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Where to Find the Data Board

Scott Peers

One of the first objectives you need to complete in the Chapter 1 - New Arrivals mission of the Dead Space 2023 remake is obtaining the Data Board. We’ll show you exactly where to find it on this page.

Location of the Data Board in the Maintenance Bay

To find the Data Board during Chapter 1 - New Arrivals, you’ll first need to explore the Maintenance Bay, which is in the northeastern part of the Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control map. The Data Board is actually located in the southeastern part of the area, in the Maintenance Bay Office, but the door for this is locked initially. To unlock the door, you need to reach the Circuit Breaker on the second floor of the Maintenance Bay, on its western side.

As you explore the Maintenance Bay you’ll be attacked by numerous Necromorphs, so be ready to fight them as you turn each corner. As a general rule, you can expect more than one Necromorph to appear whenever you’re attacked in a position where there are two pathways. It’s a good idea to shoot them both in the legs first to cripple them and slow them down significantly, then shoot their other limbs to finish them off, before going over to stomp them for extra loot.

(1 of 3) You can see the Maintenance Bay Office in the southeast of the map.

Find the Circuit Breaker on the Second Floor

To reach the second floor, use the lift on the opposite side of the Maintenance Bay from the office. At the top, follow the platform straight ahead until you reach the Circuit Breaker at the end. Here you’ll find three options for powering the following:

  • Maintenance Room
  • Lights
  • Elevators

You can only have two of these actively powered at any given time, and since the Maintenance Room (aka the Maintenance Bay Office) is located on the first floor, you need to use the elevator to get back down. So… you’re forced to turn the lights out! This makes the journey back all the more scary, since you now have to rely on the light which shines when you aim to see most things. However, you’ll still encounter the same types of enemies so you at least know what you’re dealing with.

Once you’ve powered the Maintenance Room and turned off the lights, head back over to the elevator and take it down. Now run across to the other side of the room on the first floor where you’ll find the door to the Maintenance Bay Office, which can now be opened. Once inside, you’ll see the Data Board just to your left. You’ll also find a workbench in this room which you can return to whenever you want to upgrade a weapon or your suit.

(1 of 2) You need to power the Maintenance Room and the Elevators from the Circuit Breaker, forcing you to turn off the Lights.

You need to power the Maintenance Room and the Elevators from the Circuit Breaker, forcing you to turn off the Lights. (left), Once you've powered the Maintenance Room, you can access the Data Board in the Office. (right)


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