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How to Manage Inventory Slots in Dead Space Remake

Scott Peers

In the Dead Space Remake you’ll need to get frugal not only when it comes to investing in specific upgrade nodes, but also in terms of managing and sorting your inventory space. There are a lot of key items that can be useful to you at different times, and 7 main weapons that you can acquire throughout the game. All of this can result in a cluttered inventory, so we’ll give you some tips on how to free up as much space as possible.

How to Free Up Inventory Slots in Dead Space Remake

As you’re playing through the Dead Space Remake you’ll notice that any new item you acquire will automatically be placed in your inventory. This includes any key items such as oxygen tanks, med packs, or stasis packs, but also new weapons and ammunition that you pick up along the way. It’s a common mistake for people to just leave any new items or weapon in their inventory by default, rather than sorting them into storage. This will lead to your inventory space filling up incredibly fast, so you should make a habit of visiting a store as often as possible, where you can place any unwanted items in your storage.

The main thing you’ll want to do here is decide on one to four weapons that you want to use most often. You may even find yourself using just one or two weapons most of all, but it’s a good idea to make use of all four available quick slots for the sake of being more versatile in combat. If you’re unsure about which weapons you might want to prioritize using and investing node upgrades in, see our Best Weapons in Dead Space Remake - Tier List page for an overview of our recommendations.

Make Use of the Storage System!

Once you know which weapons you want to use most throughout the story, you can safely place the other weapons into storage, either never to be used again or to come back to later, or in another playthrough. You can also place any unwanted ammunition associated with those weapons in storage, or you can sell it at the store if you prefer. You’ll continue to find and loot ammunition for every weapon regardless, but you can keep placing it in storage or selling it as you go.

Now that you’ve stored additional weapons that you’re unlikely to use in a safe place, you’ll have more space in your inventory for key items such as the oxygen tanks, med packs, and stasis packs, all of which are useful for keeping you alive in a tight spot, especially in the higher difficulty modes. You can even stack up on more of these if you wish, with the stasis packs being particularly useful as you attempt to escape The Hunter in the later parts of the story, but also as a way to recharge your stasis in tough fights.

(1 of 2) You can move almost any item to your storage when you visit Stores.

You can move almost any item to your storage when you visit Stores. (left), You'll have access to 18 storage slots from the beginning of the game. (right)


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