Ganons Tower

Here it is, your final dungeon. Here, you will take down Ganondorf once and for all! The first room is simple; just go up the steps and through the door.

Here, you’ll be reminded of the Dragon Roost Cavern, seeing as there’s a fair amount of lava and bridges, and is also similar to the Overlook Island and Stone Watcher Island dungeons. Here, as in every Zelda game (and most MegaMan games), you’ll fight the main boss of most of the levels.

There are six doors in this room. Two of them are the one you entered through and the one directly across from you. That door has a symbol that will light up when you beat the Dragon Roost Cavern, Forbidden Forest, and the Earth & Wind Temple bosses (Gohma, Kalle Demos, Jalhalla, and Molgera, respectively). Each of the other doors will have a symbol representing a boss, showing the mini-dungeon and boss you’ll fight.

You can do them any order you want. I’ll cover them in chronological order from the beginning of the game; you’ll easily figure out which one you have when you enter. After defeating a boss, your item button settings will be reset, and you’ll return to this room to select another mini-dungeon.

Dragon Roost Cavern

The majority of the lowered portion of this room is covered with lava, spotted with several rock platforms and lava geysers. Firstly, look up. You’ll find some Grapple Sticks above you, with skulls on them. Some (about 1 in 3) are actually Red Bubbles. Use the Hero’s Bow to destroy the ones on the first stick. Next, use the Grappling Hook on the stick.

Climb up to the top of it and shoot as many of the other Red Bubbles as you possibly can, including those on the opposite ledge. Now, take out the Deku Leaf and glide to the opposite ledge; if you find that you are unable to make it, go to the last rock platform and use the Grappling Hook the stick above you, then repeat. On the ledge, you may have to defeat a couple of Red Bubbles. Do so if needed, then go through the door… to re-battle Gohma!


Part 1: Opening the Shell

Begin by equipping the Grappling Hook. Use it and focus towards the roof, where Valoo’s tail is hanging from. Hook onto it begin to swing. You need only swing across. After you let go, a large piece of the roof falls on Gohma’s head and its shell begins to crack. Immediately aim at the roof again as Gohma replaces the rock and Valoo’s tail slithers through. Repeat twice to fully crack and destroy the shell, letting you fight Gohma in its “true” form.

Part 2: Ending the Battle

This part is simpler. Lock-on to Gohma (well, its eye) and use the Grappling Hook. Gohma will be forced over to you and also be stunned. Wail on it with your sword. Repeat as needed until defeated.

The Forbidden Forest

The room consists almost entirely of a gap between two ledges, with wind switches, cable cars, spiky vines, and moving vines nearby. Use the Deku Leaf to blow some wind at the wind switch to your left, bringing a cable car to you. Get on it, then blow some wind behind you to get it moving again. Once the car won’t move any farther, use the Deku Leaf to glide to a moving vine with a platform on it.

When said platform is lowered, look around for another wind switch and blow some air at it. A cable car will come; get on it when the vine is lifted. To get it going once on it, you’ll have to blow some air behind you again. Once this car can’t go any further, glide over to a set of vine platforms.

At the second (last) of the two platforms, try shooting down the Peahats near the ledge with Arrows, then glide over while the platform is raised. Defeat any more Peahats if needed, then enter the door.

Boss Fight: Kalle Demos

To begin, you’ll have to look up. As you can see, the flower bulb is attached to the ceiling by about twenty or so vines. Using the Boomerang, cut down the vines. The bulb will rarely attack at this period. If it does, just observe what attack it is doing.

If a tentacle is swinging hostilely, move to another area of the room. If the tentacles dig into the ground, watch for a cloud of dust (?) and avoid it - the tentacles will sprout from the ground and damage you. When have cut all of the 20-ish vines, the bulb falls to the ground, beginning the second phase of the battle.

Inside the flower, you’ll find the Boko Baba-thing. MAKE SURE TO L-TARGET IT! This bulb will remain open for only a short time - you need to make every attack count. I highly recommend staying in the flower the whole time, despite the fact that you will indeed take 1/4 heart damage as the bulb, when it closes and reattaches to the ceiling, will spit out Link. However, it means a few more hits, and you have plenty of health. Repeat the process as needed.

The Earth Temple

This can easily be called the easiest of the mini-dungeons. First, you’ll see a corridor of coffins in front of you. Roll along the corridor until you reach the ledge you cannot climb onto. Go back and defeat the two Red Bubbles and the two Redead that emerged from the coffins. After that, go up the stairs to the ledge. There will be another corridor here. This time, ignore the switch and go along the corridor to open the coffins.

Next, go back and defeat all of the enemies EXCEPT one Dark Chuchu. If you defeat them all, just use one of the pots from the beginning for this next part. Stone the Dark Chuchu and pick it up and place it on the switch. This switch will activate a staircase at the other end of the corridor, but only as long as something is weighing it down.

QUICKLY roll along the corridor and up the stairs. You’ll repeat this once more, but there is no need to fight the enemies if you bring a pot. At the end, you can go through the door.

Boss Fight: Jalhalla

I will note this: the game seems to reset your items to as they were at the time of the battle, possibly even your spoils and bait (I don’t know for sure). The only things that remain are your magic, health, Master Sword, shield, and the Hero’s Charm, if you have it.

Jalhalla will probably use most of his four attacks throughout the battle. One of his most common is a large inhale-exhale attack. If you get close to him on the inhale, he’ll blow a stream of flames at you. If you manage to stay away, he’ll exhale and blow you towards the spikes around the room.

When you get close him at other times, he’ll usually let loose a stream of fireballs from his lantern. His least-used attack (in my experience) is the jinx that will reverse your controls like a normal Poe does. However, he won’t sacrifice himself in any way. Usually, shining a beam of light on him will cancel his attack, no matter what it is.

So, how are you going to retaliate? Well, doesn’t he look like AND is made up of normal Poes? And what is the main weakness of these ghosts? No, not an exorcism, but light! Have Link enter one of the beams of light surrounding the arena and lock-on to Jalhalla. Defend and, if you’re in the beam of light, some light will be reflected onto the boss, ending whatever attack he is doing.

In addition, if you hold the light on him long enough, he will be stunned, become solid, and drop onto the floor. Have Link run over to him and pick him up. Aim towards one of the spiked cylinders around the arena, and throw him at it. While Jalhalla is rolling, charge up the Hurricane Spin, if possible.

Once the enemy hits the spikes, he will hop into the air and split into about 15 Poes. When the Poes hit the ground, let loose with the Hurricane Spin! If you control Link well, you’ll take out about half of the Poes. They will reform into Jalhalla after some period of time. After they do, rinse and repeat.

Wind Temple

When you enter this mini-dungeon, you’ll quickly start by fighting a Wizzrobe. As usual, bring out a Fire Arrow and burn it. When it’s gone, go to the nearby springboard. Get on it and equip the Iron Boots and set the Deku Leaf to a button. Unequip the Iron Boots and use the Deku Leaf to glide between two downdrafts.

You’ll land a grassy area with a moving slicer, with some pots in front of you. Go to the pots and two Shield Bokoblin will jump out of them. Defeat them and plunder some spoils from the pots. Now, in the slightly lowered section, look up towards the ledge, then to the left or right. You’ll see a target-thing. You know what that means? Use the Hookshot on one to get up to the ledge, then go through the door.

Boss Fight: Molgera

I will note this: the game seems to reset your items to as they were at the time of the battle, possibly even your spoils and bait (I don’t know for sure). The only things that remain are your magic, health, Master Sword, shield, and the Hero’s Charm, if you have it.

Throughout this battle, Molgera will mainly stay in the sand. When it is in the sand, it will periodically raise its mouth and tongue out of the sand. This thing is just begging for it! You can target the tongue and Hookshot it to bring it to you, then slice it.

At this point, the monster will let loose some larvae. These will repeatedly dive in and out of the sand and may hurt you. However, their main purpose is to mess up your aiming at the tongue. Lock-on to them and Hookshot and hit them twice to kill them. They may drop refills.

Molgera has two main attacks. Whenever it is in the sand, you’ll notice that it has the sand moving towards a hole or something its burrowed. Well, if you get too close, it will swallow you and do TWO hearts of damage (not 2/4, just TWO). The other attack occurs whenever it flies around the room. It will try to burrow onto you.

I’ve never had it happen to me, but I’d avoid it anyways, seeing as a simple swallow takes two hearts. To avoid it while in the sand, simply stay away, and, while it’s moving, watch out for when the sand begins to darken and lower: Molgera is about to rise there! It will take about four sword combos or so to defeat the boss.

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