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Claire / Moira

Hourglass locations

  • Right outside the room where Alex is.
  • At the start of the area with the Glasps.
  • At the start of the segment outside the tower.
  • Midway through the segment outside the tower.
  • At the start of the last area, shoot it from the start.

This is going to be a really straightforward episode and you know why. Play through the episode until you get to Alex, but break the BLUE HOURGLASS right outside. Once its time to make a run for it, head down the pipe in front of the “elevator” and break another BLUE HOURGLASS . Proceed to the next room.

Run towards the gate, knife both locks on it and down the stairs you’ll be able to find another BLUE HOURGLASS . The Glasps are here as well. Quickly run to the fork where the boxes are and quickly turn right and shoot the Glasp. It should be rather easy. Ignore the second one and go down the ladder. Run towards the boxes and shoot with your Machine Pistol in a straight horizontal line to find the Glasp, then kill it, ignore the second Glasp here and proceed outside.

Jump down a couple ledges and shoot down the BLUE HOURGLASS . Proceed through this outer side of the tower until you come across another BLUE HOURGLASS . Continue onwards until you’re back inside. Check on the right side at the bottom to find another BLUE HOURGLASS . Now start making your way down, but be careful of both Glasps around here. Use any Explosive Bottles to make this even easier.

Barry / Natalia

Hourglass locations

  • On the left side of the large bridge.
  • On the second level of the large bridge.
  • In the area with the elevator shaft (orange hourglass).
  • At the bottom of the shaft ride.
  • In the safe area in the first gas tunnel.
  • In the room with the Lift Activation Key.
  • In the safe area with many Afflicted.
  • Next to the switch in the Dhurlga area.
  • Before activating the ventilation system.
  • At the bottom of the mines.
  • Inside a tube after the tubed Revenants.
  • In the hall before the morgue, where the Emblem Key is.
  • In the room before the contaminated area.
  • Right after the contaminated area.
  • Right before the fight with Alex.
  • During the fight with Alex (orange hourglass).
  • During the fight with Alex, behind a gate next to the fire.
  • During the last sequence, shoot it as Claire (orange hourglass).

Ok Barry’s longest episode and the final one! Ignore the first enemies that are near the ladder, go down and run across the sluice, then up the ladder, grab the Red Herb inside the trailer before you proceed. Go up to the large bridge and do the following with the platforms:

  • Hop on the platform and move it to the other side (shoot the BLUE HOURGLASS ).
  • Go up the ladder and stand in the middle of the “bridge”.
  • Have Natalia flip the switch #3.
  • Get off and kick down the ladder.
  • Have Natalia go up, cross the bridge, go down the other ladder and flip switch #5.
  • Shoot the BLUE HOURGLASS and then have Barry kick down the ladder and you’re good to go.
    Kill the enemies in the room, grab the bolt-action sniper if so desired and head over to the next area. There’s an ORANGE HOURGLASS here, but you know what to do beforehand right? Head to the room, loot it, grab the Empty Bottle near the shaft and go inside, then shoot the hourglass.

Break the BLUE HOURGLASS down here and its time to follow the paths with gas. Kill the enemies in the hallway and get some fresh air, as well as another BLUE HOURGLASS . Now flip the switch, proceed through the door and evade the enemies in there to get to the next area.

Go up the ladder and enter the first door. Shoot down the blob-throwing enemy and kill the Revenant. Now move the cart and have Natalia go through. Open up the door and kill the Revenant that wakes up. Move the iron crate to the higher ledge, break the BLUE HOURGLASS and get the key. Now return and enter the next section.

Kill all the enemies down here and break the BLUE HOURGLASS from the safe zone. Push the cart out of the way, stealth kill the Revenant and move to the next area. Take out the enemies like always, flip the switch at the end and break the BLUE HOURGLASS . Return to the safe area, go through the door, break the BLUE HOURGLASS and return to the main room. Time to go down.

There’s another BLUE HOURGLASS down here. Proceed into the mansion. Go left at the fork, kill the Revenants and go down the stairs. Head into the room with all the tubed Revenants and enter the door on the right. Break the tubed BLUE HOURGLASS when you get to it, go down the stairs and into the door. Grab the Security Card Key 1, return to the room with the tubed Revenants, kill the Glasp and go left this time.

Use the Card Key down here, break the BLUE HOURGLASS and get the Emblem Key from the morgue. Return to where you got the Card Key 1, go up the stairs and proceed to the right side of the mansion where you’ll get another BLUE HOURGLASS and the Security Key Card 2. Return to the workbench and enter the contaminated area.

You know what to do here. Grab the items before heading down and break the BLUE HOURGLASS . Once down here kill the 3 tubed Revenants one by one, activate the lift and survive this hell. Loot the area if you still have like 7 minutes left and go down the elevator.

Break the BLUE HOURGLASS down here and follow the path while looting everything, break the BLUE HOURGLASS at the end and enter the final room. The fight with Alex goes pretty much the same as in the main campaign. For hourglasses, there’s an ORANGE HOURGLASS here as well as a BLUE HOURGLASS behind a gate near the fire.

After the fight we get to fight her again just like in the good ending. Once again, this is exactly the same as before. As you can see from the scenes, there’s an ORANGE HOURGLASS on top of the cliff. That’s it for Barry’s last episode.

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"You are Authorized to Panic"

Clear Episode Four in Countdown Mode.

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Set between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 and six years after the original Resident Evil Revelations, Claire Redfield makes a comeback as one of the protagonists of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Along with Barry Burton, former S.T.A.R.S. member, his daughter Moira Burton and a survivor of the previous game Natalia Korda. Control all 4 characters. 2 pairs of heroes, 2 stories. Follow Claire and Moira who have limited ammo and try to investigate the mysterious Tower while Barry and Natalia approach it in search of them. Does it have any relation to previous Resident Evils? Just who is behind the attack in the island?

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