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How to Defeat The Leviathan Remnant Boss in Dead Space Remake

Shane Williams

As you approach the end of Chapter 8 - Search and Rescue mission of the Dead Space 2023 remake, you’ll find yourself going up against the Leviathan Remnant. This will navigate you through necessary steps to defeating it.

You'll face the Leviathan Remnant in Chapter 8 - Search and Rescue

Best Way To Defeat The Leviathan Remnant

Once you’ve progressed through enough of Chapter 8 you’ll find yourself in the Communications Hub with the objective “Deploy The Antenna. Be sure to make use of the nearby save point before going outside as the battle against the Leviathan Remnant will begin! This time around the battle is a lot easier, as you have a lot more stronger tools available, such as the three ADS cannons which can be found in the center, left and right corners of the platform.

How To Use The ADS Cannons

Whilst you’re outside your oxygen level will be depleting, but dont worry as there a multiple oxygen refill stations scattered along the platform, so be sure to use them when you’re running low. Right, now you’ll want to interact with the cannon in the center which is done by pressing DualSense-ButtonCross on Playstation and Xbox-ButtonA on Xbox, then aim like you normally would with DualShock4-L2 or Xbox-TriggerLeft. Now pressing DualSense-ButtonCross or Xbox-ButtonA will activate the cannon.

You’ll now want to fire the cannon at the armored sack opposite until it breaks which should take around 10-12 shots. However, whilst you’re doing this you’ll need to pay close attention, as the Leviathan Remnant will be launching it’s tentacles towards you, so keep on the move to avoid them. Once the first sack has been destroyed, you’ll want to refill your Oxygen, then make a dart for the cannon to the left.

How To Avoid The Leviathan Remnant’s Mines

As you’re making your way across the Leviathan Remnant will be sweeping the platform with it’s tentacle, so depending on it’s position be sure to move up or down to avoid it. Like you did the first time, use the cannon and shoot the armored sack whilst avoiding the explosive sack. If you can’t move out of the way in time, then use Kinesis to throw it back. Next up, top up your oxygen again, then make your way over to the opposite side of the platform.

(1 of 2) Adjust your position to avoid the tentacle as sweeps across.

Adjust your position to avoid the tentacle as sweeps across. (left), Make sure you keep your distance from the mines. (right)

As you’re making your way across it’ll begin launching lots of mines towards the platform, but they won’t be moving, so just keep away from them. However, like last time it’ll sweep it’s tentacle across, so make sure you’re not near any mines and at the correct height to avoid it. Finally, use the cannon to shoot the last cannon at the last armored sack whilst avoiding its tentacle, then the Leviathan will be defeated at last.


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