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Invisible Mode is an extra feature in Resident Evil Revelations 2. It consists of playing through the campaign with ALL enemies invisible. You heard that right, all enemies are invisible, including bosses. This mode grants you a Trophy each time you finish an Episode, which is nice but it really is hard. Before giving it a try, read the following points:

  • Play through the campaign and know your way around each episode. The enemies are in the same positions as in Normal difficulty. Learn the positions of the enemies and the short routes around.

  • The equipment and inventory are given to you by default. There are no Part Boxes in Invisible Mode so there’s no way to use the workbench. You’re not able to see if your weapons have any parts equipped either.

  • There are no collectibles. Kafka Drawings, Insect Larvae and Tower Emblems are gone in this mode, as well as in Countdown Mode.

  • The only way to see an enemy is when they attack you and you evade or by having Natalia and Moira point at them (Moira with her flashlight of course). This will reveal their locations for a brief moment.
    The best way to get through this hellish mode is by playing co-op with a friend, and more if it’s someone that you have a really easy way talk to. The most important is communication. Here are some general tips for this mode:

  • IF playing alone, always play as Moira / Natalia. This way you can see the enemies before they attack you. This is easier with Natalia as her natural ability allows you to “see” them from even further away.

  • Always switch between both characters. Always have Moira / Natalia point at enemies and as soon as the enemy is revealed, quickly switch back to Claire / Barry to deal with them.

  • Use hints to locate your enemies. This is something you just wouldn’t have done while playing the main campaign, but listen to the sounds they make, their footsteps, dust clouds, water ripples when they run over water. These are priceless in Invisible Mode, much more if Moira / Natalia are incapacitated.

  • You DON’T have to kill all the enemies. If you can run past them better. Remember that when an animation happens when you open a door this means the enemies won’t follow you so make sure you know which ones do for your tactical advantage.

  • Item recollection. Unlike Countdown Mode in which you HAVE to rush to the end of the episode, you don’t have a counter here. Make sure to break open all crates, boxes, getting all the Sparkle Items you find laying around. You’ll be spending more ammo this time around so don’t pass any ammo.

  • Pacing. Take your time in each episode. You’re not in any kind of hurry. Don’t rush into any area, much less if you’re feeling hesitant about it.
    That’s just a couple tips for you guys. Make sure to read the next couple sections with tips of the hard areas of each episode, both for Barry and Claire.

All modes cost 1,000 BP (left picture). Time is the only stat that matters (with medals on the right picture).

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Set between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 and six years after the original Resident Evil Revelations, Claire Redfield makes a comeback as one of the protagonists of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Along with Barry Burton, former S.T.A.R.S. member, his daughter Moira Burton and a survivor of the previous game Natalia Korda. Control all 4 characters. 2 pairs of heroes, 2 stories. Follow Claire and Moira who have limited ammo and try to investigate the mysterious Tower while Barry and Natalia approach it in search of them. Does it have any relation to previous Resident Evils? Just who is behind the attack in the island?

  • Detailed walkthrough of all 4 Episodes from start to finish.
  • Collectible locations (Kafka Drawings, Insect Larvae and Tower Emblems).
  • Available Trophies/Achievements in each Mission so you don’t miss a single one.

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