TRIFORCE CHART #1 — Location: Islet of Steel

Begin by warping to Greatfish Isle and sailing south one quadrant. When you get to the island, you’ll find it is heavily guarded. For the two Kargarocs, go to the back of the island and aim some arrows or the Boomerang. As for the cannon boats and wall-mounted cannons, get a fair distance from them; if you get far enough, they won’t even notice you.

Kill the cannons with barrages of Bombs. To get into the island itself, you’ll have to destroy the cannon blocking the entrance. Once you defeated it, sail inside.

Inside, you’ll find a platform raised out of the water. Cruise up to it. Climb out of the boat and climb the staircase. Plunder some spoils from the nearby pots, then step onto the blue whirlwind tile. Play the Wind’s Requiem and a chest will appear. Open it to receive Triforce Chart #1 .

TRIFORCE CHART #2 — Location: Private Oasis OR [Players Name]s Oasis

Windfall Island

As preparation, you WILL need 21 Joy Pendants. You will need at least that many of them. You’ll also need to have found the Picto Box after freeing Tingle.

Once these conditions have been established, head to the schoolhouse on Windfall. Talk to the teacher there. She is complaining about the group of kids that you met outside; they are making life a nightmare for her. Exit the building and talk to the one with the brown cap, Ivan. They’ve decided that they will leave Ms. Marie alone, but only if you can beat them in a game of hide-and-seek.

To find them, look in the tree near where Maggie’s father was (in front of the Bomb shop; roll into the tree), behind the Bomb shop, behind the gravestone near the prison and Tott, and in a bush to the left of the arch near the school. After you find one, you must catch them by running into them to truly catch them. Once you’ve caught all four, they’ll give you a Piece of Heart and let you continue your quest for the Triforce Chart.

Now, go into the school and talk to Ms. Marie. She is so happy that the group has begun to listen to her that she gives you a Purple Rupee (value of 50 Rupees). After you get the cash, leave and talk to Ivan (the leader of the group of kids). It seems that Ms. Marie’s birthday is coming soon, and the one thing she loves is Joy Pendants.

You’ve probably collected quite a stash by now. Around now, I usually have 50-ish. If you need more, just go somewhere where you can find Bokoblins of any kind and hit them with the Grappling Hook to steal one. You also may find some in the treasure chests you’ve skipped in the dungeons. Once you have 21, visit the school again.

In the school, set the Joy Pendants to X, Y, or Z and go near Ms. Marie and “use” them. She is overjoyed to see them, and gives a Red Rupee (value: 20 Rupees) for one. She then mentions that she’d like 20 more. Give her 20 to get a deed to a private cabana (located in quadrant E5).

It is recommended that you give her another 20 more to receive the Hero’s Charm, a mask that will let you see the HP of a targeted enemy, if worn. When ready, teleport to the Forest Haven and sail north-west one square, or go to the Tower of the Gods and sail south one square, or go to Southern Fairy Island and sail one square north-east.

Private Oasis OR [Players Name]s Oasis

You may have noticed that this island may have one of two names. When you arrive, it will be known as the Private Oasis. Soon, the name will change to the _______‘s Oasis, with the ________ being filled with the player’s name. For reference, it will called Link’s Oasis after that point.

Head onto the island and to the building. The door of the cabana has been enchanted with the ability to speak, which is demonstrated as you try to enter the building. TRY, is right, as it refuses to allow you to enter. Show it the Cabana Deed by setting it to and using it with X, Y, or Z. It will then allow you to enter.

Inside, you play a mini-game for some Rupees by finishing a puzzle of sorts and also break the four (?) vases around the room for quite a few Rupees. When ready, equip the Grappling Hook and look up. You’ll see a Grapple Stick; swing on it to extinguish the fire in the fireplace, revealing a secret cave. Enter it.

Here, you’ll encounter a maze with quite a few gates. These can only be opened from the side with the peg that can be hit into the ground with the Skull Hammer. Head forward and, at the fork, take the path to the right, then go down the nearby ladder. When go forward after getting off, you’ll find three tunnels you can crawl through.

Take the one directly in front of you and, at the fork, continue forward and go up the ladder you find. In the next room, smash the peg on the left to go forward; the other goes to the entrance. Go down the ladder and, in the room you enter, you will see two tunnels. Take either one; one goes to a chest with an Orange Rupee; the other to another ladder. When you get to the ladder, go up it.

As you enter the new room, you’ll have to bang the peg (for later), then go down the hole. In the hole, you’ll fight a couple of Redead. Once they’re dead, go through another tunnel and up a ladder. Nearby, you’ll find a wind marking and a Triforce marking on the floor.

Step onto the wind marking and play the Wind’s Requiem. A chest will appear; open it to receive the second Triforce Chart! Nearby, you’ll find a peg; smack it to open the gate. Go through and bang the nearby stake in here if needed, then go along the path to the right to go to the entrance.

TRIFORCE CHART #3 — Location: Birds Peak Rock

Birds Peak Rock

When you arrive at the island, set course for not the main island, but the smaller one to the south-east. Once there, get out on the island and face the larger island. To begin, it will help to bring down some of those Kargarocs (you’ll see why later). You’ll need to be a skilled marksman to get these, but you (should) have 99 Arrows and the Kargarocs are stationary except for one.

The stationary ones are in the nests. When attacking, DO NOT use Elemental Arrows. Only one normal Arrow will do the damage required; anything else is a waste of magic. You can try for the moving one once the other four are dead, but I rarely even care about it.

When you think that you’re ready, equip the Hyoi Pear and use it. A seagull should come and grab it; if not, try again. When the seagull eats it, you should take control of it. Move the Control left/right to turn, and up/down to ascend/descend. Use A to flap and make the change greater, and use R (or get hit by an enemy) to return to Link.

Have the seagull fly into each nest and touch the crystal switch there (some may already be hit from the arrows). For now, just go for the five lower ones around the taller pillar. Once those five have been dealt with, sail back towards Link and begin to rise into the air to a little above the height of the highest pillar.

At that point, take a chance at going straight for the switch in the nest. Use another Hyoi Pear if you need to and, once the six switches have been hit, a gate will rise on the island that Link is on, allowing Link access to a cave. Return control to Link and enter the cave.

There, move onto the blue platform with the wind marking and play the Wind’s Requiem. A chest will appear; open it to receive Triforce Chart #3 .

TRIFORCE CHART #4 — Location: The Ghost Ship

I know, the Ghost Ship isn’t an island. This is why there are seven, rather than one, locations. Why? As you’ll soon learn, it appears at one of seven islands depending on the phase of the moon. It is possible, you have actually seen the Ghost Ship at one of these islands.

Out of curiosity, you may have sailed toward it, but gone through it. Well, now you will soon be able to go INTO it. Firstly, we need the Ghost Ship Chart. It is at Diamond Steppe Island. Teleport to Outset Island, then sail one square north-west.

Oh, by the way, it may help to get the Song of Passing now. Go to Windfall Island and pull out the Wind Waker in front of Tott (the guy in front of the gravestone). It’ll become obvious then.

Diamond Steppe Island

When you arrive, you can tell the island fully lives up to its name, by being shaped like a diamond and made of steps. To get onto the island, you’ll need to Hookshot onto a tree on the lowest part of the island. Continue a similar process until you reach the top of the island. There, you’ll find a secret cave; enter it.

This secret cave is composed of a maze through which you can proceed by going into one of several warp jars while fighting Floormasters. Remember, it will greatly help to stun them; this is especially true because these will throw jars and stuff at you in an attempt to stun and grab you.

To start, go through the nearest warp jar. In the next area, go behind the wooden wall. defeat the Floormaster, then light a stick from a pot. Bring it near the warp jar to uncover it; go into it. You’ll emerge on a ledge with a chest. Open it to get a Joy Pendant, then drop off the gap in the railing.

You’ll be near two Floormasters; defeat them and then light a stick. Burn the cover off of the jar that is below the ledge that you dropped off, then go into it. Defeat the Floormaster, then go into the warp jar DIAGONALLY across from the one you exited from. Now, as you emerge, you’ll be within grabbing distance of another Floormaster, so be quick with the L-targeting and Boomerang.

Defeat it, then climb a short staircase nearby to find a chest. When you open it, you’ll find the Ghost Ship Chart. Drop down from a nearby gap in the railing, then go into the light beam to exit.

Now, you will know where the Ghost Ship will appear. At night, depending on the phase of the moon, it will appear at once of seven locations. This location will marked on your Sea Chart and the Ghost Ship chart at night. The table below lists the locations, in case you cannot figure it out from the chart.

**Phase of the Moon** **Island of Appearance**
Waxing Crescent Five-Star Isles
First Quarter Star Belt Archipelago
Waxing Gibbous Greatfish Isle
Full Moon / Second Quarter Crescent Moon Isle
Waning Gibbous Diamond Steppe Island
Third Quarter Bomb Island
Waning Crescent Spectacle Isle

It is recommended that you check the chart at night, then figure which island will be next (or try for the one that is currently happening), then go there and continually play the Song of Passing until you find the ship. When you do, sail straight towards it.

The Ghost Ship

Unusually, the Ghost Ship seems more like a submarine in disrepair on the inside. From a hole, you’ll be able to a beam of light, which will be used in a bit. When you jump/climb off the ledge, you’ll end up fighting two Poes, a Summoning Wizzrobe, and a Stalfos.

Nothing too hard for you. Firstly, begin by immediately unleashing a barrage of Fire Arrows at the Wizzrobe. Even if it summons more enemies, ignore them and focus on the Wizzrobe. Once it’s dead, you can focus on the others. Remember, you’ll have to reflect light at the Poes and you have to knock off the Stalfos’s head by breaking the skeleton, then stun and attack the head.

Once all of the enemies are dead, a ladder drops near the other ledge. Climb up it and go into the room to find a chest and some pots. Break the pots FIRST, because you will be forced out of the ship after opening the chest. After plundering the pots for your spoils, open the chest to receive the fourth Triforce Chart and to be ejected from the ship. Also, the ship will never appear again, making the Ghost Ship Chart entirely useless after this.

TRIFORCE CHART #5 — Location: Needle Rock Isle

This may be the easiest of the charts to get. First, you may notice the three cannon boats floating south-west of the main island. Go up to them and destroy all of them (only the one with the odd design is needed, but the others may interfere with getting the chart).

Not only will you find treasure spheres from these, but they each leave a ring of light. LEAVE THE TREASURE SPHERES! This way, you can more quickly cruise to the places with the treasures. If you dig up all three treasures, you’ll get a total of 150 Rupees and Triforce Chart #5.

TRIFORCE CHART #6 — Location: Outset Island

Outset Island

Well, who would’ve thought that one of the charts was closer to you than you thought? Go towards your Grandma’s house. Visit her for some Elixir Soup, then go around along the path behind the house. Go as far as you can so that you will able to Hookshot to a tree on a higher ledge. Once you do, lift the large stone head and throw it somewhere, then enter the newly-revealed hole - the entrance to the Savage Labyrinth!

The Savage Labyrinth

In this dungeon, quite easily described as the hardest in the whole game, you will fight thirty floors of enemies to get to the Triforce Chart. If you want a Piece of Heart, you can go down twenty more for it.

On the floor you have emerged on, the first, you’ll find a pot with some fairies and a light beam going to the surface. This will be the LAST chance you have before entering the dungeon to refill your supplies until you reach floor #11, so get ready. When you are ready, drop into the hole.

Also, I really need to mention this! Enemies will NOT drop spoils here . However, you probably have been using the Grappling Hook to steal items from enemies. You can do that here, too! Not just items, but hearts and Rupees as well! Good luck; you’ll need it!

[[ Floors 1 - 10 ]]

Floor #1 Enemies: None - You were just here! It had a light back to the surface and some pots with fairies, then the hole to the second floor.

Floor #2 Enemies: Lots of Keese - Simply keep attacking!

Floor #3 Enemies: Miniblin x6 - The Hurricane Spin always works well.

Floor #4 Enemies: Bokoblin x4 - Just attack them a few times.

Floor #5 Enemies: Red Chuchu x6 - Isn’t hard; just attack each once.

Floor #6 Enemies: Magtail x4 - Remember, you can attack while their jaws are open, then kill the ball, or just parry.

Floor #7 Enemies: Keese x4, Miniblin x4 - Use the Hurricane Spin, then use the Boomerang to kill any straggling Keese.

Floor #8 Enemies: Fire Keese x4, Magtail x2 - Take care of the Fire Keese with the Boomerang, then parry the Magtails’ attacks.

Floor #9 Enemies: Fire Keese x2, Bokoblin x4 - Take care of the Keese with the Boomerang, then unleash a barrage on the Bokoblin.

Floor #10 Enemies: Moblin x2 - It will help if you stun the Moblins with the Boomerang before attacking. It will also help to fight one at a time.

[[ Floors 11 - 20 ]]

Floor #11 Enemies: None - On this floor, you’ll find pots with Rupees and refills, a light beam to the surface, and a hole to the next floor.

Floor #12 Enemies: Peahat x6 - Just repeatedly strike them with the Boomerang!

Floor #13 Enemies: Green Chuchu x4 - Remember, they can hug the ground and be invulnerable to attack. Stun them with the Boomerang to make them vulnerable for a few seconds.

Floor #14 Enemies: Boko Baba Plant x5 - A simple one hit with the Boomerang instantly kills these monsters.

Floor #15 Enemies: Shield Bokoblin x4 - No different than the others you’ve fought, except with swords.

Floor #16 Enemies: Wingless Mothula x5 - They pose no threat that I can tell. Just strike them and get rid of any Morths that slow you down by using a Spin Attack.

Floor #17 Enemies: Peahat x3, Boko Baba Plant x3 - It’s all in the Boomerang…

Floor #18 Enemies: Bokoblin (in pots) x4, Green Chuchu x4 - Haven’t you already fought these, but separately?

Floor #19 Enemies: Wingless Mothula x3, Bokoblin x2 - Just an endless barrage with the sword.

Floor #20 Enemies: Winged Mothula x2 - Just repeatedly strike with the Boomerang to cut off the wings of both of them, then just hit them with the sword.

[[ Floors 21 - 31 ]]

Floor #21 Enemies: None - On this floor, you’ll find pots with Rupees and refills, a light beam to the surface, and a hole to the next floor.

Floor #22 Enemies: Wizzrobe x3 - Try focusing on one at a time.

Floor #23 Enemies: Armos x4 - Instead of wasting arrows, just run around behind them and strike that jewel.

Floor #24 Enemies: Armos Knight x2 - When the enemy opens its mouth, use one of the Bombs on the floor, rather than use one of your own.

Floor #25 Enemies: Yellow Chuchu x6 (in pots) - Get near one or two pots at a time, stun with the Boomerang, strike with the sword, and repeat.

Floor #26 Enemies: Red Bubble x4 - Just strike them with the sword.

Floor #27 Enemies: Darknut x1, Bokoblin x2 - It’ll help to kill the Bokoblin first, then focus on parrying the Dakrnut’s attacks. Try drawing away the Bokoblin, though!

Floor #28 Enemies: Wizzrobe x1, Armos x3 - Again, focus on the Wizzrobe first, then walk around the Armos and strike their jewels.

Floor #29 Enemies: Armos Knight x2, Red Bubble x2 - Use the Bombs provided for the Armos Knights, but focus on them AFTER getting rid of the Red Bubbles.

Floor #30 Enemies: Darknut x2 - Try to walk around them and make them stay close together, then stay away and parry the attacks of the closer one.

Floor #31 Enemies: None - On this floor, you’ll find pots with Rupees and refills, a light beam to the surface, and a chest with Triforce Chart #6 . You can escape now, or reflect some light onto one of the nearby statues to reveal a hole and continue up to floor 51 for a Heart Piece .

TRIFORCE CHART #7 — Location: Stone Watcher Island (E3)

Once you get to the island, climb up some ledges. Kill the Blue Chuchu nearby if you haven’t yet done so, then pick up and throw away the stone head. It was over a secret cave; enter it.

Here. go through the door in front of you. You’ll emerge in a room with six pillars and six doors. Go through each of the unlocked ones to fight one of the below (going clockwise, as if your current position is six o’clock):

  • Armos (x4): Simply run around and let them group, then get behind them and hit the jewel. Repeat as needed.
  • Moblin (x2): Stun both of them, focus on killing one, then, once the first is dead, stun and kill the other one.
  • Wizzrobe (x3): Lock-on to one, hit it with a Fire Arrow, then lock-on to another one, hit this one with a Fire Arrow, and so on.
  • Bokoblin (x5): You have to be kidding. Just lock-on to one, bash until dead, then go to the next one, and repeat.

When you return to the main room after killing all of the enemies in each of the four rooms, you’ll find two Darknuts in there. Defeat them using the group and parry strategy I keep on mentioning, or your own method. Either way, it can’t be much harder than when you tried to get the Wind Temple Boss Key (you remember the TRIO of Darknuts).

Once these two are dead, a door directly across from the door you used to originally enter this area unseals. Go through it to find two tiles, one with the Triforce emblem, and the other with a wind marking on it. Stand on the wind marked tile and play the Wind’s Requiem. A chest will appear; open it to get Triforce Chart #7. Now, go back into the previous room and go through the door directly across from you to find the light beam to go outside.

TRIFORCE CHART #8 — Overlook Island

Overlook Island

When you get to Overlook Island, you’ll realize that you’ll have to get up in a similar manner to how you did at Diamond Steppe - via Hookshot. Go to the western part of the island and look up while aiming with the Hookshot. You should find a tree; Hookshot onto it to get up there. Repeat until you get to the secret cave. Enter it.

This place will be like Stone Watcher Island - you will fight four rooms of enemies, then another set of Darknuts to get at the Triforce Chart. When you emerge into the room with pillars, assuming your position is six o’clock, the rooms will contain, going clockwise:

  • Armos Knight (x3): Remember to stay away and lock-on to them and throw the Bomb when the mouth opens.
  • Stalfos (x2): Use a Bomb to blow them up, then use the Boomerang to stun a bouncing head. Defeat that head and repeat this with the other Stalfos.
  • Summoning Wizzrobe (x2): Actually, you find one battle (almost) easier than the ones at Stone Watcher. Simply go into the room and fire the Fire Arrows. Also, you have to defeat all summoned allies for you to leave this room.
  • Shield Bokoblin (in jars; x5): Seriously? Just lock-on to one and bash away. After it’s dead, go to the next.

When you emerge into the pillar room after killing all four rooms’ enemies, you’ll find four Darknuts waiting for you. Use the herd-back off-parry technique I keep on mentioning and you should win without a problem. It will help greatly if you stun the Darknut while its helmet is gone, so you can remove its torso.

Once it all four are dead, the door across from the one you originally used to get in here will unseal. Go into it to find a Triforce and wind emblem on the floor. Stand on the wind emblem and play the Wind’s Requiem to make a chest appear. Open it to receive Triforce Chart #8. Leave this room and go through the door directly across from you to get out via light beam.


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