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The beginning room is chock-full of grass and Green Chuchus - maybe you have realized that this is an earth-themed dungeon. As before, defeat the Green Chuchus. Remember, the Deku Leaf can stun them temporarily and they drop Green Chuchu Jellies (you can steal them via Grappling Hook as well), which can restore magic power once you turn them into a potion (you’ll understand later).

Most of them are near the entrance, the warp jar on the left side of the room, and the treasure chest (the Dungeon Map) on the right. After beating all of the Chuchus, grabbing the map, and opening the warp jar, approach the door to the next room.

It is sealed by a weird blue flower that closes when you approach it. This prevents you from cutting and destroying it. You’ll have to attack from a distance, but how? On the left side of the room, you’ll find a large walnut-thing: a Deku Nut. Pick it up.

(Note: it disappears after about one or two minutes after plucking it from the ground) and walk to the door. Face the flower (it MUST be open) and throw the Deku Nut towards it. It should destroy the flower and unseal the door. Go through the door.

This next room is pretty tall. Unlike the second room of the Dragon Roost Cavern, this tall room only has one entrance and one separate exit.

Now, I want to jump off of the ledge. Yes, jump off the ledge to the bottom of the room. Defeat the two Bokoblins and go to the hollow in the tree stump. Defeat the four Green Chuchus there. Next, grab one of the sticks that the Bokoblins were holding. Go to the torches near the stump hollow and light it. From a distance at which the weird flower in the hollow is open, throw the flaming stick towards it. This should kill the flower. It was on top of a treasure chest.

Open it to receive a rare (at this point) Knight’s Crest. Save these, as you will probably enjoy the reward. Now, to get back up… On the basement floor, you will find a Boko Baba Bud. Enter it and use the Deku Leaf while in the air to fly to another Boko Baba Bud, and so on. Don’t worry about magic loss - as I said in Section VII, magic is partially replenished when you enter a Boko Baba Bud.

Using this method, get to a point on the northern side of the room above the entrance. A large ledge with a door should be here - sealed by ANOTHER blue flower. There aren’t any Deku Nuts near this time. You’ll have to use a Bomb Flower. Unfortunately, it is guarded by some Green Chuchus.

Defeat them (try using the Bomb Flower), then pick up the Bomb Flower. Set it down (or throw it towards) near the blue flower. If it is open, the bomb will kill it when it explodes, therefore unsealing the door. Go through the door.

This room is small and simple. On the other side of the room, you’ll see a cable car-like object. However, you cannot reach it. Instead, equip your Deku Leaf and look to the left. There will be an anemometer-like object. Therefore, you can spin it using the force of the wind.

Equip your Deku Leaf and face the object. Use the Deku Leaf to blow a gust of air that will turn a mechanism that brings the cable car-like thing to you. Next, get in it and face opposite the direction you want to go - in this case, backwards. Blow another gust of air or two to bring you and the cable car-thing to the other side. Go through the door that is there.

In this room, you’ll need to travel vertically to advance. Firstly, defeat the nearby enemies. The Peahats need to be hit with a gust of air first to stun them and weaken their defense - after this, a single hit will kill it. The Boko Babas can also be stunned in a similar way with a similar result.

Go to the northern part of the room and defeat any Boko Babas there - one will become a Boko Baba Bud. Get into it to launch yourself to another Boko Baba Bud, then use it to reach an upper floor. You’ll see a door. Unfortunately, there is no easy means of destroying the flower on it.

You’ll have to use the Deku Nut, but it is on the opposite side of the room. Get into the cable car-thing and face backwards. Blow a gust of air with the Deku Leaf a few times to get to the other side of the room. Get out and pick up the Deku Nut. Get back in the cable car-thing and press R to set the Deku Nut down.

Face backwards again and blow a few gusts of air with the Deku Leaf. Pick up the Deku Nut and, while the flower on the door is open, throw the Deku Nut at it to destroy it. Go through the unsealed door.

This next room isn’t a room, but a simple wood tunnel - TOO simple. At the opposite end, there is a flower on the door. In front of you is a Deku Nut. However, don’t rush into this - a circle of thorny vines will appear when you get close to the Deku Nut.

Instead, equip your Deku Leaf and blow a gust of wind at the Deku Nut. This will not only dislodge it from its roots, but blow it beyond the circle of vines. Walk around the circle of vines, pick the Deku Nut up, and throw it at the flower while it is open to unseal the door. Go through the door.

Remember the second room of the Dragon Roost Cavern? How large it was and how you always seemed to come back? The Forbidden Forest has a room just like that - and you just entered it! To start, look to the right and up. There will be a stick you use the Grappling Hook on.

Swing across to the other ledge. Now you have two weird vines in front of you that move in a predictable pattern.

Since they flat platforms at their ends, why not jump on them? Jump onto one when it comes close to you, then jump on the next one, then onto the ledge with the Deku Nut and locked door.

Grab the Deku Nut and run along the pathway around the large flower to another ledge. I’m pretty sure you understand how to kill the flower by now… Before entering the room, I want you to look to the left. There are some vines with platforms - they are moving vertically now. Again, jump from to another, then onto the ledge. On the ledge, blow away a pile of leaves to reveal a warp jar. NOW go to the unsealed door and go through it.

This room is fairly simple. There are a few pine cone-like things in the room, which are filled with Morths. Morths are no more than bur-like enemies that slow you down as they attach to you. Destroy them with a spin attack. There is a trench in the middle of the room. Drop into it and you’ll find a treasure chest in it; it contains a Yellow Rupee. Go through the door at the opposite side of the tunnel.

Oh crap… this room. You may remember those motion-sensitive thorny vines that popped out of the ground when you drew near. Well… this room is a literal maze of them. To begin, go towards the pillar in front of you and go to the left. Continue along the path until you reach a Bomb Flower. Throw it to blow up both of the sets of boards.

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