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Time to start off with Natalia’s own DLC episode, Little Miss. Unlike Moira’s episode, this one is more of a Hide & Seek. Watch the opening intro to the episode and its most probable that you’re as confused as everybody. You’ll be in control of Natalia AND Dark Natalia.

Natalia can’t “see” where the enemies are, but that’s why Dark Natalia is with us. This Blonde version of Natalia can see where the enemies are AND the afflicted can’t see her, nor does she take damage. On the other hand though she can’t interact with anything, so she can’t open doors or anything. If you’re found by the enemies, it’ll be game over so its time to stay hidden.

As we start you’ll be told what I just told you in the previous two paragraphs so continue and move behind the first enemy. Natalia doesn’t have to be crouching in order to pass by enemies so keep that in mind. They talk a little bit and you’ll then be told about Dark Natalia’s ability to see enemies. If you point at them an orange reticle appears showing Natalia where the enemy is, which will come in handy later on.

There are 2 enemies here. One of them doesn’t move while the other one is moving back and forth. Use the small wall to hide from it and cross it, then go up the stairs to find another enemy. Hide behind the metal container and as soon as it turns around, proceed left down the tunnel to find a lone enemy in this huge area. Its really easy to avoid him so push forward and go up the stairs.

There’s another lone enemy in this room. Have Natalia crouch and move to the other side of the crates, go up the stairs and go down the ladder right next to the Revenant. Continue following the path and enter the door at the end of the tunnel. In this area you’ll see another Revenant moving back and forth. Walk behind it as it moves and stick the wall on the right. As it reaches the point where it turns around, it’ll do so facing the other side so you don’t have to worry about it seeing you. Proceed down the tunnel.

Make a right at the end to find a letter from Lottie. Examine the letter to end this area.

Remember this part? Very good. There are 2 Revenants on your right, which you should ignore. Down the road on the left you’ll find a Revenant at the end of the path, and right in front of him a SMOKESCREEN BOTTLE . Use it in front of the Revenant to move around it and enter the blue door on the left side.

Inside the building there will be a Revenant behind the door in front of you. Before opening it enter the room on the right to find another SMOKESCREEN BOTTLE and in the room behind it (bathroom) there’s another SMOKESCREEN BOTTLE . Now open the door where the Revenant is (don’t worry, it won’t see you) and its looking at the door you need to go through. Use a Smokescreen Bottle so you can be able to proceed.

Once outside the Revenant watch it as it moves around the park. Get behind the car on the right and wait for it to move out of the way so you can go up the stairs and into the next building. In here there will be a Revenant guarding the exit so we have to go around. Enter the door to your right and drop down the hole, as Dark Natalia first. Locate both Revenants in here: one is not moving and the other moves around the center of the room.

Wait for it to go around, drop down as Natalia and go up the staircase and outside, going around the first Revenant. Once outside again, go down the stairs and hide behind the boxes. Wait for the Revenant to pass you to move ahead into the bus. After the bus there are 2 more Revenants, but they don’t move so it’s really easy to proceed to the next area.

There’s a Revenant moving around a trailer, really easy to pass by, but there’s a SMOKESCREEN BOTTLE on a barrel next to the trailer. Proceed through the alley and into the next room. The Revenant in here is moving around the shelf, so like always, get around it and into the door to the next area. Wait for the Revenant to go up hill and quickly sneak behind it and into the next part.

Hide behind the crates and wait for the Revenant to move away from you to slip behind it and in between the crates and pole on the right. To the right of the pole, behind the car is a SMOKESCREEN BOTTLE so nab it, use it to proceed to the next area… or you can go around the fence, saving the Smokescreen Bottle. In the tunnel run to the end of it to find a letter from Lottie.

As you gain control, go up the porch to find a SMOKESCREEN BOTTLE . The path on the left is a no go since the Revenant is moving up and down and there’s no cover whatsoever. The Revenant in the middle is guarding the central path, so head right and jump across the wall right in front of the Revenant in the middle of the area, don’t worry he won’t see you, then proceed through the door at the end.

Go downhill and Dark Natalia will spot a Glasp. Mark it and move behind the cabin with Natalia. Now we need to move the metal crate from where it is to near the edge of the cliff so we can climb up. You can see the cyan footsteps with Dark Natalia, so wait for the Glasp to turn around to move the crate and up the cliff, the crawl under the debris.

Dark Natalia tells you that there are many monsters this way and to hide in the grass is a good idea. Sounds about right. There’s a Revenant coming downhill so quickly hide in the first bush and when you see it pass you, quickly stand up and move towards the cabin on top. There are no more enemies around so grab the metal crate and use it to get on top of the cliff, then through the hole.

There are no enemies at first in this area but as you move forward, 2 Glasps appear. One right in front of you and the other one is at the end. The first one can be passed on either side, just wait for the right moment. The last one hide in the bush on the left, but it’s better to just use a Smokescreen Bottle to get into the tunnel and through the door.

There’s a Revenant and a Glasp guarding the door to the Radio Tower. The Revenant doesn’t move while the Glasp moves around the tree and the bush in the middle. When the Glasp is behind the bush, get into it and move behind the Glasp, then into the Radio Tower. After the little talk, you can find Lottie’s letter outside on the bridge.

Watch the scene as you grab the letter and the Extra Episode #02 will come to an end… what a trip man, literally!

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