Your worst nightmare meets you in this room - blue fog with six Floormasters located throughout the room. Due to the blue fog, you are virtually unable to see the monsters until you’re outside of its hand range. Remember, the blue fog disables the ability to respond to an attack, so proceed VERY carefully.

It may help to use the C-Stick to return to a ground view to see the Floormasters’ holes while using the map to navigate. On the other side of the room is a chest. Open to not only recieve a small key, but also remove all of the blue fog.

If you want a Treasure Chart (#12), defeat all of the Floormasters and open the chest that appears. Whether you do that or not, go back to the previous room after getting the small key. You can still leave Medli while going through the east door.

This room is rather easier and simple. It is made of a corridor that ends at a grille blocking your way into another room. Separating two parts of the corridor is a slightly lowered section with blue fog and two Floormasters.

To defeat them on either side of the room, get close to the gap and, when the hand appears, whip out that Boomerang and stun the enemy, then unleash a barrage of six arrows/three element arrows at it to kill it. Again, repeat this when you RUN across to the other side (remember to let the fog wear off first!).

Next, push the massive mirror along the track to the scorpion-pattern groove. Near the grate blocking you to another room, you’ll find a peg. You need to knock it into the ground by whacking it with the Skull Hammer. This will open a skylight and make some light appear, shining onto the mirror and into the other room. Finally, head across the gap and into the previous room.

Push the block near the northern ledge right up to the ledge. Pick Medli up and throw her at the ledge to get her to land on it. Climb up to the ledge and pick her up. Go through the locked door by using your small key.

You emerge in the room where you made the light shine into earlier. Begin by setting Medli down. Go around the room and defeat the three Red Bubbles. Next, you are now able to defeat the Poes the easy way. Lock-on to one, then, while in the beam of light, reflect light onto the enemy for a bit. If the light stays on the Poe long enough, it will become solid and drop its lantern.

Go up to it and strike it a few times to kill it. Repeat this with the other two Poes.

Now, you can shine light on the southern statues to reveal a magic pot and a Yellow Rupee. There is one more statue, but there is a problem. To reflect the light, you have to be facing the light; the statue makes you face away.

Use the Command Melody and have Medli shine some light somewhere. Retake control of Link and have him reflect Medli’s reflected light at the statue, thereby destroying it and revealing a door. Pick Medli up and go through it.

This room is really more of a maze that is completely lined with the motion- sensitive coffins you found your first Redead in. If you want a Red Rupee, go down the path directly in front of you; the path to the door is to the right.

When you reach the end of the right path, you’ll find a large stone slab with Wind Waker directions on it for the Earth God’s Lyric. Play it to make Medli play it, thereby destroying the slab and revealing a door. Pick Medli up and go through it.

After climbing down some winding stairs, you emerge in a large cylindrical room. Almost directly across from you is the boss door. One problem - you don’t have the Boss Key… Climb up a few steps to the right and put a Bomb near the pot to open the third and final warping jar for this dungeon.

Now, go to the left along the stairs until you come to a gap. Between here and the next set of stairs is a gap and some vines. Simply grab Medli and jump and fly across.

If you aren’t too confident, have Link climb the vines and then, at the other staircase, use the Command Melody to get Medli over there (or vica versa).

If you fall, there is a bunch of blue fog above the floor. There are also some Floormasters on the floor. To get back up climb the vines on the southern side of the room. The door to the next room will be at the bottom of the second staircase.

This room contains the largest puzzle you’ve seen (and probably ever will see) in this game. To begin, use the Command Melody to have Medli fly up to the large central platform and get onto the switch to make a skylight open and let some light in.

Retake control of Link and make him go into the pit surrounding the central platform. Push the mirrors in the south-west and south-east corners of the room along their tracks to the scorpion-pattern grooves. The south-east mirror will reflect the beam of light. Take control of Medli again and have her stand on the platform north of the reflecting mirror.

Have her face the light coming from the mirror and then reflect light at the translucent treasure chest to the right. Next, have Medli shine some light on the nearby statue standing against the large central platform to destroy it. Behind it, you’ll find another mirror. Now, look south-east to an alcove with a mirror and a platform in it; reflect some light at the pedestal and then retake control of Link.

Open the chest to get a Purple Rupee (value of 50 Rupees) then go to the platform Medli aimed light at. Reflect the light at the four swirlies to his north to dissolve the wall, revealing yet another mirror. Pull this mirror and the mirror discovered behind the now-destroyed statue along their tracks into the patterned grooves. Now, control Medli and place her on a pedestal in the north-western part of the room, in the light reflected from the south-western mirror.

Shine some light onto the chest to the left of the mirror; when Link opens it later, you’ll find a Joy Pendant.

Look farther to the left to find another statue; shine light at it and destroy it. This will reveal a secret passage that leads to a door. Now, shine light on a pedestal south-east of the one that Medli is on and retake control of Link. Remember to open the new chest to receive a Joy Pendant ! Go to the platform Medli is shining light at and reflect it to four swirlies on the north-western wall.

Behind the wall, you’ll find a mirror; pull it to its appropriate spot as well as the mirror behind the statue. A screenshot will appear of the light beams reflecting over two platforms near the face on the north side of the room. Firstly, look on the ledges in the north-west and east alcoves for jars containing many Rupees.

Now, remember the screenshot? Take control of Medli and move her to one of those pedestals now. Have her reflect light at the side of the face that represents the platform’s side of the room (left platform = left side; right platform = right side). Make sure that the reflected light is making full contact with the face (it will light up if it is), then press R to take control of Link.

Make him go to the unused pedestal and reflect light at the unlit side of the face. When both sides of the face have been lit up, some stone slabs underneath the now-lit up face will move aside, revealing a door. Don’t bother to bring Medli when you go through.

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