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This room is a more-complicated reversed-version of the pit rooms of the Earth Temple. YOU are in the pit, with the chest being surrounded by spikes on the higher ledge in front of you. So how to get there? Well, you may remember the blocks from before. There are five here. Each does something different, depending on which one you break through. From left to right…

  • Fight four Red Chuchus
  • Nothing
  • Fight two Floormasters (avoid at all costs!)
  • Fight three Armos
  • Fight four Green Chuchus
    I highly advise that you avoid the middle one of the blocks. In the room below where you’ll fight, there are spikes spotted throughout the place, making battles with Floormasters difficult. I recommend the first, second, or fifth blocks for ease. When you defeat any enemies that you decided to encounter, head to the opposite side of the room (underneath the ledge with the chest).

There, you’ll find two moveable blocks. One has a springboard; the other, nothing. On that side of the room, you’ll find a black square. Push the block with the springboard onto this square, and the normal block beside it. Climb onto the first block, then onto the springboard.

Equip and unequip the Iron Boots to spring onto the ledge above. Once you get up there, the spikes will recede and the chest can now be grabbed. Open it to receive a small key. If you want a Treasure Chart (#35), you now should break all of the blocks from earlier and defeat the enemies. Return to the current ledge from the chest. Whether you decide to get the Chart or not, leave when ready.

Go to the locked door of the basement and unlock it. Go through it for a mini-boss.

The cylindrical room will seem empty at first but, as you approach the middle, a large, yellow-robed, headdressed Wizzrobe shall appear for the first, last, and only time.

Mini-Boss: Elite Summoning Wizzrobe

Immediately after the battle commences, the Wizzrobe will summon a normal Summoning Wizzrobe and a Darknut.

I think it may help to defeat the Darknut only to try to keep the enemies from summoning, although I’m not very sure

that this method will always work. As for the Elite Wizzrobe… It has a couple of attacks.

It has the triple-fireball attack typical of Wizzrobes and can summon any monster in the game, unlike its weaker counterpart. As for killing it, there are two strategies. You can either repeatedly (and frantically, if Keese have been summoned) cycle through the lock-ons until you find the main miniboss (ALWAYS focus on him first!), then fire Elemental Arrows at him.

It will take three to kill. The quicker, but less accurate, way is manual targeting. Either way, once the Elite Wizzrobe is dead, you will still have to kill the other summoned enemies before finishing the battle.

After the Wizzrobe and its summoned minions are dead, a chest will appear in the middle of the room. Open it to receive the Hookshot.

This has quite a few uses. While targeting, you can latch onto and consequentially have Link travel to nearby by trees, poles, etc. You can also latch onto enemies and go to them or, with the Iron Boots on for a sure-thing, bring them to you and stun them. You can also latch onto spoils to bring them to you or break open jars, pots, etc., or treasure orbs that enemies drop.

You’ll have to use this to get out. Look at the north side of the room. You’ll find a peg on a ledge. You’ll also see things that look like targets along the walls. Use the Hookshot to latch onto these and get onto the ledge. Once you get onto the ledge with the peg, smack it into the ground with the Skull Hammer. This will unseal the door. Go through it.

In the basement, you’ll have to latch onto the target-things with the Hookshot to go up around the room. Do this about five to seven times to get about halfway to the ground floor. You’ll be on the east side, with a large gap separating you from the next ledge. Glide there with the Deku Leaf and open the chest on the ledge to receive this dungeon’s Compass.

As in the Earth Temple, Makar’s location will marked on the dungeon map now with a pink-purple dot. Near the chest is a springboard. Get onto it and use the Iron Boots to make it lower. Unequip them to spring into the air and move forward with the Control Stick to land on a ledge.

Hookshot onto the target-things a few more times and do the Iron Boot thing to get onto a ledge ringing two of the alcoves on the first floor. Go along the ledge to the northern alcove. Hookshot onto one of the targets on the walls. Next, equip the Iron Boots and, while still wearing them, walk into one corner of the alcove. Latch onto the stone that is blocking the way to Makar.

If you did it correctly, the Hookshot will drag the stone down and break it (if you were in a corner, it shouldn’t damage you). Go into the cell and open the chest to get a Joy Pendant.

Next, drop down onto the ledge from earlier and go to the other alcove it was ringing, the western one. Hookshot up to one of the targets to get onto the ledge. Use the Control Melody to fly Makar over to this ledge. Retake control of Link and go through the door.

I’m fairly sure you remember the room in which Makar was kidnapped. You have re-emerged in this room again, and will have to fight a Summoning Wizzrobe. After defeating it, take control of Makar and have him fly up to the highest of the ledges, near the only-unused door.

Next, have Link equip the Hookshot and aim at the nearest tree that Makar planted earlier. You will soon figure out that you can Hookshot at these. Do so and Link will be taken to it. Repeat this with the other two trees so that you are on the same ledge as Makar. Luckily, the Floormasters seem to have gone somewhere, so pick Makar up and go

through the door.

This room is quite similar to the previous one, but with a few changes. Firstly, there are a few Blue Bubbles floating in the air and there are some Grabbing Hands in the pit below. Therefore, when you remove a Blue Bubble’s flames, it will fall into the pit, and the flames will likely already be back up by the time you get down there.

So how do you do this? Simple: attack with the Hookshot. Not only will it extinguish the flames, but bring the flameless skull to you. Strike to kill! Try defeating the nearest few, then fly Makar up to the nearest ledge and plant a tree.

Make Link Hookshot up to that tree, and defeat any Blue Bubbles you can. Then fly Makar to the next ledge and repeat this until you get to the highest ledge. There, pick Makar up and go through the door.

You have emerged in the highest part of the cylindrical room from earlier. Nearby, there are two switches. Set Makar down on one, and make Link stand on the other. Part of the screen in front of you will rotate, letting you through and the grate in the basement above the fan will open. Use the Command Melody and control Makar.

ly into the basement, but not below the fan just yet. Instead, once you get down there, look in an alcove on the west side to find two mounds of dirt. Plant trees in these to, somehow, make the fan activate, creating a MASSIVE and POWERFUL updraft for about fifteen to twenty-five seconds at a time! While still as Makar, fly into the updraft to fly back to Link (remember, second floor).When you return to Link, retake control of him.

Next, get near the edge of the ledge. When the updraft starts up again, glide to the east side of the second floor (your left). It will help to use the C-Stick to see below you, as the updraft will take you very high. Open the chest that is here to get a Joy Pendant. Now, fly to the south ledge and enter the next room through the door.

Here, you will simply fight six Armos. It is better to try to just get behind them as a whole then strike, rather than the arrow-stun technique. Regardless, I’ll let you do what you want - it isn’t hard. Once all six Armos are dead, a gate rises, giving you access to a treasure chest. This chest contains a small key; once you get it, leave.

Okay… Now, when the updraft IS NOT BLOWING, equip your Deku Leaf and begin to float down. I want you to float to the eastern alcove. Once you reach the ledge and kill the Armos Knights, control Makar and, again while the updraft isn’t blowing, fly down to the ledge with Link. Once the two have been reunited, pick Makar up and go through the door.

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