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Dead Space Remake

Where to Find the Pulse Rifle Ammo Schematic in Dead Space Remake

Scott Peers

The Pulse Rounds ammo schematic for the Pulse Rifle can be acquired during the Chapter 2 - Intensive Care main mission of the Dead Space Remake. We’ll show you exactly where to find it on this page.

Pulse Rounds Schematic Location

The Pulse Rounds ammo schematic can be picked up as you make your way through Chapter 2 - Intensive Care. Once you reach the point where you need to find a Shock Pad, you should have access to the Coolant Pipelines area, which is in the southwestern part of Floor 4, Medical. The schematic can be found on a workbench at the western side of the Coolant Pipelines. You don’t need any special security clearance level to reach this area, but it will be blocked off until you reach this point in the story.

Once you have the Pulse Round schematic, you can visit any shop to discover it and make it purchasable there. It costs 1,250 Credits for one round of 25 ammo for the Pulse Rifle. If you want to learn more about how the Pulse Rifle compares with other weapons in the Dead Space Remake, be sure to check our page on the Best Weapons in Dead Space Remake - Tier List, but keep in mind that this is a rough guide and you may find that you prefer different weapons which you’d place higher or lower in your own personal tier list!

(1 of 2) The location of the Pulse Rounds ammo schematic in the western part of the Coolant Pipelines.

The location of the Pulse Rounds ammo schematic in the western part of the Coolant Pipelines. (left), You can purchase Pulse Rounds from any store once you bring the schematic there for the first time. (right)

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