The GameCube’s version (sub-HD with original HUD) on the left and the 1080p Wii U HD-edition on the right.

Apart from, much, shinier graphics; there’s been a wealth of new additions and tweaks made to the original version that was released in March 2004 (in the US). Let’s take a look at each of these differences:

  • The Wii U's gamepad now functions as the map/inventory screen (saving you the hassle of bringing it up mid-game).
  • You can use motion controls to use the Wind Waker itself.
  • Some weapons can be aimed by using the Wii U pad's built-in gyroscope.
  • The 'Tingle Tuner' from the GC original (that used a Gameboy Advance to hook up with) was swapped out for the 'Tingle Bottle' instead. This allows you to send messages via the Wii U's Miiverse community.
  • You can now use the **Picto Box** to take 'selfies' and screenshots. These can then be posted onto the Miiverse for the community to comment on.
  • You can now purchase the **Swift Sail** at the WIndfall Island auction house. Offering a 50% speed increase and auto-wind direction adjustment.
  • Shorter cranes and sped-up animations reduce time waiting when collecting sea-based treasures.
  • The 'Triforce Quest' has, thankfully, been shortened. You now only need to find **three** Triforce Charts as the other **five** shards can be found in treasure chests on-land (compared to **all** **eight** being underwater on the orginial version).
  • You can now carry **500** rupees from the beginning (instead of a measly 200).
  • **Hero Difficulty** mode is available immediately and doubles up enemy damage *and* health can only be replenished via potions.

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Set hundreds of years after the events of Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker finds the hero Link in a sea scattered with 49 islands, which necessitates frequent sailing and naval combat. Link lives with his grandmother and younger sister Aryll on Outset Island, one of the few inhabited islands in the Great Sea. The people of the Great Sea pass down a legend of a prosperous kingdom with a hidden golden power. An evil man found and stole this power, using it to spread darkness until a young boy dressed in green sealed the evil with the Blade of Evil's Bane. The boy became known as the Hero of Time and passed into legend. One day the sealed evil began to return, but the Hero of Time did not reappear. The inhabitants of the Great Sea are unsure of the kingdom's fate, but it is clear that this legend is the story of Ocarina of Time where the Hero of Time, Link, fought Ganondorf. Can you emerge as the new Hero of Time?

Join us for this adventure with Link as we:

  • Detail the full breakdown on the differences between the GameCube and Wii U versions.
  • Show you the locations of where to find some of the coolest weapons in the game.
  • Provide detailed directions of where to go, and when, as well as full area breakdowns.
  • Break down each dungeon broken down into manageable chunks.
  • Beat those bosses with our frustration-free tactics.
  • The locations of every Treasure Chart and Shard (for both GameCube and Wii U editions).
  • Show you loads more besides.

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