Part 1

Time for some payback – well, not yet. This is too cramped a space to fight, and not to mention that the water is rising!

Nearby, you’ll find a path that is partly stone ledge, but mostly wooden bridge. The Helmaroc King will peck at you, usually hitting the wooden bridge, destroying a section

You can use the Grappling Hook to get across some parts; others, you’ll have to wait for the water level to get high enough while dodging more pecks. As you ascend the path, Bokoblin will jump out of some pots. It is preferred that you ignore them, as the bird will still peck - besides, they won’t follow you.

As you reach the roof exit, the Helmaroc King will stick its fat beak in the way, blocking your exit. Take out your Skull Hammer and give it a nice whack on the beak to make it fall into the waters below as you exit. As you exit, the roof begins to close. Just before it closes, though, the Helmaroc King manages to fly out and begin the second part of the battle.

Part 2

Surrounding the platform are lots of spikes, which are a portion of the Helmaroc King’s strategy, as you’ll see. His attacks consist of a fly-over, a massive wind gust, and a peck. The fly-over deals damage via the claw he lays on the stone occasionally; dodge to one side to avoid it.

The gust doesn’t do damage directly, but will blow you into the spikes around the arena to do damage. The peck is easy to dodge - just get out of the way! Speaking of pecks, when the Helmaroc King pecks, the beak will get stuck in the ground if he misses. Use this to your advantage and smack him with the Skull Hammer - not the sword; his metal mask is still on!

Whack it a total of three times to make the mask fall off and reveal his face. Use the same strategy as before, but, when he pecks and misses, hit him with the sword. Ten or so hits should do it.

After defeating the Helmaroc King, he will float into the air, swaying from side to side. All of the searchlights will focus on him and he will then explode, leaving behind a complete Heart Container . The nearby vertical spikes will also lower themselves. Grab the Heart Container and continue up the path. You’llsoon come to a door - go through it.

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