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Claire / Moira

Hourglass locations

  • Inside the room with the Artificial Eye and the Processing Plant Key.
  • In the room with the laser segment.
  • In the room with the Magnum and the Liver Replica.
  • Inside the first room of the Slaughterhouse (orange hourglass).
  • Inside the room with the spinning blades.
  • Inside the room with the meat mincer.
  • In the room after putting the liver in the statue (orange hourglass).
  • As you enter the sewers (orange hourglass).
  • At the end of the sewers.
  • At the start of the room where you fight Neil.
  • On the second level of the same room (orange hourglass).
  • Behind the fence on the left side of the entrance of the same room (orange hourglass).
  • Inside the last room, where the list of Terra Safe is (orange hourglass).

Start by heading through the iron curtain on the right and proceed to the area where the statue blocking the path is. Examine it and wait around until the door to the Processing Plant is unlocked. Run past this first room, grab the Alcohol on the right and run upstairs and head into the room at the end to get the Processing Plant Key.

As you exit this room head down the stairs on your right, grab the Empty Bottle at the bottom and enter the central room. Proceed through the laser segment with Moira, grab the original eye and break the BLUE HOURGLASS . Leave the room and go up the SAME stairs you previously used (don’t use the ones in front of you. There are many enemies here). Swap the eyes and proceed to the room where you use it while mowing down any enemies that get in the way.

Break the BLUE HOURGLASS in here, grab the Magnum from the table AND get that piece of Liver. Now leave the Processing Plant for good and head to the Slaughterhouse. There’s an ORANGE HOURGLASS as you enter but DON’T use it just yet. Grab the Empty Bottle in this hall and loot the next room, and kill both Afflicted here.

There’s a Red Herb in the area with the fences so grab it, make any Bottles you need to, mix the Red Herb and now break that Orange Hourglass. We have to make use of these Orange Hourglasses whenever they appear. Proceed down the path until you get to the room where the fire-guy is. Don’t fight him. Wait for him to come out of the hallway, sneak by him where Moira has to break open the door.

Break the BLUE HOURGLASS , leave a character outside and go grab the key. Return to the previous room, ignore the fire-guy and enter the room on the left. Break the BLUE HOURGLASS in the center and do your thing with the meat mincer. Once you get the liver its time to head out. Ignore the fire-guy once again and as you head up the stairs in the previous room, there will be many Sploders coming down. Use your Machine Pistol to take all 3 down and continue. Knock down the Ironhead and proceed to the exit.

Put in both pieces of the liver and head through the door, where you’ll find another ORANGE HOURGLASS . Just like before, before breaking it loot the nearby room, grab the new handgun if you want, break the hourglass and proceed to the next area, where the fire starts. This area with the fire is exactly the same with no hourglasses. Make sure to kill the Ironhead with Claire. He goes down REALLY easy. Ignore the other Afflicted that appear where Claire is and leave this place into the sewers.

Move along the sewers, ignore the area behind the waterfall and you’ll get to the area where the fire-guy comes down from the stairs. Take him out along with the other Afflicted and Sploders then have Moira break open the door on top of the stairs. In this next area move to the switch, activate it, kill the Ironhead that appears and rush over to the area with all the wooden platforms. Run on top of the stairs and run along them. Don’t worry about your partner. Be careful of the Sploder and the exploding thing on the floor.

As you go up the ladder at the end you’ll find a BLUE HOURGLASS . Run past the cemetery area, loot the area outside the room with the Machine Pistol and enter the area where you fight Neil. There’s a BLUE HOURGLASS here so break it ONLY if you need to. If you have around 2 min 30 sec then don’t break it. Its time to loot the area and we’ll have plenty of time so don’t worry.

Enter the little room on top of the stairs to find a Red Herb. Loot the area under the room as well and go up the stairs nearby, where you’ll find an ORANGE HOURGLASS which you SHOULD NOT break it. Loot the items here though and as you proceed to the room where you have to go you’ll be able to see another ORANGE HOURGLASS behind the fence. Don’t break it either.

Go inside the room, loot it and prepare your Bottles / Herbs. Once you’ve done so, break the ORANGE HOURGLASS and proceed with the story. Once in the actual fight, break the Blue Hourglass you previously skipped to have even more time. Now fight Neil the same way you did in the main campaign and when your time is running low (ie. 20 secs), shoot one of the 2 Orange Hourglasses we previously spotted. These give you at least 5 minutes, plus the 4 minutes from the other 2 hourglasses is more than enough.

Neil will give you 300 seconds, which is 5 minutes. Continue along with the rest of the episode to finish it.

Barry / Natalia

Hourglass locations

  • After dropping down Natalia, in the second area of the sewers.
  • Outside the old man’s room.
  • In the Sewage Treatment Plant, after the first sluice.
  • Behind the third sluice.
  • Behind the fourth and last sluice.
  • Entrance of the mining area (orange hourglass).
  • On top of a trailer at the base of the mining area.
  • Inside the room with the Dhurlga.
  • Inside the room with the Dhurlga.
  • Inside the two-story building with the conveyor belt.

The start is really easy. Since you’ll be carrying Natalia there’s really not much you can do. Simply walk forward (make sure to get the map) until you get to the room with the broken bridge (you’ll have around 28 seconds left when you drop down Natalia). Jump down this bridge and kill the enemies here to gain a couple seconds.

Run to the end of the hallway and kill the enemies that appear here, then open the door to find a BLUE HOURGLASS . Go down the stairs and knife the bugs that come at you. Head shoot any afflicted nearby and start running towards the entrance of the sewers. There’s a Glasp near the stairs that lead to the old man’s room, so kill it / run past it and break a second BLUE HOURGLASS .

Go inside the room to get the key, the Alcohol, Gunpowder and Empty Bottle. Now enter the next section of the sewers, the Treatment Plant. Switch over to Natalia and open up the first sluice. Grab that Map first though. Have Barry break the BLUE HOURGLASS and proceed until he reaches the second sluice, but make sure to shoot the explosive on top. Continue on with Barry and shoot down the thing that’s blocking Natalia’s path and kill the enemies ASAP.

Have Natalia run like crazy to open up the third sluice and shoot another BLUE HOURGLASS . Continue running forward while killing the dogs and normal afflicted, but also make sure to kill the enemies on the second level so Natalia can stay safe. Proceed with Natalia until another wooden thing blocks her path. Shoot it down and have her open the last sluice. Break the BLUE HOURGLASS and kill the enemies here, as well as the Glasps.

Have Natalia enter the barred room and Barry kill the enemies here. Proceed to the next area and break up the BLUE HOURGLASS , then run to the exit (no enemies here). We finally arrive at the Mining Area. There’s an ORANGE HOURGLASS out here so that’s a blessing if you’re running low on time.

Head down the ladders until you get inside the building which houses another BLUE HOURGLASS . Get the map as well and outside stealth kill the Revenant. Proceed up the ladders and down to the other side of the lower area. Shoot down the BLUE HOURGLASS down here and proceed to the far left building to start the generator. Break another BLUE HOURGLASS , a couple crates and enter the room with Tenty.

Destroy both BLUE HOURGLASSES , put the generator on the belt and have your fight with Dhurlga. Exit the building, put the generator on the conveyor belt and stealth kill both Revenants. Cross the gate and enter the building to find a BLUE HOURGLASS . From here play the rest of the episode like you normally would UNTIL you get to the top of the mining area, where a Dhurlga, Revenant and a blob-throwing enemy appear. When they appear, quickly drop the generator and snipe down the Revenant and the blob-throwing one.

DON’T touch Dhurlga. Pick up the generator, put it where it belongs and open up the door. Dhurlga is really slow and won’t be able to catch you. Once you do go down the sloppy path, break the BLUE HOURGLASS and rush to the end.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Pedal to the Metal

Clear Episode Three in Countdown Mode.

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