers afterwards.

If you did it and you got the good ending, then proceed reading. Watch the scenes as you leave the area and when you’re controlling Claire on the helicopter, quickly look in front of you on top of the cliff to find the last Tower Emblem 10/10 .

Who would've thought there would be a Tower Emblem during the final boss? Make absolutely sure to get it before worrying about Barry!

This one was tricky so restart your checkpoint if you didn’t get it. This whole fight is really simple. When controlling Claire shoot Alex over and over with the SVD while she’s chasing Barry. Once Barry goes inside a cave, you’ll control him.

There are a couple Barrels, Crates and items in here, as well as exploding Barrels. Grab whatever you can and explode the Barrels when Alex passes on top of them then leave the cave to return to Claire. Keep on shooting her until Barry tells you to ditch that SVD and take out the big guns… an RPG baby. Infinite ammo too!

The strategy is the same. Keep shooting at Alex while exiting the cave as Barry until a scene triggers, killing Alex for good.

This is the end of the main campaign in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Thank you so much for reading and following the guide. There’s still much more to do so keep on reading.


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Set between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 and six years after the original Resident Evil Revelations, Claire Redfield makes a comeback as one of the protagonists of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Along with Barry Burton, former S.T.A.R.S. member, his daughter Moira Burton and a survivor of the previous game Natalia Korda. Control all 4 characters. 2 pairs of heroes, 2 stories. Follow Claire and Moira who have limited ammo and try to investigate the mysterious Tower while Barry and Natalia approach it in search of them. Does it have any relation to previous Resident Evils? Just who is behind the attack in the island?

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