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We start off with Claire and Moira discovering a note that Neil left. Well, at least he’s still OK. No Natalia though…

Head down the stairs and go right. No point in going left really: it’s where we came from last episode and has nothing on note. When you head right though there is a metal gate we can go through but BEFORE you do that check to the right for Kafka Drawing 1/6 , then feel free to continue.

This in the very first area and hard to miss.

Looks like lots of junk. Head forwards past the sign but look up. See the light blue shimmer in the window up ahead of you? It takes a steady hand but you can shoot it for Tower Emblem 1/11 . Or just wait… there is an easier shot coming up. Keep going for a Crate on the left, then enter the door at the end.

This is a long shot and Barry won’t be coming this way. Have Claire shoot it down.

We’re in a courtyard now. A short scene shows us being locked in. If you didn’t get the emblem earlier, you can get it now by heading left and then looking up to the right. There’s a Crate over here as well. Head to the right now and check the sheet metal by the fence for a Sparkle Item . As you continue the Overseer will welcome you, which is always a good sign.

Under the truck here you can find a Sparkle Item . It is interesting that we can climb on the boxes out here but not in the back of the truck. Go examine the statue to the right now (note the info box here if you’ve never heard of Prometheus) and the Overseer will taunt us about Neil.

Check to the north now for some Alcohol on a box, and note the nearby retinal scanner. We need someone’s eye!? To the left out here is a Military Box . Have Moira open it for the Machine Pistol Ammo Case for Claire. Very nice.

Another Military Box just sitting in the open for you to get. Go. NOW!

That’s it for out here, so go enter the door across from the statue. Note that it only opens up once you examine the Prometheus statue though (just in case you didn’t bother to earlier…). Also make sure to shoot down the Ruby from the arch on top of Prometheus.

Inside the building you can get a Sparkle Item from the desk and even use the Workbench nearby if you need to. Continue to the next door to be in a hallway. This place is pretty big. To the right up ahead is a door that is locked. We need the Processing Plant Key . There’s some Alcohol nearby and across from the door in the ruined lobby is another Sparkle Item between the couch and a chair.

The room to the right, past the stairs, is the first floor bathroom. It seems like a perfect ambush spot, but there’s no enemies in here. Do check the first stall for some Cloth . Head back to the hallway and go up the stairs now. There’s another retina-scanner here leading to a room with a dead guy inside. Hang a right and pause here. See the flag in the lighted room up ahead? Just above it is Tower Emblem 2/11 . Shoot it down.

This one is hard to see but you can get it.

Up ahead is the second floor bathroom. To the right is a small area that has a Sparkle Item though. Use Claire to explore this bathroom as there is an afflicted in here. Take him out. He may turn into a bomber as well, so be very careful. Use Moira to examine the stall he was in for Kafka Drawing 2/6 , and grab the Green Herb in here.

Bugging Afflicted in the restroom just to get a Drawing. Really Moira?

Head back to the barred-up room near the stairs and go down the straight hallway now. To the left is a locked door, but you can bash the windows open to jump in. Note that BOTH of these afflicted come to life when you get near them. Take them out. If they turn into a bomb, jump the window again. Once it is safe, check the sides of the room for Sparkle Item x2 , one on each side by the desks, and open the lockers at the end for Handgun Ammo and some Gunpowder . Open up the desk in the center to find Submachine Gun Ammo .

Continue down the hallway to an opening. A large set of doors is back here. Note that to the left, in the corner by the blue tanks, is a Sparkle Item . There’s another Sparkle Item by the doors, to the right in the cabinet. The hallway to the right leads to the bathroom area and a blue door that is currently locked. Go ahead and enter the star doors now.

Yeah… check out the ceiling in here! Yikes! Note the key, which we can’t take, and the eye. What we need to do here is take the eye and DUCK . This causes the ceiling to lower, which in turn will break the eagle statue. REPLACE THE EYE once the key is free, then take the Processing Plant Key and exit the room.

As you exit more music starts playing and a few moments later you’ll hear some crashing. Enemies are coming! Two afflicted and one armored afflicted, from the left. Utilize the narrow hallways if you can and take them out.

We can now enter that blue door that was mentioned earlier! The one by the bathroom. Inside is some Odorous Chemical , an Empty Bottle and on the desk some Machine Pistol Ammo . You can also read the first document here: the Factory’s Chief’s Journal 1 . Check the lockers here for some Shotgun Ammo and some Gunpowder . There’s also a Military Box in here with another Parts Box .

Beware of the two afflicted we killed turning into bombs.

A Military Box in a room filled with goodies. This can’t get better.

With the key in hand, go down the stairs near the star door and open the door at the bottom. Kill the two afflicted down here (make them come to you in this hallway) and pick up the Empty Bottle by the door. We are of course back on the first floor. Enter the yellow door to the right and kill the enemy in here. He turns into a bomb fast! Still, you can find some more Odorous Chemical in here and the lockers in the back have Handgun Ammo .

Nothing left now except the star door on the first floor. Enter and head down the left stairs. Nab the Green Herb here and note the writing on the wall: “Lost in the dark? Shed some light on your situation.”. This is a hint of course to use Moira as she can see blue footprints on the floor.

If playing with an AI (or even in co-op, really), its recommend you have Moira alone go fetch the item. By taking it slow she can simply follow the footprints and make it safely. For your work you get a Glass Eye and the lasers all shut off automatically.

Now, with this eye, head back to the second floor star room and swap it with the eye there for the Artificial Eye . This will let us use the Retina Scanners!

Let’s try it out: head to the Retina Scanner by the stairs and use it. Bingo! Inside on the desk is the Magnum Model 329 . Note that you do have to swap out a weapon, but surplus weapons are sent to the workbench automatically. Break the vase for some Handgun Ammo as well (or perhaps a random item?). The corpse has a Replica Liver (Right) for us. Ugh. We also get the Food Processing Plant Map here as Moira gets a history lesson.

Return to the courtyard now and give the statue the liver. One more to go, it seems. With the eye, we can now head to the other building, so let’s go! Grab the Empty Bottle on the left and the Crate on the right as you head to the next room.

Here break the Crate up ahead and note the body behind the far column. It is playing dead. Kill it for real and be ready for an afflicted to come from the hallway (even well after the fact). You can also find the Factory Chief’s Journal 2 in the back here. On the left side of the room, near the sinks is some Odorous Chemical and in the corner with the blue Crates is a Sparkle Item .

Head down the hallway and at the path split look to the left for another Sparkle Item near the Crates and then head left. This leads to the pen room, but more importantly a Red Herb in one of the corners! On the wall near the herb, look with Moira’s flashlight for Kafka Drawing 3/6 .

Get the drawing now because you won’t have a chance once we try to leave.

Open the doors here if you wish, then head back to the split in the hallway and take the other path.

And it’s a bloodbath… because of course it is. Hand a left and grab the Cloth . Across from that shelf is a Sparkle Item near the Crate on the floor. Around the corner note the locked door. It of course needs the Slaughterhouse Key . Now, wait for a bit because an enemy is about to come out. Note the walkways and pillars here, and the explosive Barrel. Soon, another one of those Fire-Breathing infected will show up! Time to fight! This is much easier than Episode 2 as he is alone here. You can also hide behind the pillars and move around the room in circles if needed. The pillars in particular will keep you safe.

Once he is dead we can explore. Its time to wade in the blood… and so do you if you want the Crate x2 in there. One is in the first blood pool and the other is past the metal walkway in a second. After that, go explore the area that the fire breather came from to find a Crate , some Gunpowder on the left, and a Military Box . This one has the Expansion Bag for Claire in it, giving her FIVE more item slots!

Kill the giant Fire Afflicted or be really quick to open it.

Head down the hallway in front of you and have Moira find the Sparkle Item that is on the right once the hallway ends. The blue bin here also has a surprise: Tower Emblem 3/11 . Have Moira free the door now so we can enter the next room.

Get in the right position so you can shoot this Tower Emblem.

This next room is a trap. Here, instead of having someone stay outside to press the button, have both come in here. Head to the back and take the Slaughterhouse Key , then return to the start and on the other side of the door give Moira a lift to find a Military Box that has Rare Parts Box. This is a really tough one. Hurry up and jump down to open the door for Claire before she dies!

One of the hardest Military Boxes to get. Your timing has to be almost perfect.

Head back to the star door with your new key and enter. Another bloodbath. Naturally. The liver appears to be in the machine down here though, so we are getting somewhere. Climb the right box for a Sapphire , then go break the Crate x2 in the back. Open the door to the next room and look for a Sparkle Item here. Break the Crate x2 and check in the back for another Military Box , this one with a Parts Box .

Once again, make sure to open this Box before all hell is set loose.

What we need to do here is have someone stay at the switch in the second room (Moira), and another shoot the meat as it passes over the grinder. You need to shoot the hooks holding the meat, in particular. This fills the tube with blood and will get the liver out. After THREE meat drops you’ll be attacked though, so be ready. A bomb corpse will be near Claire and two afflicted by Moira. Take them out and drop one more piece of meat to be able to claim the Replica Liver (Left) .

Once you claim it, a siren will go off. Ugh, we gotta get out of this damn building ASAP! Head back to the previous room with the pigs and you’ll see Mr. Fire is alive and well. Coming down the stairs are three bomb corpses so DO NOT rush the stairs unless you want to dodge backwards and very likely use an herb. Kite them all down below and go up when it’s safe.

In the hallway up here DO NOT take the left path (the short path) back to the main room. They bar us if you try. Go straight instead and use the corral area to jump over the fences to the door (vice heading for the bomb guy in the small walking area here). From there it is smooth sailing to the building exit and safety.

Give the statue the other liver and stand back. He’ll dispose of himself for us and let us continue on. Enter the door on the left here and find the Sparkle Item in the barrels. There is also a Crate here, a Green Herb and on the center barrels the Handgun P10 for Claire. Your other weapon will go to the workbench, so be sure to pick it up!

Make sure to grab this Handgun before proceeding. You don’t want to go through that hell we just past just to get this right?

Continue on to the next room and the door will shut on us. Lovely. The place shakes violently after that. Continue on to a metal door and you’ll soon find the feakin’ place is on fire!

We have FIVE MINUTES to complete this! Head down the left path and use the ladder on the end to send Moira up. Have Claire use the valve here and then have Moira continue past the flames and turn the next valve. Claire can then head back and continue to a Crate. Head up the ladder you find and turn the valve for Moira again. BEFORE SWITCHING BACK , look to the right as Claire and you’ll see Tower Emblem 4/11 in the distance (you can find this as Moira but can’t do anything about it), so shoot it.

Despite being different colors, the Tower Emblem merges really well with the background.

Next, as Moira, head past the armored afflicted and bust the Crate. He comes alive of course, so kill him with Claire’s help. He actually has very reduced health, likely to being burnt ahead of time. Use the Crate here and move it to the back right corner so you can climb up. Use the valve here to open the way for Claire.

As Claire, two afflicted are coming for you. Take them out. There are also Crate x2 as you go (one means spending a few extra seconds going down to a lower walkway. Continue on and you and Moira will meet up. Near the area with the faces, you can find the THE FOUR GATES document across from them, which gives you a hint.

Now, we have to open one of the four doors, but three of them are trapped and the game randomizes the right one. Great, right? Well, there’s a way to do this of course. To the left of the note you can send Moira up to a walkway. As Moira drop down to the walkway and note the path up to the left. This leads to a Military Box with FOUR locks. The right areas on this are extra small, too, as if they are daring you to go for it. If you do it though you get a PARTS BOX , so do your best to nab it. For reference, this is a Damage 4 part, so really do try and nab it.

The HARDEST Military Box to open with 4 “locks” and a time. Oh God.

Continue on to the area behind the doors, where you can instantly see which one of them is trapped. Have Claire pull the right door and then escape by the metal gate for a cut-scene. Was it good for you, too? Heh.

We’re in the sewer area now. There’s some dialog here as we regain control. Head to the arch but look to the left of it for Kafka Drawing 4/6 .

After all the hell we went through we’re rewarded with a Drawing.

Continue to a new area.

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