Final Boss Fight - Ganondorf

At this point in the battle, it becomes quite obvious pretty fast that you'll have to use something else other than a direct attack to get at Ganondorf, as he blocks any sword slice you try.

The only to damage him is to parry, and you are only able to parry the final attack in his combo; back off until that hit. When you manage to parry, Ganondorf will be stunned, allowing you to unload a beating on him. You’ll have to use your second-best weapon, your Master Sword, because Zelda will be fighting alongside you with the Light Arrows. If she hits him, it will result in the same effect as if you parried him. You can’t depend on her entirely, though!

When Zelda hits him a few times, Ganondorf will run over and backhand her across the arena, knocking her unconscious. You’ll have to continue your strategy of parrying and hitting with the Master Sword for now.

When Zelda wakes up, Ganondorf decides to up it a notch, blocking parries, Light Arrows, everything you can throw at him. Approach Zelda to have her get an idea. She’ll shoot a Light Arrow at you, which you can then use the Mirror Shield to reflect at Ganondorf. Try this by keeping Ganondorf almost directly in-between you and Zelda and constantly defending.

Eventually, Zelda will shoot an Light Arrow at you and, if you don’t lift your shield or get knocked back by Ganondorf’s attacks, it’ll hit and stun him. At this point, lock-on and run up to Ganondorf. The A button will react for a parry; do so and Link will let out a yell and plunge the sword into Ganondorf’s head.


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