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Claire / Moira

Hourglass locations

  • After your first encounter with the Afflicted.
  • Infirmary prior to getting the keys.
  • Area where the keys are.
  • Deposit room where the Crowbar is.
  • Entrance of the Penal Colony (orange hourglass).
  • In the room where the Rusty Key is.
  • Room where the switch that activates the blades is.
  • Outside the Penal Colony.
  • Area before the bridge.

From the start rust to the knife and flashlight, then onward. The first part is extremely linear of course. Past the first enemy encounter is your first BLUE HOURGLASS . Nab the herb and rush to Gina. After that, run to the keys and then to the next door. Still very linear, but on your way down to the keys is another BLUE HOURGLASS .

Head down to the bottom area for another BLUE HOURGLASS then nab the gun from the officer. Go through the switching mechanic and shoot down the key, then head up the ladder. Moira may get caught up here (it is easy for her to anyways) so you may have to manually get her up. Nab the items from the room to the right and run through the hallway. Go unlock the door at the top of the stairs.

OK, first hurdle down. Nab the shotgun and head into the crowbar room. There is a BLUE HOURGLASS here that you can get before the crowbar. Quickly get the crowbar afterward and break down the door barrier to continue. Continue to the prison section.

Gather the ORANGE HOURGLASS to reset your timer and then go through the overseer CS. From here head through to the entrance, nab the MAP, and then take a RIGHT. Head through that door. Enter the cog room and throw Moira up the ladder. Ignore the special box, take a left and let Claire up to join you.

Run through the hallway behind the control room, to the next hallway and kill an enemy that jumps you. Continue to the next room and run down the stairs on your left (two enemies jump you from the right). Once you are down stairs go into the door on the right. Inside is the RUSTY KEY and a BLUE HOURGLASS for your troubles.

Head back out and into the room across from you with the key. Boost Moira up and take out the BLUE HOURGLASS you find. Turn the power on. I kill this enemy with Moira (it is easy), then get Claire out of the trap.

Head up the stairs and down the hallway we skipped earlier. There are plenty of enemies on the way. Headshot them if you can, otherwise run. Don’t waste too much time. If they gather up, use a bottle. Head back to the cog machine, turn it on and claim the GEAR KOG .

Head back to the entrance. Replace the kog to open up the door. You remember this part of course. Have Moira spin the fire machine while Claire turns it on. After that, have Moira work on the door and kill anything that comes through with Claire. Normal stuff.

Once you get outside, hit the BLUE HOURGLASS and keep walking when they force you to slowdown. Get the herb to the left and go up the pathway. She should be done by the time you get to the gate up the hill.

Past the gate is another BLUE HOURGLASS that is entirely un-needed at this point. Get past the bridge and into the shack, ending the episode. Congrats on clearing Episode 1 on Countdown!

Barry / Moira

Hourglass locations

  • As you enter the Penal Colony.
  • After opening the locked door for Barry.
  • In the hole in cell after opening up the cells from the Control Room.
  • After leaving the Penal Colony.
  • After locked gate before entering the Forest.
  • Before seeing the first Revenant.
  • After the cabin with the first Revenant.
  • In the clearing after the Forest.
  • At the cabin before the Lumber Mill.
  • After the Revenant Massacre in the Lumber Mill, before jumping down.

The first area is very simple: rush to the door at the top of the cliffside. This still will eat up a minute alone. Ugh. Once inside, nab the red herb on the right (combine herbs) and get the BLUE HOURGLASS .

Continue on and you’ll encounter the monsters. This first room is great for the magnum as you can line up shots easily. Past that do the switch tutorial and stealth kill the enemy. Go upstairs and kill the next one, then loop around the room and get the box in the back. Use it to climb up the ledge nearby and push onward to another pull-up door.

Here grab the CONTROL ROOM KEY and go through the hole with Natalia. Kill the enemy and open the door. Push the crate out of the way with Barry and get the BLUE HOURGLASS . You were probably running low on time here, I bet. We have to HURRY nonetheless.

Take a left and RUN past the control room, to the hallway. Watch the growths on the floor and the enemy. At the next room take a left down the stairs, kill the enemy, and have Natalia turn the power off. Crawl back out quickly and take the nearby door to the entrance.

Here go into the prison room and up the stairs. Kill the enemy and onto the Control Room. Once you flip up the switch you open up all the cells and the baddies come out. With the Magnum you can get a few quick kills here. Have Natalia grab the BRICK nearby and run past them all around the walkway and into the last cell with the opening. Drop down and hit the BLUE HOURGLASS for some time, then turn the fire-breathing thing around when you can. Barry will stay behind while Natalia does her thing. Just call to him when you turn around the fire-breathing thing, then quickly leave the Colony.

We are outside finally. Hit up the BLUE HOURGLASS here for time and run on ahead (this hourglass can be a little glitchy, so be careful!). At the start of the Forest Area don’t forget to send Natalia through first. Use her to break the lock and grab the BLUE HOURGLASS behind the door.

Head up the path and break the box, then hang a right a bit onward to jump down the embankment. Hit the BLUE HOURGLASS here and watch the scene that occurs. Loot the house and get ready for the Revenant fight! Tag its legs first: this weak spot likes to be there.

Bust through the door now for a BLUE HOURGLASS . This area can be either really easy or really annoying. The Forest Area. UGH. Well, run forward to the first light and nab the item. Straight ahead is a Revenant, but run past it and slightly right to a light on the pole. HERE you want to cut right and start to head in further. A Revenant hangs out here. Keep going straight to find the clearing, where a BLUE HOURGLASS awaits you. This area is rough now as the enemies we left alive will chase us and they are FAST. Plus Natalia may be lagging a bit behind us. You may have to play the evade game by the door here but as soon as you can go through it.

In the next area with two Revenants, grab the Firebomb Bottle and run past them. Don’t use the bottle on them. We’ll be in the Lumber Mill area now.

Head forward and hit the BLUE HOURGLASS . Also be sure to grab the Map for the area, the Alcohol, and the Empty Bottle to make a Firebomb Bottle.

This area, just like Claire’s final area, is REALLY difficult. Before you do anything, you MUST prepare your way to the second switch. Open up the doors and kill the Revenant patrolling the hallway. Open up the next couple doors (ignore the one where the Revenant is) and then open up the door at the end of the building. With this done head to the locked gate and have the sequence start.

Toss a Firebomb Bottle at the two Revenants that break down the wooden wall for some quick kills. When you get to the first switch, if you see many Revenants outside the room kill most of them using your second Firebomb Bottle. Now its a simple question of running to the second switch, which you already took care of the Revenant and opened the doors on that side. Make good use of your dodging ability and you are done!

Past the cut-scene at the door is one last BLUE HOURGLASS , but it is hardly needed by now. Still, awful nice of them. Go interact with the radio and you are done. BAM!

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"Less Talking, More Walking"

Clear Episode One in Countdown Mode

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