Outset Island

Here, refill a bottle with Elixir Soup if needed (if it is half-full, drink it anyways and then refill it!) and learn the Hurricane Spin from Orca if you have ten Knight’s Crests.

Now, I want you to do something for a Piece of Heart . Go up the hill to where you brought the pigs at the beginning of the game. There will be a large black pig in their place (seems someone got hungry!). Now, that you have the Power Bracelets, pick it up and go to one of the black spots of soil. Put the pig down and spread some All-Purpose Bait nearby (if you have been marking the islands, you should have plenty).

The pig will likely dig into the soil and bring something up (the Piece of Heart, Rupees, or item refills). There are four or five spots in all (one is up the hill to the fairy forest). One spot, when dug up, will give a Piece of Heart. When ready, set the wind to blow east and sail one quadrant east to Headstone Island .

Headstone Island

When you get to the island, disembark and head to the large stone head. Pick it up and throw it to reveal the entrance. Go inside.

Inside, the room is lit up by torches, revealing a large stone slab inside. Marked on it, you’ll find directions for the Wind Waker. Whip it out and play the song inscribed to learn the Earth God’s Lyric.

Hmmm…. who do we know that plays a harp? Let’s see, it was way back, on Dragon Roost… It’s Medli! Exit the cave, enter the boat, and use the Ballad of Gales to teleport to Dragon Roost Island.

Dragon Roost Island

When you disembark on the island, you’ll hear someone playing a harp. This person is not on the shore, though. Head up the ledges into the main cave.

Go to the second floor and use an exit there to go back outside, just higher. Follow the wooden bridge to the right and you’ll find a gap. Look up to find a stick you can use the Grappling Hook on. Swing across, head left, and climb up the ladder to find the harp player - Medli!

When you approach Medli, she is happy that you are still okay. Go near her and whip out that Wind Waker. Medli then asks you to conduct her. Play the Earth God’s Lyric, and Medli will have a violent reaction.

At the end of the cut-scene, you and Medli are in the boat. Warp to Outset Island via the Ballad of Gales.

Outset Island

Here, refill a bottle with Elixir Soup if needed (if it is half-full, drink it anyways and then refill it!) and learn the Hurricane Spin from Orca if you have ten Knight’s Crests, if needed. When ready, set the wind to blow eastward and then sail one quadrant east to Headstone Island .

Headstone Island

Once you reach the island, the King of Red Lions instructs you and Medli on how to work together - basically, she has to do what you say.

When the King of Red Lions finishes, enter the cave. Have Medli get near to Link while he is standing near the stone slab with the markings on it. Play the Earth God’s Lyric to have Medli play it. The stone slab will then collapse. Go through the doorway revealed to enter a smaller room with a platform. On it is a hole, which you’ll go down automatically.

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Set hundreds of years after the events of Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker finds the hero Link in a sea scattered with 49 islands, which necessitates frequent sailing and naval combat. Link lives with his grandmother and younger sister Aryll on Outset Island, one of the few inhabited islands in the Great Sea. The people of the Great Sea pass down a legend of a prosperous kingdom with a hidden golden power. An evil man found and stole this power, using it to spread darkness until a young boy dressed in green sealed the evil with the Blade of Evil's Bane. The boy became known as the Hero of Time and passed into legend. One day the sealed evil began to return, but the Hero of Time did not reappear. The inhabitants of the Great Sea are unsure of the kingdom's fate, but it is clear that this legend is the story of Ocarina of Time where the Hero of Time, Link, fought Ganondorf. Can you emerge as the new Hero of Time?

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