Headstone Island or Ice Ring Isle

I do not know if you have the Iron Boots and just completed the Earth Temple, or if you just got the Iron Boots and already defeated Jalhalla at the Earth Temple. If you do not have the Iron Boots, you will need to get them. When you have them, use the Ballad of Gales to teleport to Windfall Island.

Windfall Island

It may interest you to fill a bottle up with Blue Potion if you have collected all fifteen Blue Chuchu Jellies and given them to the potion guy. If you have not, ignore him; fairies function better. When ready, set the wind to north

and sail to Gale Isle .

Gale Isle

A very intense wind blows from some weird mechanism placed near the mountain on the island. Under typical circumstances, you wouldn’t be able to even get close. However, if you walk into the wind with the Iron Boots equipped, you can easily get up to the mechanism.

You may notice the crack on it, meaning that you should give it a smack with the Skull Hammer. When you do, the device is destroyed and the winds calmed. Enter the hole behind the mechanism.

Inside, like Headstone Island, you’ll find a lit room with a large stone slab. On the slab, you’ll find directions for a Wind Waker song. Play it to learn the Wind God’s Aria .

After the scene, use the Ballad of Gales to teleport to Forest Haven .

Forest Haven

As you climb up the path to the Forest Haven, you can hear and see music coming from the waterfall. (Wonder what Link’s taking…) It sounds like a violin, so Makar is probably behind it. But how to get there? Continue up the path until you reach the Grapple Stick.

Hook onto it and stop swinging by holding R. While still holding R, move the Control Stick down, lengthening the rope to its max. Rotate until you are facing the middle of the RIGHT-HAND waterfall. Begin swinging back and forth and, when you’ve gotten enough momentum, jump at the waterfall. You should enter a secret cave behind the waterfall.

You indeed find yourself in a small hidey-hole. Water drips from aquatic plants on the ceiling, creating a ring of water surrounding a small platform, on which you’ll find Makar.

He is playing his violin. When you talk to him, he says that he is coming up with a song for next year’s ceremony and is surprised when Link tells him that he can be heard outside.

When you pull out the Wind Waker, he asks you to conduct him. Play the Wind God’s Aria and Makar will say that the

song feels strangely familiar. Makar then says to Link that the Aria has awakened him to his fate of being the sage of the Wind Temple. He asks you to take him there.

You end up outside, on the boat. Makar is sitting on the King of Red Lions’s head. Use the Ballad of Gales and warp to Windfall Island .

Windfall Island

Make any final preparations, then sail north to Gale Isle.

Gale Isle

The King of Red Lions tells you that you’ll have to cooperate with Makar like you did with Medli to master this dungeon, then lets you enter the cave. Inside, take Makar near the slab and play the Wind God’s Aria. As with Medli, the stone slab will disintegrate. After it does, you’ll automatically walk inside the small room hidden by the slab. Makar, then you, will drop into the hole and begin the fifth dungeon - the Wind Temple.

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