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How to Unlock Impossible Mode in Dead Space Remake

Scott Peers

The Impossible difficulty mode in the Dead Space Remake is the most challenging way that you can play through the game. It’s the only difficulty setting that you can’t switch to from the others, so you need to play it all the way through for it to count towards the Untouchable trophy. We’ll tell you all that you need to know about Impossible mode on this page, including the additional rewards that you can access from it.

Impossible Mode, Dead Space Remake.

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Complete the game in Impossible Mode.

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How to Unlock Impossible Mode Trophy in Dead Space Remake

Impossible Mode in New Game Plus

If you’re thinking about playing the Dead Space Remake in Impossible difficulty mode for the first time in New Game Plus, you will need to make sure that you complete a regular playthrough on Hard difficulty first. This is the only way to unlock Impossible mode in New Game Plus, so if you play the game on Story, Easy, or Medium first, you will only be able to play New Game Plus up to Hard mode.

With that said, it’s important to note that you can still play the game on Impossible mode in your first playthrough, but you need to select it from the beginning of the game, as you start a new save. You won’t be able to switch from any of the other difficulty modes to Impossible during a regular playthrough, but you can still switch between Story, Easy, Medium, and Hard.

The main takeaway here is that if you’re planning on playing New Game Plus in Impossible mode, you should try to beat the regular game on Hard difficulty your first time around. It may be more difficult, especially if you’re new to the series, but it will save you time in the long run. If you want to see an overview of what each difficulty mode changes first, see the table below.

Dead Space Remake Difficulty Settings Overview

Difficulty Overview
Story Isaac deals much more damage, takes much less damage, and his oxygen tank lasts much longer. Isaac also heals automatically, and enemy grappling attacks are much easier to escape.
Easy Isaac deals more damage and takes less damage, and his oxygen tank lasts somewhat longer. Enemy grappling attacks are somewhat easier to escape.
Medium Enemies and Isaac both take baseline damage.
Hard Isaac takes much more damage. Enemies take much less damage.
Impossible A special challenge mode. Completing it will earn a unique suit and weapon. This mode has the same damage settings as Hard difficulty, but autosaves are disabled; only one save slot is available, and one life. Dying prompts a full restart, or continuing on Hard difficulty.

How to Survive Impossible Mode Difficulty

You will find it much easier to play through Impossible mode if you’re playing it in New Game Plus, but as stated above, this will require you to complete the regular game on Hard mode first. The pay off is worth it: you’ll have the advantage of keeping all the credits, ammunition, nodes, suit and weapon upgrades, and key items such as Stasis and oxygen recharges from the beginning of the game. You can continue to level up your suit (if necessary), and invest more nodes into different weapons, making them as powerful as possible.

As with a regular playthrough, you’ll undoubtedly encounter scenarios where specific weapons are more useful than others, as with the flamethrower when fending off groups of Swarmer Necromorphs, or any weapon with more precision accuracy when you need to safely deal with an Exploder / Bomber, especially during Chapter 9! In general, though, you will benefit from using whatever gun you’ve invested most in, and whichever fits most with your playstyle, especially as you benefit from the increased damage output for investing in those nodes.

The more damage you inflict, the less ammunition you’ll need to use to kill each enemy. This is important since you definitely don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’ve got no ammo left in Impossible mode! At the same time, upgrading an efficient, precise gun such as the Plasma Cutter with nodes which increase capacity, reduce reload time, and increase the rate of fire will allow you to deal with groups of enemies much more quickly, making it less likely that you’ll be overwhelmed within melee range.

If you’re playing on Impossible mode in New Game Plus after a regular playthrough on Hard mode, you should be familiar with the different enemy types and how to quickly defeat them. You’ll have a good base knowledge of what to expect, but you could still be caught out by some of the enemies which can one shot you, such as the tentacled Guardians, which are always found stuck to walls. These can be deceptive as they lull you into a false sense of security, since they can’t actively chase you. Just remember that you can’t get too close, and don’t go running around corners where you might expect to find one. All it takes is one death for your adventures in Impossible mode to come to an end!

Impossible Mode Rewards in Dead Space Remake

Burnished Suit

If you manage to complete Impossible mode, whether in the regular game mode or in New Game Plus, you’ll gain access to some exclusive rewards, namely the Burnished Suit and the Hand Cannon. The Burnished Suit is purely cosmetic, and it provides an almost all-black appearance to the suit, with some matt and gloss finishes. The visor will also glow in red rather than teal, but your health and stasis bars will still glow in teal.

Hand Cannon / Foam Finger

The Hand Cannon (aka the Foam Finger) is a bit more of a gimmicky feature. It looks less like a weapon and more like a large red glove which you might expect to see in a game show. Adding to the comic value are the sounds produced when you fire it; Isaac will literally say “Bang! Bang!” or “Pew! Pew!” with each shot fired. The Hand Cannon fires only one projectile per shot, but the rate of fire is incredibly fast and it inflicts a reasonable amount of damage.

Untouchable Trophy

In addition to the above rewards mentioned, you’ll also unlock the Untouchable trophy for completing the game on Impossible mode.


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