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Claire / Moira

This is one of the longest Claire episodes, so this is going to be a grind. Well, it actually isn’t too much different than Countdown Mode as we can definitely minimize our enemy encounters with some tricks which you’ll want to do. You may even find it easier than Countdown Mode since we can take our time.

Let’s go to the first building, the Processing Plant. Grab the Alcohol and head up to the eyeball room for the key. After grabbing it leave and take the right staircase to avoid enemies. Head straight to the middle laser room and get the fake eye. Now, once you go back take the time and kill the afflicted outside the door. Easy with Moira’s help.

After that head back up the way you came and get the real eye, then go back down the stairs to the right. From here, head to the central staircase and slowly go up the stairs, killing the enemies you find on the way up, slowly making your way to the office. When you can quickly enter and grab the items and then leave this place.

Next up is the Slaughterhouse. Lovely. Kill the first two enemies here: the one in the first room past the pillar and the one in the red herb room (which you should definitely get). Continue on to the fire guy and hide behind the pillar out here to the left when he comes out. He’s invisible, but give him 10 seconds to pass and you can sneak right past him.Go get the key from the room past him and then run to the liver room. Do the puzzle until the enemies come out and then send Moira to Claire right away. Kill them all and finish the puzzle.

Getting outside is a chore, but do-able. Once you get back to the room full of blood, use the steps near the pool to reach the stairs (the fire enemy is usually hanging out to the right here) and then use your MP or a bottle to kill the exploding enemies up the stairs. Run onward and get your shotgun ready for the armored enemy at the path split. Put a couple of shells into him to stun him and run past him. In the red herb room, jump over the stalls and then finally by the door leading outside be ready to dodge as an enemy is hanging out here. Once outside replace the livers and continue on… things are about to get HOT!

This part is actually really easy since we only encounter a single enemy here. Continue through this area like normal moving the valves until Claire climbs the ladder. Here you can shoot the armored enemy on Moira’s path to kill him. He is lying down and is easy to locate. Kill him and then have Moira turn her last valve. You can skip the Claire enemies here by jumping down and triggering the explosions near the doors with Moira. Have Moira interact with the path short-cut to behind the doors to make Claire meet you automatically, then escape the building.

Up next is the sewers. Continue on past the cut-scene to the stairs near the end when another fire enemy will show up. He is on top of the stairs, so while we need to kill him we also have a couple regular afflicted rising out of the water closer to us. Take them down and then focus on the big guy. Save your Fire Bottles though… we need those for later. Use some shotgun shells and some MP ammo. He doesn’t have nearly the health he did in Episode 2 after all!

Once he is down, have Moira open the door. Continue on past that to the bridge controls, watching out for enemies in the water. Fend them off once you hit the switch and head to the jump. There is an armored enemy up here that you should put some shotgun shells into to stun him at the very least. Note that he CAN show up after the jump section, so watch out for that. Continue past the scaffolding section like normal, and use your MP after you drop down back onto the scaffolding to kill the exploding enemy that is bound to show to the right. Don’t let him get to close. Hurry on to the graveyard after that.

Grab what you can in here. We didn’t bother to do the puzzle again; there’s really no point. Continue on to the Neil boss area and collect everything you can. Making Fire Bottles will help a lot with the boss fight so do what you can. Start the fight and get ready for your last hurdle.

The boss fight with Neil can be rough. Use Moira at the start as you can see him much easier and can lead him to the exploding canisters. Once he catches fire, switch to Claire and use low power ammo like the handgun or machine pistol and hurt him until he runs for water. Here use your magnum or shotgun to lay into him. Do this two to three times with Moira leading him.

After that, do a lap for ammo gathering purposes and start using all of your bottles with Claire. This bottle-chucking phase should finish him off. Finish off the rest of the episode and go for the good ending!

Barry / Natalia

The start here is of course very slow, but hey at least it is safe! Continue on to the sluice section and grab the map on the way. Remember at the end there are two enemies just past the ladder after the sluice gate, and a horde of them before the door in the hallway. Use an explosive bottle here if you can, otherwise shoot a few and dodge past them.

In the sewer area we are going to want to treat it just like the Countdown Mode. Run through the tunnels and dodge out of the way if you happen to run head-first into any enemies (hug the right wall to help). Make your way to the old man’s room. There is a Glasp out here, but if you run up the stairs on the right you can skip him. Just go to the door and interact with it for the cut-scene to be safe.

Gather up the items and move onto the sluice area. The sluice area isn’t too hard on invisible mode, but it can be a tad rough with Natalia separated from us. Open the first gate with Natalia and move Barry to the second gate. Shoot the explosive up on the bridge to kill the enemy and open the second sluice. Have Natalia continue on and push the explosive barrel down for Barry and gather the herb.

Now, as Barry we are about to run into a ton of enemies. Here run to the left (toward the items) to wake them up, then give them a little time to get up, then move to the explosive to the right. Back up and fire. This should kill the majority of them, but you may have to do some clean-up. Shoot the barrier up here to let Natalia continue and open up the next sluice.

Here we have some narrow areas, which is good as the dogs up ahead can be funneled into them. Also you can see one of them moving around as they kick up dust, so fire on it and kill whatever comes your way. Move ahead and use the barrier to the right that you have to jump over for crowd control. There is a fire extinguisher here that can help as well.

Protect Natalia as she moves forward and follow her, killing the Glasp on the way. Shoot the barricade as well and open up the last barrier. Have trusty Natalia throw down the explosive and get ready. This room is full of enemies and even a Glasp. It is also hard to see with Natalia. Run into the room with Barry and go up the right stairs. Use the staircase as your kill zone and blow the explosive. Use Natalia to get a general idea of the Glasp and take it out. Have Natalia continue and raise the gate, then protect her and escape.

Go through the last tunnel and stick to the left path to the ladder near the end to avoid all of the enemies and we’re onto the mining section.

Head down the ladders and loot the house. Past the house is a Revenant circling down below. Spot it with Natalia and stealth kill it. Continue on to the buildings down below and loot everything you can, then get ready for the fight with Dhurlga. We have to drive him off in our first encounter, but since he breaks out of the floor you know where he is. Give him a second to register as an enemy and toss a fire bottle at him, then lay into him. Also remember that the explosive bottle will knock him down and let you pump in shotgun shells and magnum shots into him easily.

Once he’s dead, leave and move the battery. Two Revenants are moving around up ahead but with good timing you can stealth both of them. Continue on to the building and stealth kill the Revenant below. Keep moving the battery to the elevator and kill the Revenant that comes down with it.

Home stretch! In the final area there are two Revenants moving around that you can stealth with good timing. If not, just be calm and hit the weak spots to down them. Gather items and then move the battery. This makes the second Dhurlga show up as well as a Revenant past him and a bile-slinging monster to the left. Just like Countdown Mode we can skip the big threat if we are fast. Use your handgun to locate the bile monster to the left and take him out ASAP. Once he is dead you can kill the Revenant and then take the battery to the gate. You should be faster than Dhurlga. From there it is a short walk to the end of the episode. Congrats!

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I Can See Undead People

Clear Episode Three in Invisible Mode.

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