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God of War (2018)

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The Faces of Magic

Ben Chard
Region Reward
The River Pass 350 XP

Mask #1

You'll find this by dropping the chain before you cross the bridge to Brok's shop.

Just before the bridge where you meet Brok for the first time (or where you find a Mystic Gateway) you’ll see a chain that you can drop to access the area below. Follow this path to the end to find the first Mask.

Mask #2

Just right of Brok's Shop is where the second Artefact is hiding.

Head to where Brok’s Shop is, just past the large bridge and head to where the tress are to the right of him. There’s a small ledge you can drop down to find the corpse with the second Mask.

Mask #3

This Artefact is found just as you're exiting the cave with the spike traps.

After you solve the puzzle of the spiked ceiling, climb up the ledge and as you approach the exit, there’s a corpse with the Mask to your right.

Mask #4

Head to the corner from where you can see the Mountain to discover this Artefact.

From where you found Mask #3, head out of the cave and after you regain control, continue walking toward the wall in front, the Mask is sitting near a corpse.

Mask #5

After you pass through the rune door, take a left at the fork to find Artefact

Once you open the runic door via the sand bowl, proceed into the cave beyond. You’ll reach a fork, turn left and climb the ledge to find a pool with the Mask sitting there.

Mask #6

This is the only burning house in the area, the Artefact is hidden behind.

Head to the deserted village and look for the only burning house in the area. Search around the back of the house to find another corpse with a Mask.

Mask #7

Push the cart into the water to create this path to the Mask.

When you leave the Witch’s House for the first time and enter the main room where the Nightmares are, you can drop down a ledge to the left. In this area is a cart you can push into the water, creating a path to the Mask.

Mask #8

Check the corpse down from the well exit exit to find this Artefact.

When you return to the Witch’s Cave later in your journey, you’ll have to climb up the well to access her Sanctuary. From the exit of the well, head down the path and you’ll find the corpse at the end with the Mask.

Mask #9

Check the corpse after climbing the chain.

When you return to the Witch’s Cave to deliver Mimir’s head to the Witch, you’ll find yourself in the sanctuary in front of the turtle. There’s a chain here that you can climb, defeat the Draugrs and then check the corpse to find the final Mask.

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