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How to Dispose of the Warhead in Dead Space Remake

Scott Peers

In Chapter 9 - Dead on Arrival of the Dead Space Remake, you’ll eventually need to dispose of a live nuclear warhead on the Valor ship. There are two Exploder / Bomber Necromorphs to deal with here, and if you don’t kill them in the correct way, they will trigger the warhead by exploding. We’ll show you how to take them out and safely detach the warhead.

How to Dispose of the Warhead on the Valor Ship in Chapter 9 - Dead on Arrival

The first thing you should note here is that it’s a good idea to use the save point located just outside the room. This will make it easier to reset from a convenient position if you fail. As you enter the room with the live warhead (known as the Torpedo Bay), you’ll notice some electrical points on either side of it. There are six of these altogether, and you need to shoot each of them to cut power from the mechanism holding it in place.

As you approach the warhead, you’ll soon see an Exploder / Bomber running at you, most likely from the left side of the warhead. You need to take this enemy out by shooting its limbs or elsewhere on its body, while being sure to avoid hitting the bomb satchel that it carries. If the enemy reaches you within melee range, it will slam the satchel down on the ground and cause an explosion, thereby triggering the unstable warhead. You should have enough time to shoot the limbs of the enemy as it’s running towards you, but if you think you need some extra time, you can use the Stasis Module to slow it down first.

(1 of 5) You need to shoot the Exploder in its main body, while avoiding the explosive satchel.

Once you’ve killed the Exploder charging towards you, there’s one more to avoid on the right side of the room. This one is trapped behind some rubble, so you don’t need to kill it. The most important thing to do is not get too close, since it will trigger an explosion if you do. You will find a battery in the rubble just in front of this enemy, which you need to retrieve using the Kinesis Module. Once you have it, take it to the point in the left side of the wall (as you enter the room) and place it there. This will bring power to the nearby control panel, which you can now interact with to dispose of the warhead.


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