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Dead Space Remake Roadmap

Shane Williams

There are 48 trophies / achievements to be obtained for Dead Space Remake, with 35 Bronze, 10 Silver, 2 gold and 1 Platinum. This roadmap trophy guide will take you through how to get each of them efficiently as you play through the game.

There are 48 trophies required for the Platinum.

Step 1 - Normal Playthrough + Weapon Trophies

Your first objective in obtaining the Platinum is going through the Main Story on the Normal Difficulty whilst completing the Side Quests, Collecting 150 Logs, and working towards the weapon related trophies. There are 3 Sides Quests to complete throughout Ishimura and they are the following You Are Not Authorized, Premeditated Malpractice and Scientific Methods.

As you’re working your way through the Ishimura, be sure to press DualSense-Stick-L + DualSense-Stick-R on Playstation and Xbox, as this will display a line that’ll direct you towards the main objective, so you’ll want to avoid this and search all the other rooms first for the Logs, as you’ll need to find 150 for the Story Teller and Legend Teller Trophies. There is 188 Total of the game, so there is room to miss a few. If you’re struggling to find them, then check out our guides for the Log Locations in each chapter.

Throughout your first playthrough of Dead Space Remake you’ll want to work towards earning all 6 Weapon Trophies which will require you to get 30 Kills with the Line Gun, Force Gun, Contact Beam, Ripper, Flamethrower and Pulse Rifle. The best way to do this is to add the Damage Upgrade to each weapon and keep swapping weapons, as you progress through the area, so you progress through each weapon equally.

Step 2 - New Game Plus, Markers/Secret Ending and Plasma Cutter Only

You’ll now want to begin a New Game Plus playthrough whilst only using the Plasma Cutter for the One Gun Trophy and you’ll want to find all Markers for the Secret Ending. For the One Gun Trophy you’ll want to set the difficulty on the Story Only Difficulty, as this will cause you to take less damage and you’ll deal more damage, so defeating enemies will be a lot easier.

(1 of 2) You'll need to collect 150 Logs.

You'll need to collect 150 Logs. (left), There are 7 Weapons to collect. (right)

There are 12 Marker Fragments you’ll need to find throughout Ishimura and you can check out out there locations here: How to Get All Markers Fragments in Dead Space Remake. After you’ve successfully gathered all 12 Markers you’ll want to activate the secret ending which is done by heading to Captain Mathius’ Room in the Executive Quarters, then approach the table and place the markers. Finally, finish the game once more and you’ll get the secret ending which will reward you with the Reunion Trophy.

Step 3 - Complete The Game on Impossible Mode

Once you’ve earned all the trophies for Side Quests, Logs, Schematics, Secret Ending and Weapons. It’s time for one final playthrough, but now on the Impossible Mode which will cause Isaac to take much more damage and Enemies take much less damage. If you’re struggling, then be sure to check out our page for How to Survive Impossible Mode Difficulty.


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