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Dead Space Remake

How to Kill The Hunter in Dead Space Remake

Scott Peers

At the end of the Chapter 10 - End of Days mission in the Dead Space Remake, you’ll finally get the opportunity to kill The Hunter Necromorph, which up until this point has been impossible to kill due to its capacity to instantly regrow tissue. We’ll show you exactly how to kill it using the test fire of the thrusters.

How to Kill The Hunter in Chapter 10 - End of Days - Dead Space Remake

Once you’ve brought the singularity core to the Crew Deck and installed it in the shuttle there, you need to test the thrusters using the control panel in the nearby room. If you can’t find the room, you can trigger the objective guide to see exactly where it is. After the first test of the thrusters, the lights will dim and you’ll be attacked by a number of Necromorphs, including The Hunter.

The first thing you should do here is thin the hoard by killing as many regular Necromorphs as you can while kiting The Hunter around the shuttle. If The Hunter gets too close, you can use the Stasis Module to slow it down. There’s a Stasis recharge point on the wall so you don’t have to worry about running out of it. There will still be a number of Necromorphs spawning until you’ve killed The Hunter, but if you act quickly after killing a few of them, you shouldn’t be blocked or overwhelmed.

After you’ve killed enough Necromorphs to give you some space, kite The Hunter to the back of the shuttle, where the thrusters are located. You need to wait until it reaches you here, then use the Stasis Module to essentially freeze it in place for a few seconds. This will give you just enough time to reach the control room where you can interact with the computer to test the thrusters again. If you time it right, you should see The Hunter incinerated by the thrusters. However, if you’re delayed by any Necromorphs or you’re too slow to reach the computer, The Hunter will break free before you can initiate the test, and you’ll need to kite it to the same location and use the Stasis Module again.

(1 of 2) Kite The Hunter directly behind the shuttle where the thrusters are located, then use the Stasis Module on it.

Kite The Hunter directly behind the shuttle where the thrusters are located, then use the Stasis Module on it. (left), Get back to the control room as quickly as possible to initiate the thrusters test. (right)

If you still need help with exactly how to do this, see the video below.

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Dead Space is a third-person survival horror game originally released in 2008. The game follows the story of Isaac Clarke, an engineer who is sent to repair the USG Ishimura, a mining ship that has gone silent. When Isaac arrives, he discovers that the ship has been overrun by a hostile alien species known as the Necromorphs. Isaac must fight his way through the ship’s crew and the Necromorphs to uncover the truth behind the outbreak and escape the Ishimura alive.

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