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Best Node Upgrades for the Suit in Dead Space Remake

Scott Peers

In your first playthrough of the Dead Space Remake, you’ll have a limited supply of nodes that you can find throughout the game. This means that you’ll have to carefully balance where you invest them, whether in the suit or in a specific weapon. This page will take you through the best nodes to upgrade first for the suit.

Dead Space Remake - Best Suit Node Upgrades

The first thing that you need to understand about suit node upgrade is that you can’t jump between nodes. Any upgrade you go for has to be connected to a currently upgraded node. You’ll start from the left side of the node upgrade tree, but it will open up a bit more once you reach the middle, giving you more flexibility in the choices for upgrading specific aspects of the suit. If you’re unsure about what each upgrade node does, we’ve provided a brief overview in the table below.

All Suit Node Upgrade Types and Effects

Upgrade Abbreviation Effect
Health HP Increases your overall health pool
Oxygen AIR Increase your overall oxygen supply
Kinesis Throw Damage KI/D Slightly increases throw damage for any object when using the Kinesis Module
Kinesis Grab Range KI/R Increases the range at which you can grab objects using the Kinesis Module
Stasis Duration DUR Increases the duration of the Stasis (Module) Effect
Stasis Energy ERG Improves the efficiency of Stasis Module consumption
Stasis Zone SIZE Increases the size of the zone in which the Stasis Module can affect enemies and objects

New Game Plus Suit Node Upgrades

The screenshot below shows you a fully upgraded node tree for the suit which you can achieve during a regular playthrough of the game. In New Game Plus you’ll be able to purchase the final suit upgrade (Upgrade 6 - Advanced Soldier Rig) which provides you with 30 inventory slots and +30% armor. It will also grant you an additional 5 node upgrades for the suit which come in the form of two extra boosts to Stasis Duration (DUR), one boost to Oxygen (AIR), one boost to Kinesis Throw Damage (KI/D), and one boost to Kinesis Grab Range (KI/R).

A fully upgraded node tree for the suit in a regular playthrough of Dead Space Remake.

Which Suit Node Upgrades Should You Get First?

Some of the above categories are obvious and self explanatory, such as the health and oxygen upgrades. However, others such as the Stasis Energy are less clear about how they function. The improved efficiency of the Stasis Module which you gain by upgrading this node basically means that you will be able to use the Stasis Module more times before it runs out, increasing the time you have to use it before you need to recharge the module. This is an incredibly important and useful upgrade, and one which we’d suggest prioritizing wherever possible.

The reason why the Stasis Energy (and any upgrade which improves the effects of the Stasis Module) is so important is that you will be using this module a lot more on the higher difficulty settings. There will be numerous occasions where using the Stasis Module can save you from being overwhelmed by enemies, especially as you’re charged by multiple foes at once and forced to fight them in melee. Using the Stasis Module in this scenario, then running away to create some distance between you and the enemy before unleashing hell with a ranged weapon, can be the difference between life and death.

Aside from prioritizing the Stasis Module node upgrades for the suit first, you should also consider investing in increased oxygen. The more oxygen you have to work with, the more time you’ll have to perform tasks in missions where you’re forced to work in a vacuum, or where the air is toxic. There will often be oxygen tanks at hand during these missions, giving you a free opportunity to replenish your oxygen, but the last thing you want is to get caught up in a mission objective and forget about your oxygen supply as you’re too far away from a recharge point. You can think of investing in this as providing yourself with an additional safety net from death by misadventure.

Other than the Stasis Module and oxygen improvements, the only other priority would be the basic health upgrades. It’s always good to have a good sized health pool, especially in Impossible mode, where any random hit could take you out if you’re not careful. The more health you have, the less likely this is to happen. On the other hand, the Kinesis Throw Damage and Kinesis Grab Range upgrade nodes are more of a nice-to-have feature, and you won’t find yourself needing these throughout most of the story.

Ultimately, we’d recommend upgrading these elements of your suit first, even above upgrades for a specific favorite weapon. Your suit is the one constant that you’ll be relying on throughout the game, while you may switch between different weapons based on preference and need, or if you run out of ammunition. The importance of the Stasis Module on the higher difficulties cannot be overstated, and you’ll find yourself relying on this more and more as you progress through the chapters. In a nutshell: upgrade the suit first, think about weapon upgrades later.


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