Mother & Child Isles (Inside larger island)

You maybe have passed by the Earth/Wind Temples in your travels. As you know or will soon learn, the Earth Temple’s entrance is blocked by a large stone block, and the Wind Temple’s entrance is blocked by a powerful, continuous gust of wind. Fire and ice alone cannot stop these.

However, there are two items which can, but you need the Fire & Ice Arrows to get to them - the Power Bracelets and the Iron Boots. You can get these in almost certain orders. However, you are forced to go to the Earth Temple first; therefore, you have to get the Power Bracelets first. Begin by entering the boat and using the Ballad of Gales to go to Dragon Roost Island.

Dragon Roost Island

Use the Wind’s Requiem to turn the wind south, if it isn’t, then sail south one quadrant.

Fire Mountain

You’ll probably remember passing this volcano on the way to the Forest Haven. If you tried going near it, you’d realize that the intense heat of the lava spewing out of the volcano and down its sides prevented you from even getting close. Now that you can use the Ice Arrow, you can get close and even inside!

Firstly, sail around the island while its flaming and use the Boomerang to kill the Kargaroc - as you climb, it’ll become annoying. Next, sail a short distance away from the island and aim an Ice Arrow towards the spume of lava coming from the peak of the mountain.

Release it and it, when it hits the lava, will freeze and stop the lava (if not, keep trying). A timer also comes up, with a time of five minutes on it. Get to the island and start climbing the ledges. It is pretty straightforward, except for one point where you have to go left or right for ledges. Go right. When you get to the top of the mountain, go into the hole.

Despite the exterior being cooled for a bit, the interior is much hotter. When you enter, kill the nearby Fire Keese with the Boomerang. To the left, you’ll see some floating rock platforms on the lava. Jump across them to a ledge on the opposite side of the cavern.

On this ledge, you’ll find two Magtails like you found in the Dragon Roost Cavern. Use parry attacks to defeat them. Once both are defeated, a treasure chest will appear. Open to stop the timer and also obtain the Power Bracelets!

The Power Bracelets live up to their name, allowing you to pick up virtually anything. The stone rock blocking the entrance to the Earth Temple on Headstone Island is such an example.

Now that the timer has stopped, look to your right and you’ll see a head etched in stone. Before, you couldn’t even hope of lifting this - now, you can! Pick it up and throw it somewhere. This stone was blocking a path back to the beam of light that lets you exit the volcano. Go into the light.

Now, you can either obtain the Iron Boots (see the next section), or you can go ahead and finish the Earth Temple

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