Once you obtain the treasures you wanted, return to the hub room. As you may remember, the northern door - the last one - was unsealed. Therefore, you should go through it.

The main room is somewhat a mix of the third room of the Dragon Roost Cavern and the trench room from here. The ledge in front of is higher, however. There is a scale-thing in front of you as well - obviously, this should aid in getting to the other side. However, in the next two paragraphs, I will detail a slight side-quest to get another Treasure Chart (#30) .

Begin by getting onto the scale’s left side. Since there [should be] nothing on the other side, Link should sink with the platform. This will put him barely above the water’s surface. To your left, you’ll spot a cracked wall.

Pull out a Bomb and hold it for about 3 ~ 5 seconds, then throw it. If you timed it well, it should blow up as it passes near the wall, consequentially ridding you of the blockade. Behind the wall, you’ll find a door. Go through it.

Inside, you’ll find two Armos Knights. This time, they will be dormant. There is a wind-marked platform on the floor. What could it mean? Well, you have the Wind Waker that is used to control the WIND. Play the Wind’s Requiem on the mark to make a chest appear.

Immediately afterwards, the two Armos Knights will awaken. They will hop towards you three times and open their mouths. Throw a Bomb into the mouth (it helps to L-target) to make it spin wildly, damaging you if you get touched by it, before exploding. Do this to both monsters, then open the chest to receive a Treasure Chart (#30). Now, back to the walkthrough!

Now, then, if you grabbed the Treasure Chart, climb up the nearby ladder, then jump onto the right half of the scale. If you didn’t, I’m fairly sure you can figure it out. On the nearby ledge, you’ll find a door you can go through.

You’ll emerge in one of the least-favorite rooms of the dungeon. This room has many moving platforms, a few Red Bubbles, no floor, and few refills.

Begin by sniping the Red Bubbles from the sky - carefully, as you have a very limited supply of arrows. If you are too bad an aim, just him them with your sword later. Go across several platforms. To your right, you’ll see some pots with what could become the only refills in this room. Use your Boomerang to break the pots, then again to get the items.

To your left, you’ll see yet another eye. Obviously, shoot it with an arrow. The platform the eye is on will begin to move. Move across some more until you get to a ledge (yay, semi-ground!). Here should be chest; open it to receive a small key. Now, if you want a Joy Pendant, look to the south side of the room. You should see a platform with an eye on it.

Shoot the eye to make the platform move. Get onto it, then aim above the entry door to find another eye - shoot it to make a chest appear on the southern part of the room. Open it to get a Joy Pendant. From any location, use the Deku Leaf to glide to the entrance, then go back into the scales room.

Get onto the entrance ledge by climbing up the ladder. Now, I’m sure you know how scales work. Below, I uselessly made a table indicating various things and stuff. In all cases, assume one Armos statue is 1/2 Link’s weight (LW).

**No. of Statues on 1 PLatform** **Effect if You’re on Other Platform** **Math-Based Reasoning**
Zero Sinks as much as possible. 1 > 0 (-1 LW)
One Sinks somewhat. 1 > 1/2 (-1/2 LW)
Two Platforms are equal height. 1 = 1 (0 LW)
Three Rises somewhat. 1
Four Rises to maximum. 1

To make the task of getting onto the other ledge as easy as possible, put three or four of the Armos statues on one platform, then have Link jump onto the other. Then he needs to jump to the other one. The door here is locked - good thing you have a small key!

You may have a problem here - the final statue is blocked by lasers! (And yet, Nintendo has Link suffer with a mere Bow, Bombs, and Boomerang…) It must be out of reach - not! Climb onto the block in the middle of the room, then use the Deku Leaf to glide over and past the laser barrier.

Call the statue down from its pillar. Next, use the Command Melody to control the statue. Make it walk through the laser barrier (some tough rock!) and stand on the glowing platform, which cancels the lasers. Press R to return the control to Link and grab the statue and leave.

As you enter the scales room once again, put the statue down - a Wizzrobe is nearby, ready to attack. When it appears, immediately L-target and shoot it.

If you don’t get enough time to shoot and it throws the fireballs at you, you can use the shield to block the attack (and yet, the shield is made of wood). Hit it twice to defeat it.

Next up, head to ledge with the Armos statues on it. Throw all four on one ledge, then return to the statue. Pick it up and jump across the higher ledge to the entrance of the room. Go through the door to the hub room.

Once again, the statue shall leap out of Link’s hands and hop to its respective pillar, which will then rise. All the statues will then glow blue and green, and shoot a yellow beam so that it intersects above the central pillar. This creates a pink sparkly light to appear - go into it to be teleported.

You’ll end up in an octagonal room. On opposite sides of the room, you’ll find red revolving Beamos. On the northern side of the room, you’ll find some Armos statues; on the opposite (southern) side, you’ll find three glowing platforms.

Take the two Armos statues from the northern side and, while avoiding the Beamos, place them on the glowing platforms. On the third one, let Link stand on it. This disables the laser barrier, giving you access to a familiar ornate blue chest - the one that contains the Boss Key !

You should open the chest. After you do, however, the two Armos statues become alive. You can use the Bow to stun them if you hit them in the eye.

Whether stunned or not, you can always hit the red jewel on their backs to kill them. Once you defeat the Armos statues, you can go through the northern exit.

You emerge outside of the tower, many hundreds of stories above the Great Sea. (Remember Link slamming into the tower? Imagine the pain of jumping off and hitting the water!) Related to my previous comment; you will have to begin the dungeon from scratch if you fall… Just kidding!

You will take 1/4 heart damage, though. Nearby, you should find a Kargaroc. Two Boomerang hits or one Arrow should finish it. While heading up the staircase, you’ll find a new kind of Beamos - a blue one - that fires when you are near, but it is stationary. Target the Beamos while it’s firing and hit it with an arrow to destroy it. Defeat the second in the same way.

The third one is another revolving one; run past it. The fourth and fifth are side-by-side and both blue - shoot them when they are firing with an arrow to defeat them. Ahead, you’ll find another Kargaroc. Run past the final two Beamos to the staircase. You find some Rupees, item refills, and fairies here. Use these to your advantage. It may be elementary now, but make sure bottle a fairy if you have an empty bottle. Now, save and enter the boss room.

This weirdly too-blue room will seem empty - typical for a boss room. As you approach the center of the room, you’ll hear a voice congratulating you and asking to accept a final challenge. From your observation of the room, you will figure out the speaker - the head on the wall: Gohdan. Gohdan will detach itself from the wall, as well as its hands, and become the boss battle!

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