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The one you can reach will have a treasure chest behind it. The chest contains a Compass. Now, go back towards the entrance and you’ll eventually get back to your first path. This time, go to the right. Soon, you’ll get to the second set of boards you blew up. Behind these was a chest containing a small key!

Use the nearby Boko Baba Bud to get to the pillars. One of the pots contains a Joy Pendant; use the rest to restore your hearts that you likely lost. When you’re done, go back to the entrance of this room and back to the super-large flower room.

Here, return to the locked door. Since you now have a small key, you can unlock the door and go through it - so do so!

You’ll emerge in another room with a cable car-thing. However, there is one slight difference: you must defend yourself against some Peahats. Try to ignore them, but stun them via Deku Leaf if they get close. Go through the door at the other side when you get over there.

On the ground floor of this room, you’ll find two Boko Babas and a new enemy: a Wingless Mothula. These enemies are weak compared to their winged counterpart but they have one advantage - they can generate Morths to slow you down. Defeat the enemies and use the Boko Baba Bud that sprouted from one of the dead Boko Babas to get to the second floor.

Up here, you’ll find some Peahats. Defeat them if you wish, then use the Boko Baba Bud on the lone platform to reach the top floor. There are more Peahats here, but you don’t have to fight them. When you are ready, go through the northern door on the top floor.

As you begin to enter, the door behind Link seals. As you proceed into the room, it merely seems empty - there is in fact a Winged Mothula flying around in here! Due to the fact that it is flying, and you currently lack your Bow & Arrows, you have to somehow stun it first. Using the Deku Leaf, blow a gust of air at the monster.

You should then L-target and use a jump attack to deal some damage and tear one of its four wings. You can also wait until it does a rocket-charge and parry at that time (this attack will leave behind Morths). When all four wings are destroyed, the Mothula will be forced to battle on the ground.

At this point, it is no different from the Wingless Mothula from the previous room, except it has much more health. Upon exterminating the bug, a gate opens up, giving you access to a treasure chest.

This chest contains the second-most useful item in the whole game (although you won’t get the actual one for a LONG time) - the Boomerang.

The Boomerang is a quite unique item. Firstly, it is able to stun most of the enemies that you’ll encounter. Simply lock-on to the enemy and use the button you set this item to. Secondly, it makes it much easier to kill Boko Babas, Peahats, and Seahats. Simply throw this at the enemy (one-hit kill for Boko Babas, two-hit kill for Peahats/Seahats) and then you can kill it.

Thirdly, you can target up to five objects, enemies, and/or switches simultaneously with this, throw it, and hit all of the targets (in most situations). Finally, when you target items left by enemies (hearts, magic pots, items, Rupees) or from pots/grass/etc., throwing this will take the item(s) targeted to you! Okay, back to business.

As you did with the Grappling Hook in Dragon Roost Cavern, you immediately have to use the Boomerang to escape the room. Face the entrance and look above. There are two crystal switches in an alcove above the door. Use the Boomerang to target both of the switches, then throw it. The Boomerang should hit both switches, unsealing the door. Now, go back through it.

I bet you’re already feeling the ease of killing Boko Babas and Peahats, eh? Well, whenever you are ready, head back to the top floor and to the south door (the one sealed by flowers). You will need to use the Boomerang. Target both flowers, then throw the Boomerang. The flowers will be destroyed, allowing you to go through the door.

You emerge in a room above the previous cable car room. However, you aren’t using a cable car. You are to glide to the opposite side, but there is a problem - many vines with pine cones block your way!

Use the Boomerang to target them, then throw it to cut them off. When your way is fairly clear, use the Deku Leaf to glide to the opposite ledge. To your left, you’ll find a Joy Pendant . After grabbing it, go through the door.

You emerge at the highest point of the large flower room. From here, you can see the blue vines that hold it up. You may realize that there is a lower floor of this room, but you can’t get to it - the way is blocked by a bunch of vines.

Coincidentally, this net of vines is directly below the large flower. Target the five blue vines with the Boomerang, then throw it to cut the vines. After you do, the large flower will fall through the net of vines, tearing them as it goes. Drop down after it. Thankfully, despite it is a 3- or 4-story fall, Link will take no damage if he lands on the flower or the surrounding water. Take the nearby door.

As you enter this room, you’ll spot a Peahat. Kill it via Boomerang. Next, target the Morths on the ledges and kill them, too. When they are dead, cross the ledges, heading to the right. On this ledge, you’ll find some Green Chuchus and one major problem - Grabbing Hands.

Although the effect can be tough to see initially, the Grabbing Hands actually invade Link’s body and take his magic power! And, no matter how many times you cut them down, they ALWAYS GROW BACK! Defeat the Green Chuchus as fast as possible - if at all - and go thorugh the door.

A small flower bud hangs on four vines directly in front of you. You can jump across it to another ledge to get a chest containing a Yellow Rupee . Next, use the Boomerang to cut the vines, placing the flower in the water. You’ll find a River Octorok in the nearby tunnel. It will be shooting at you - shield to reflect the bullets and kill it.

Side-Quest: Treasure Chart No. 1

Get a Bomb Flower from the nearby ledge. Jump across to the other ledge to blow up the boards. This allows you access to a room containing a Treasure Chart (#1). Inside, You may have to defeat some Peahats - obviously, the Boomerang is the best weapon.

Get onto a leafy platform, then to the next ledge, where you’ll have to fight a Boko Baba - remember, Boomerang = one-hit kill. Then get onto the center platform and run around to the back. Defeat the Morths and the Boko Baba here. The Boko Baba will turn into a Boko Baba Bud. Use it and the Deku Leaf in conjunction to reach the northern ledge. There is another cable car set-up in here. By now, you should understand what to do.

When you get to the southern ledge, pick up the Bomb Flower. Jump onto the cable car and try to throw the Bomb into the funnel-like hole. It may take several tries to get it right. When you do it correctly, a cinematic sequence will show a flower on top of a chest being destroyed by the bomb, with the chest being left intact.

Jump off of the cable car and use to Deku Leaf to go into the hole yourself. Open the chest to get a Treasure Chart (#1). There will be a hole nearby. Crawl through it and then go back to the entrance to continue.

Now…. where was I? Oh! If you went to grab the Treasure Chart, you’ll need to re-cut the flower and re-kill the River Octorok. After doing so, face backwards and use the Deku Leaf. This will blow a gust of air, moving Link and the flower in the opposite direction of the gust.

Follow the tunnel using this method. I think will be two River Octoroks just before the exit ledge. Kill them if necessary and get onto the ledge. There will be more Grabbing Hands and Green Chuchus. Defeat the Chuchus ASAP and go through the door.

I believe you will remember that elaborate blue chest behind the gate. It is the chest that contains the Boss Key! There is a simple puzzle in here to get it. Climb up the ramp surrounding the stump. At the top, you’ll be able to see five crystal switches. Use the Boomerang to target and hit all five (remember, target them simultaneously).

When you do, the gate blocking the Boss Key will open! Go down to grab the key. As you exit the alcove, Kargarocs will drop two Moblins into the clearing. Luckily, this battle is much easier now. Use the Boomerang to stun them (try to stun both). After stunning one, continually attack the Moblin while stunning it/them every now and then.

When you defeat them, obtain the rewards they drop. The door you used to enter this room hasn’t opened, however. Get back on top of the stump. There will be a stick you can use the Grappling Hook on - swing across to the door. Obviously, go through it.

You end up at the top of the ledge from the left fork three rooms ago. Again, kill the Peahat and Morths. Re-enter the fallen flower room.

Here, use the Deku Leaf to blow at the anemometer-like object. This will cause a large up-draft to blow up from the flower. Launch yourself via Boko Baba Bud and use the Deku Leaf to glide into the up-draft. Outside of the hole, you’ll find a door with two flowers on it. Use the Boomerang to destroy the flowers and go through the door.

You’ll emerge in another wood tunnel. There are two Wingless Mothulas in here. Stunning them will make the battle easier. After defeating them, open the chest that appears to get a Joy Pendant. Go through the door at the end of the tunnel.

This dimly lit room is filled with pine cones, a warping jar, and the entrance to the boss. First, destroy the pine cones to get any refills you need (bottle any fairies you can find) and uncover the warping jar. You need to light a stick and get near the jar; the wood on top will burn away. Now, go through the door or do this little side-quest…

Side-Quest: Treasure Chart No. 15

First, save & quit or use the warping jar to return to the entrance room. Go through the door to the second room. By using the Boko Baba Buds and your Deku Leaf, get to the north-eastern side of the room on the third floor. From here, glide to the opposite side (south-western). Try to land on the left side of the ledge to avoid the Boko Baba.

Defeat it and look at the alcove. There will a flower on top of a treasure chest. Target the flower while it is open with the Boomerang and throw the Boomerang.

This will destroy the flower and make the chest available to you. Now, open the chest to get your Treasure Chart (#15).

Save & quit to return to the first room. Use the warping jars from there to return to the boss room. Refill on what’s needed and go through the door.

Inside, you’ll a Korok jumping at the sight of you on a blue flower. This Korok must be the missing Korok, Makar! Link is happy, until he sees why he hasn’t seen the boss yet - the flower itself is a mutated Boko Baba Plant - seen by the Boko Baba-thing that swallows Makar. The flower then begins to fold up and attach to the ceiling with some vines. Battle time!

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