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How to Replace the Damaged Tram

Scott Peers

The main objectives for Chapter 1 - New Arrivals in the Dead Space 2023 Remake include replacing the damaged tram on the USG Ishimura. However, with some of the power systems down you need to do this manually, with the help of the Stasis Module. We’ll show you exactly how on this page.

How to Replace the Damaged Tram in Dead Space 2023 Remake

Manually Attach the Claws Using the Stasis Module

Once you’re in the main room with the damaged tram, you’ll notice that the repair screen asks you to manually attach the claws which grip onto the tram to replace it. The left claw is easy enough to move, since all you need to do is interact with the computer screen on the left side. You’ll need to fight some Necromorphs which will spawn after interacting with the screen.

You can do the same thing with the right claw, but it won’t remain in place for long enough to properly grip onto the tram. This is where the Stasis Module comes in handy.

(1 of 4) Interact with the screen to engage the left claw.

Defeat the Necromorphs While the Tram is Replaced

On the right side of the tracks, interact with the claw control screen to extend the claw towards the tram. It will grip for just a brief moment, and this is the small window of opportunity that you have to use the Stasis Module in time. All you need to do is aim at the point where the claw grips onto the tram, then fire a stasis blast. This should hold the claw in place long enough for you to return to the main screen and interact with it to replace the tram.

If you’re still struggling with this puzzle, see the video below for a demonstration. You’ll need to fight off some Necromorphs as they spawn from both sides of the area until the tram has been replaced. You can use the Stasis Module again here to slow them down if you’re being overwhelmed.


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