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Dead Space Remake

Where to Find the Force Gun Ammo Schematic in Dead Space Remake

Matt Chard

In Chapter Six of the West Seedling Room A in Dead Space Remake, you will pick up the powerful Force Gun. But you will soon find out that, as powerful as it is, it expends a lot of ammo, especially if you are using its Alternate Fire. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to purchase any ammo for it until you find the Force Energy Schematic. Read below to find out where you can find it.

Finding the Force Energy schematic allows you to purchase Force Gun Ammo at the Stores.

Force Energy Schematic Location

If you have the Force Gun, you’ll already be on Chapter 6, if not, you’ll need to progress the game until you have access to the Hydroponics Deck. Progressing the story will take you to the place where you can find the schematic, but you can get it earlier on in Chapter 6.

It can be found in the Air Filtration Tower on Floor 3, but to get there you’ll need to do a few things first. Progress into the Central Hub and all the doors will be locked. Continue east into the Food Storage area, and you’ll be sent back. After the brief conversation with Elizabeth Cross, all the doors will unlock. Go through the now unlocked northern door in the Central Hub called “To West Tower”.

(1 of 3) Head to the door towards Food Storage to unlock the doors in the Central Hub.

This will take you to the Flow Control room where there are five sprinklers that will periodically discharge a harmful liquid. Make your way to the end of the corridor by waiting in between the sprinklers, and taking the small elevator up. Run to the other end defeating a Necromorph along the way, and go into the West Grow Chamber.

(1 of 2) Wait for the sprinklers to stop before running past. Then go up the cargo lift at the end of the hall.

Wait for the sprinklers to stop before running past. Then go up the cargo lift at the end of the hall. (left), You can reach Flow Control from the “To West Tower” door (right)

There will be an elevator in the center of this room, and you’ll want to take it to Floor 2. Note: The Force Gun is here if you don’t have it yet, it can be found in the Security Clearance 2 door on the left. When you reach Floor 2, head to the circuit breaker in the north and turn off “Jungle Ambiance” and turn on the first “Doors” switch. Now do a 180 and go through the door in the south called Hydroponics Control.

(1 of 4) On the left side of the West Grow Chamber is a Security Clearance 2 door.

This toxin-filled room will have a Wheezer in it on the right side of the room. Inject the enzyme to clear the toxins and then shoot the growth above the Wheezer to get access to the East Grow Chamber. Be aware that you’ll be attacked by several Necromorphs, so be on your toes.

Once the Necromorphs are down, proceed through the East Grow Chamber while ignoring everything for now (you’ll come back later) and go into the Air Filtration Door in the south. Save if you need to, then follow the hall to the end. As you attempt to open the door, you’ll be grabbed by a tendril, similar to the event earlier. Place a few shots into the growth to break free, and head into the Air Filtration Tower.

(1 of 2) The Force Energy Schematic will be in the area in between the two electrical traps in the Air Filtration Tower.

The Force Energy Schematic will be in the area in between the two electrical traps in the Air Filtration Tower. (left), The opening will be to the right of the Stasis-recharge station. (right)

Not far to go now. The schematic is in this room, but you’ll need to navigate through the tendril-infested area while avoiding electrical traps which can be slowed by using Stasis. Proceed past the first trap until you end up in an area with a Stasis-recharge station. There will be a small opening to the right of the station where the schematic resides. The easiest way to find it is to land on the floor in front of the Stasis Station and move your camera to the right.

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