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Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake Break Room Codes (Easter Egg)

Matt Chard

Dead Space Remake isn’t just your typical survival-horror game; there are loads of hidden things scattered around the Ishimura such as Easter eggs added with the latest installment. This includes, but is not limited to the Break Room codes where you can input codes via specific punches, and stomps to find secret lore, nodes, and even a shanty! Read below to find out where you can find the Break Room and what the codes are.

Inside the Break Room resides a red circle where you can input codes.

Break Room Location

Before you can input any of these codes, you’ll need to find the Break Room, and to reach the Break Room you will need to have access to the Bridge Atrium. The earliest you can get here is at the beginning of Chapter 4 where Hammond will update your Security Clearance to level 2, and you’ll be tasked to get the main elevator running.

Turn on the elevator by defeating the Brute who busts open out of the Security Clearance 2 door and hit the switch inside to get the elevator back online. Proceed down the elevator to Floor 3. Go through the only door you can in this small room into the next area and follow the corridor around the corner, past the Save Point. The Break Room will be on your right.

(1 of 3) You can unlock the main atrium elevator by hitting the switch in the room the Brute came out of.

Break Room Codes

When you enter the Break Room, look to the floor where you’ll find a large red circle in front of a screen depicting the Marker. This red circle is where you will input the codes, but be careful of the inertia of your attacks as they may cause you to step out of the circle which will reset the code. Fortunately, you can adjust your position by moving back into the center to avoid this. The codes are inputted with your melee attack (DualSense-R1 / Xbox-BumperRight) and stomp attack (DualSense-R2/ Xbox-TriggerRight).

(1 of 2) Inputting the code needs either a melee attack

Inputting the code needs either a melee attack (left), or a stomp attack. (right)

Unknown Text Break Room Code

The first code is actually on the red circle itself. If you look closely around the edge of it, you’ll see hand and footprints. Starting at the 8 follow the symbols clockwise, and you will end up with the following code:

You will know if this is done correctly as the screen on the wall will have a red flicker before the note appears on the floor. This note appears to be a poem from the fanatics in Unitology.

Inputting this code correctly will reward you with a Text Log.

Power Node Break Room Code

Although you can input the code as early as Chapter 4, you won’t find the code yourself until Chapter 10. This can be found in Captain B. Mathius’ room in the Executive Quarters. You won’t get access to the room though until you find the Exec Quarters Keycard in the nearby bathroom. This code will give you two Power Nodes and you can get them by inputting the following code:

Once you’ve inputted the code correctly, once again the screen on the wall will flicker red, and two Power Nodes will appear on the floor, in the circle.

Inputting this code correctly will reward you with two Power Nodes.

Shanty Break Room Code

The final code you can input into the circle can be found throughout the Ishimura. As you progress through the game you’ll find numerous pieces of the code indicated by a Marker symbol with wave-like symbols underneath it. You would then have to compile them all together to get the full code. Fortunately, we have done the legwork for you, so input the following code to get your reward:

This code will reward you with the Strange Shanty Audio Log which references the 1960s sea shanty “Soon May the Wellerman Come” which originated in New Zealand, but this version comes with a Dead Space twist.

Finally, inputting this code correctly will reward you with an Audio Log.

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Dead Space is a third-person survival horror game originally released in 2008. The game follows the story of Isaac Clarke, an engineer who is sent to repair the USG Ishimura, a mining ship that has gone silent. When Isaac arrives, he discovers that the ship has been overrun by a hostile alien species known as the Necromorphs. Isaac must fight his way through the ship’s crew and the Necromorphs to uncover the truth behind the outbreak and escape the Ishimura alive.

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