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How To Unlock The Z-Baller Trophy in Dead Space Remake

Shane Williams

Dead Space Remake offers a variety of Trophies/Achievements for players to earn, but one that has some people a little stumped is the Z-Baller Trophy. This page will navigate you through necessary steps to earning it.

The Z Baller Trophy

Where is The Zero-G Basketball in Dead Space Remake

Throughout your playthrough of Dead Space you’ll be able to participate in a game of Zero-G Basketball. However, before you can try this minigame you’ll need to progress through the story until you’ve reached Chapter 10 - End of Days. You’ll find the Zero-G Gym on the Crew Deck.

Upon entering the room you’ll notice a couple Lurkers, so be sure to defeat these before attempting the challenge, as they will be constantly shooting you throughout which may be distracting. You can easily take them out by using the Plasma Cutter on the vertical setting.

How To Reach Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball

In order to score points in Zero-G Basketball you’ll need to fly up and position yourself directly in front of the hoops, then wait for the ball to be fired out of one of the three ejectors which are located to the top right, top left and on the roof. You’ll now need to grab the ball with your Kinesis Module which is activated by holding DualSense-L2 on Playstation or Xbox-TriggerLeft on Xbox. Now you’ll need to press DualSense-ButtonCircle on Playstation and Xbox-ButtonB on Xbox.

How To Score More Points in Zero-G Basketball

Once you’ve collected the ball you’ll want to quickly press DualShock4-R2 on Playstation or Xbox-TriggerRight on Xbox to launch the ball into the hoops to begin scoring points. However, you’ll need to earn 220 Points for the Z-Baller Trophy/Achievement, so you’ll want to do a couple things to give you the best chance of achieving this.

(1 of 2) Use Kinesis to grab the ball

Use Kinesis to grab the ball (left), then aim for the glowy hoops to score more points. (right)

Throughout the levels you’ll notice some of the hoops will begin glowing, so you’ll want to make sure you get the ball in that hoop, as that will reward you with more points. As you get closer to level 6, the mini-game will begin using shields to block certain hoops, so you’ll want to pay close attention to avoid wasting precious seconds accidentally throwing the ball into it.

Zero-G Basketball Rewards

If you’ve managed to reach level 6, then exit the arena and you’ll see 6 unlocked lockers inside the room which contains a variety of useful rewards, such as Node which will help you progress further in Ishimura. Additionally, you’ll earn the Z-Baller Trophy.


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