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How to Reroute Power From Electrical Systems

Shane Williams

One of the objectives you’ll need to complete in the Chapter 4 - Obliteration Imminent mission of the Dead Space 2023 remake will involve you rerouting power from the Electrical Systems. This page will navigate you through necessary steps to completing this task.

You'll visit the Electrical Systems Room in Chapter 4.

Best Way To Get Through The Electrical Systems Room

Head to the Main Atrium and take the elevator up to Floor 3, then follow the objective marker to the Electrical Systems Room. Here you’ll notice there’s several pieces of exposed flooring that release electricity in this room, so you’ll need to watch your step otherwise they’ll deplete your health or kill you. Alongside the electrical hazard you’ll have to defeat two Necromorph’s, Lurkers and a Brute!

The easiest way to deal with the Necromorph’s is by luring them into the Electrical Flooring, but this will involve some good timing. Alternatively, you can use the Plasma Cutter and just shoot off their limbs. As you reach the final narrow path towards the back of the room you’ll be greeted by two Lurkers. Here you’ll want to use Stasis to slow them down and make use of the Plasma Cutter again to cut off their limbs. Like with the Necromorph’s they are stupid enough to walk into the electricity.

How To Defeat The Brute in The Electrical Systems Room

(1 of 3) Use the Stasis Recharge Point

Once you’ve made it to the large open area after navigating all the enemies/obstacles, you’ll find yourself going up against a Brute. It’s weak spot is it’s back, so you’ll want to use the Stasis Recharge Station in the corner of the room and use the ability to slow the Brute down, then circle around to it’s back and use the Flamethrower. Continue repeating this process until you run out of Stasis, then lure to the other side of the room and then make a dart for the Stasis Recharge Station before continuing.

How To Reroute The Power

After you’ve defeated the Brute all that’s left is to reroute the power which can by going to the back of the room. However, you’ll notice there is an electrical cable flying all over the place, so use the Stasis Ability on it to slow it down and quickly interact with the Circuit Board and switch over the cables.


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